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60 classic psychology sentence

1. Love, Across the Prophet should be.

Had a young ignorant of me, reading this sentence, not only with emotion, but also felt a little ashamed of ... ...

2. There is talent, personality and gentle people who are not beautiful; Caimao queen, the count on pretty smart people and very difficult to gentle; and gentle, they tend to pretty little talent.

Then the teacher writes the following: life experience has taught us that if you do not think about the blind pursuit of a clear and beautiful partner, it is possible for yourself and others in the competition and its own tensions where to find the most suited to their partner in order to be happy.

3. Do not you have loved to hate people, do not go so he could go back.

You do not love you lost, while the other was lost loved his people, he has lost than you. Entanglement from the past, and turned to find true happiness in life.

4. Man, easy to withstand the test of well-being; woman, easy to withstand the test of pain.

As a man, I can not refute this statement, but I will try to hold yourself happy! Also hope that the women were able to withstand the pain! Only in this way our only truly happy with!

5. Do not be too naive and childish, because marriage is not an honest place, but a diplomatic way.

Sharply! I have seen, I heard a lot of the couples love each other as Rujiaosiqi when the angels put to put itself in the past done what all good things to tell each other, the result will be left behind, and also brought as the public jokes Xiukui De put to utter shame.

6. All these are for us, not just for their own or simply to each other.

Whenever possible, remember these words! Let me understand that love is not sacrifice their own without the struggle, but to help each other come to Everlasting! Treat themselves, but also treat each other.

7. Who without hesitation to make a decision on who will be away to the crucial moment.

Casually promised long ago not what other people, and learned the lesson people should bear in mind that more people do not hesitate Do not believe the promise of empty words.

8. Forced and begging for love is not strong.

If you are to each other and with you and servile, but change his personality and principles, and play games, play schemes, such as "Love" is necessarily a breakdown of the outcome, to the time you will discover that you lost not only love, there is your own soul.

9. There is love, life did not become husband and wife is a great pity.

On reading this sentence I was stupefied for a minute! I believe there was a test the students if there are like me, reading this sentence, and must also be shocked by! Wish all the world believe in love, with love, people can fall in love with approaching marriage hall, old age to old age!

10. Elderly people will doubt true, young people easily believe false.

Strong storm! The teacher's right you say too! 5 body vote to!

11. Does not matter how busy, busy what is important, life's biggest problems and issues, just do not know their own goals.

Often lost in the clutter of life, can not find the year vowed to achieve the dream, remember, if you ever want to do on the fast start, run bar!

12. Some people say that people have reached 50 years of age, should leisurely, not radical; Gizo front, not exposed potential; should I Nool, not heated debate; should fade away, not Xiongqi.

I was only 20 years old, but read this sentence should be more low-key feel that I was more Caidui ... ...

13. A friend is wealth, and sometimes words can help you turn things around, interpersonal skills, productivity ah!

The last part of the last part of the classic! Interpersonal relationships, productivity ah!

14. Conservative, a secret is more valuable than the spread of a secret.

Dissemination of a secret may let you be the focus, but also may give you a sniper target, the conservative one secret was able to make you invincible winner.

15. Wise speechless, speechless from the-wai, not just lip service, to Qin Zheng Yanjing slow mouth opening.

Figure 1 o'clock I fast, can only give you a warning for the back speakers, especially in the face of his less familiar topic, the best to be a honest yet humble man.

16. Want to be embarrassed of them said a siege, then, to depressed people who say words of encouragement for those who doubt that one be reminded, for the inferiority of people say that a self-confidence, for the pain of frustrated people say that a consolation of sympathy, then timely help better than the icing on the cake.

This sentence, I understand from my previous times of difficulties, the relationship with my best friend seemed to have telepathy, as in that period of time, give me a call asking me the overall situation, with chat with me, help me tide over the difficulties, I think they had! Dapeng, nausea son, East Columbia, Mori, pig, steamed buns, brother, I thank you take care of the last few years!

