Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Are Liquid Vitamins A Should In Today's World?

A single alternative for seniors and young kids to take vitamins is within the form of liquid nutritional vitamins if they're facing issues of swallowing or not able to digest anything that's in a strong form. It can be not mandatory that you should be taking these nutritional vitamins only in strong pill type and it's really a lot feasible to get the needed nutrients from liquid vitamins at the same time.

The entire body has the capability to absorb natural vitamins too as minerals in a lot of ways and though a major percentage of such natural vitamins are by means of the food we eat, they may be increased by taking appropriate vitamin supplements. The intake of liquid vitamins has some benefits like the one mentioned above at the same time as the fact that they are absorbed superior into the body system.

Liquid vitamin supplements are advantageous since:

They could be absorbed far better than the pills.

They're natural and will not contain artificial preservatives.
They do not have filler along with other coatings to make them last longer.
They don't cause any difficulties while taking them
A lot of firms offer excellent customer service
They taste fantastic and little children will not produce a fuss taking them.

Taking liquid vitamin supplements is also essential from the point of ensuring that our bodies are getting the needed minerals, nutrition along with other healthful elements needed to maintain us fit and healthy. It really is unfortunate that fruits as well as vegetables just don't have the very same amount of nutritional vitamins and nutrients they had some years back mainly because of the influence of harmful pesticides and other chemicals which are generally sprayed for better yield and produce.

This leads to a situation where the entire body is under constant threat of infection from any of the pollutants as a result of water, air and food and that's why it's crucial to develop strength and vigour through the intake of appropriate quantity of liquid nutritional vitamins.

Solid pills of vitamins might not get you the exact same advantages due to the inability from the body to break down the pill and extract the nutrients in a consistent manner. So you would have some instances of very good absorption and in other cases, the absorption wouldn't be sufficient. The system calls for consistency in everything and liquid nutritional vitamins is therefore a great alternative to give your system the needed vigor and nutrients it so desperately requires.

Liquid nutritional vitamins by virtue of being effortless to swallow ensure that you're regular with the dosage and you would not be missing it due to difficulty and apprehension about swallowing or digesting it. It is therefore vital to select the right one and make a habit of taking it daily so that the body can fight infections with strength.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Causes of Kidney Disease

As with atherosclerosis, any deficiency that prevents lecithin production appears to trigger kidney disorder. Nephritis has been produced in practically every kind of animal, including insects, by diets deficient in vital fatty acids. Cholesterol and fats are deposited in kidney tissues; the coils of capillaries break down, blood and albumin are lost from the urine, dropsy develops, big areas of tissue are destroyed, as well as the tubules often turn out to be calcified.

Animals lacking magnesium also develop nephritis and show the similar degenerative changes, made worse after the kidney has once been broken, mainly because this mineral is far more readily lost inside the urine. When the diet is only slightly deficient in magnesium, the kidneys turn into tremendously swollen, and 25 times more calcium than regular might be deposited within the kidney tissues. This condition becomes much additional severe if phosphorus is high and calcium low.

When both vitamin B6 and magnesium are under supplied, the kidneys are further broken by sharp crystals of oxalic acid combined with calcium, and as considerably as three quarters in the kidney may possibly be replaced by scar tissue. Children with oxalic-acid kidney stones frequently have excessive blood pressure and kidneys so broken that they develop into progressively worse, causing death from kidney failure early in life.

The typical American high-phosphorus, low-calcium diet, given to animals, causes kidney tissues to turn into calcified, though such calcification is prevented when the amount of dietary calcium is doubled.

Influence of Other Vitamins

Since the tiny kidney tubules are lined with mucous membrane, if too little vitamin A is provided, they soon develop into plugged with dead cells; less urine may be formed, excessive water held inside body causes the blood stress to improve, and urea backs up into the blood; and vitamin A is rapidly lost from the liver and physique tissues into the urine at the very time it truly is most needed. When patients with nephritis have been given 50,000 to 75,000 units of vitamin A every day, urea excretion has increased as a lot as go per cent, showing that kidney function had markedly improved.

If vitamin E is deficient, nephritis occurs in which the tubules turn into so plugged with dead cells that urine can't pass; and dropsy and progressive degeneration turn out to be marked. Ought to this deficiency be prolonged, even the big collecting tubules are entirely destroyed, yet adding the vitamin corrects the condition. Vitamin E has largely prevented the calcification of the kidneys caused by excessive vitamin D and other poisonous substances.

Dozens of physicians have reported the marked helpful effects of giving vitamin E to persons with kidney ailments. When children with acute nephritis took 300 units of vitamin E each day, their dropsy promptly disappeared and blood and albumin were no longer lost inside the urine. Adults with Bright's disorder showed similar improvement after taking 300 to 600 milligrams with the vitamin every day. Vitamin E helps cells survive by decreasing their need for oxygen; it prevents scarring, a severe dilemma in both kidney ailments and kidneys damaged by poisonous chemicals; and at times it lowers high blood pressure associated with kidney illness, and increases the flow of urine.

The Effect of Tension

Bright's sickness has been produced in animals by giving salt as well as the adrenal hormone DOC a situation comparable to that of humans eating well-salted foods while under tension but unable to produce sufficient cortisone. These animals develop high blood strain, dropsy, enlarged hearts, narrowed, rigid-walled blood vessels, albumin in the urine, and extensive degeneration and scarring from the kidney. If cortisone is offered or the entire body is allowed to generate cortisone usually, no kidney harm happens.

Nephritis frequently develops following such stresses as severe infections, particularly strep throats, poisoning from lead or bichloride of mercury, as well as the taking of poisonous drugs. Even healthy soldiers submitted towards the stresses of extreme cold, running, long hikes, or diets low in protein or fat showed kidney harm to the extent that albumin and blood had been temporarily misplaced in their urine. Because cortisone, offered for nephritis, has been "strikingly advantageous," every effort must be made to stimulate natural cortisone production the minute the disease is diagnosed.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Does Your Body Need Vitamins?

Why bother taking vitamins at all? Our forefathers survived just fine without multi vitamin packs, why can't we? The answer to that question is easy, go look in your cupboards. Our forefathers ate a lot better than we do. High processed, homogenized, pasteurized, canned and prepackaged fast food means less chance of natural occurring vitamins surviving for any length of time.

While some of us pick our own fruit and grow our own vegetables, most of the country chooses to rely on packaged, store bought fruits and veggies. These aren't as healthy as they look, either. The longer the apples and tomatoes are off the vine, the faster they begin to lose their nutritional value, losing vitamins during processing and shipping.

Your body needs vitamins to boost your immune system, ward off colds and other viruses, and even keep you even tempered, so to speak. Did you know with a vitamin deficiency that you are less likely to clot when you cut yourself? Vitamins play a much bigger part then we think, and the average diet does not include all the vitamins necessary to keep the body in top shape.

A good multi-vitamin is your best choice, but here again you can be misled into believing that 100% of the USDA recommended dosage is good enough. They mean 100% total, not 100% of each vitamin necessary. Think about it, they can't possibly pack the right amount of every kind of vitamin that you need into one pill a day, and most multi vitamins sold in your local grocery store are cut with fillers and preservatives. Nope, you'll have to visit your local food co op and get some natural, all inclusive vitamin supplements. Along with eating well, these supplements contain everything you need for balanced vitamin intake, with none of the fillers and preservatives that I, for one, resent paying for.

So let's talk B vitamins as an example. You need several different kinds of B vitamins alone. B6 and B12 are just two, but the most commonly talked about. Vitamin B6 promotes the development of red blood cells, and 12 helps promote energy and fights Alzheimer's disease. You need these and other vitamins to be in the purest form possible in order to be the most beneficial. Let's skip back for a moment, the history of vitamins, if you will. Vitamins began being "discovered" by scientists and surgeons around 1914, and the word "vitamin " comes from the word "vital" as in vital energy for life, but as far back as the 1600's sailors knew to eat citrus fruits to prevent scurvy. It wasn't until later that they knew it as vitamin C.

Now we will skip forward to the future. Many vitamins are now available as liquids. Remember cod liver oil? Well now most vitamins can be taken from a spoon rather than choked down (although if you were one of the kids forced to down cod liver oil, you were choking anyway), what's more, they taste good now as well.

Now before you get all excited and run out to stock up on each vitamin that you are deficient in, let me remind you that you can, in fact, 'overdose' on vitamins, kind of. The water soluble vitamins such as B's and C's will simply be expressed through your urine if you've taken in more than your body needs, but fat soluble vitamins such as D and E can accumulate and cause problems such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and rash.

I recommend contacting a homeopath to test for vitamin deficiencies before you run out and spend a lot on vitamins. Knowing exactly what you need the most and in what daily dosage will save you some money, because again, you really need to purchase each vitamin separately, rather than in a multi-vitamin pill.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read. Since natural and/or dietary supplements are not FDA approved they must be accompanied by a two-part disclaimer on the product label: that the statement has not been evaluated by FDA and that the product is not intended to "diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Vitamin Supplements Are They Beneficial Or Just Hype?

Vitamin supplements have been increasing in popularity and availability over the past 30 years. In North America it has become a multi � billion dollar industry. Vitamin supplements have been hailed as powerful antioxidants that fight against a wide variety of health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. They are also credited with causing reverse affects in the aging process, and enhancing athletic ability.

The question is, however, do these claims have substance � or is it a product of the giant corporate machine that preys on society's fears, fuelled by the media. The media has a tendency to sensationalize certain ideas and findings, often misrepresenting them. This is one process by which consumer trends are created or molded.

If this is the case, the following question may be raised. Which food trends are inspired by factual information that is truly beneficial to health? In other words do certain products really deliver on promises made by industry or the media? If not, then who is to blame?

The media may be partly to blame for playing up on certain fears, facts or ideas. At the same time the corporations could be partly responsible as well. Where the real problem lies is in miscommunication. These problems would be solved if a reliable and effective stream of communication existed between the scientific community, the government, the media and the corporate world.

This is the objective these organizations should be striving for. Until such a system is put into place there will be no accurate way of telling whether the consumer can count on every benefit promised.

Now let's get back to vitamin supplements. In order to find the facts we must go right to the source. In other words we have to look at results from scientific studies. A recent study, that included tens of thousands of subjects, showed that vitamin E and beta carotene supplementation did not lower the risk of heart disease or death from heart disease. Foods, however, that contain antioxidants are still recommended. (1)

Over the last twenty years there have been many similar studies with varying results. In fact they have been largely contradicting. And so to this day the subject remains controversial. If you look at the facts as a whole, you will find that vitamin supplements show no clear benefits in healthy people with well balanced diets.

On the other hand, in cases of malnutrition or other forms of vitamin deficiencies, vitamin supplementation subscribed by physicians has been proven to be beneficial and essential. Countless studies have proven that vitamins and nutrients from real food sources are much more effective.

In fact several key studies were done to determine why certain areas around the world had low incidents of heart disease and cancer. Evidence suggested that these low rates were attributed to diet. And in all these studies vitamin supplementation was virtually nonexistent. These areas of study have included the Mediterranean region, Japan, France, the Arctic, Africa and South America. It was found that these cultures contained diets with foods rich in natural antioxidants.

Some of these foods include fresh and cooked vegetables, wild greens, fruits, wine and variety of nuts. Compared to the American diet these diets contained higher contents of unrefined carbohydrates and/or higher fish contents and much lower quantities of red meat, hydrogenated fat and dairy products.

One reason why vitamin supplements have become so popular in North America is the type of lifestyle we lead. As a result of our busy, fast � paced way of life we find less and less time to prepare proper well balanced meals. Most of us, therefore, are not getting enough essential vitamins and nutrients from our diet. We are eating too much of the wrong foods and often feel tired and burned out.

Instead of improving our eating habits, we get sold on the pitch that we need vitamin supplements to increase strength and vitality. If we had well balanced diets in the first place, we wouldn't have to throw away large sums of money on supplements, the vast majority of which are completely ineffective.

The wiser thing to do is try to incorporate some of these diet patterns that have been proven beneficial to health in the regions mentioned earlier. First of all we must increase fish intake and decrease consumption of red meat. Increase intakes of fruits, vegetables, whole unrefined carbohydrates and decrease amount of simple carbohydrates like sugar and products with white flour, saturated and hydrogenated fats � made from animal sources, margarines, creamy dressings and dips, and gravies. In other words, decrease the amount of processed food.

Furthermore, when combining a well balanced diet with regular exercise participation, the health benefits become tenfold. You will become more relaxed and able to sleep better. Your energy threshold will be increased, enabling you to perform at a higher level while feeling less tired. You will lose weight, your health and appearance will improve, and you'll feel better about yourself.


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