17. Longevity of the people are demanding of others who do not.

... ... Other people's ruler to measure longer own the road until some width. I hope that those who occupy high all day long inside while others demand perfection of people able to see this post.

18. Some people say that, understanding a person's opportunity to find a person to rely on the wisdom of the future harmony depends on tolerance.

Wish all read this post I never looked at this post and good people to know more sincere friends, wish all friends already know to understand each other, are able to live in harmony!

19. Truth also need to cover up the naked truth will be harsh, select the appropriate way to speak the truth, people willingly accept.

Admire! Let me, feather sobering Kid! Hope that all the middle and lower working hard in this society people are able to understand this truth, I am now inside the hospital student in school work, and sometimes this is also the experience of deep ah.

20. Learn to distinguish the villain, a villain for having offended than to offend the 10 gentlemen's still trouble.

I used to have to sin villain, but fortunately, I am also quite dirty in order to cope with it. Lingering fear, of fear ah ... ...

21. Too much mistrust between people and preparedness is unnecessary to run the social costs of their own toss themselves, and ultimately losing their well-being.

Today's society, how many people are able to lay down their preparedness is no longer suspicious of it? The people are not separated by only belly, but also across the money, desire, the powerful ... ...

22. Something imminent think twice for the wonderful, angry hearts and minds a forbearance best, one step back Haikuo Tian Gao.

Like! Hu did not expect teachers to teach not only good, or a poet! Yes yes, everything is low-key as Well.

23. Who in times of hardship, danger, desperation, when most in need of help, so ** of the United States is really boundless beneficence.

I used to have an immature desire, that is, until I made a lot of money and then went to see my friends in various places and see if they needed my help, is there anything not be able to offer its own, and then I later on in life on the road for them to achieve the aspirations to continue to ... ... ... ...

24. A common phenomenon in Germany reported that Germany and in order to complain complain, while the noble people can return good for evil, unscrupulous people return evil for good.

Very profound remark! At present I can only achieve the goal of Germany reported that Germany and occasionally return evil for good ... ... I confess ... ... I have low moral standards, and I'm sorry Ms. Hu.

25. It is said that he knows to help others certainly have drowned, but also to help others who are first-class person; he knows to help others may have drowned, but also to help others who are second-class person; he knows to help others, there is no loss of their own to help others who are third-class person; knows to help others that they would get some benefit in exchange for a small Bangzhu would be very helpful before going to help others who are four other people; do not help others were five other people; Tim little trouble for others who are six other people; to harm others, people are seven others.

To be honest, when we test a great many things, but I read that remark, thought, or written on paper of the volume. To do what others, is your own spiritual choice.

26. Mountain Ciccio Courtyard of the couplet - "read a book that is not exactly famous character elegance, Theodore unexpected dream of nature have been reported that stable peace of mind"

Referred to this sentence of that paragraph where the lesson I went to, and at that time was a lot of times, just like the couplet to punctuate and read law, and makes the taste really profound mood ah.

27. Who is able to accurately grasp what and do not do this bottom line of life, will be able to gain a firm foothold, which is life, drift along the boundary, the cause of the key points into the destruction.

I am also frequently the brink of this bottom line, and occasionally make mistakes, and occasionally regret it Looking back, feeling their own lives really should stick to their positions and principles.

28. Some people say, they should learn communication, because of the lack of interaction life is a defect;, but they must learn to be alone, lack of capacity to be alone, unable to bear loneliness, leaving people continue to live, but also a disaster.

Often in love in the people say, "leave you I can not live," is indeed a disaster, you know, from birth to death, the only way to always accompany us, only our own. Society alone, no matter what happened, whether abandoned, whether or not lonely and helpless, never despair.

29. Life has only three days, people who live in yesterday's confusion; live in tomorrow's people waiting for; live in today, the most practical.

Very simple words of wisdom! Live in the moment, holding the hands of the thing, foot path today to achieve tomorrow's dreams!

30. Do not angry, not to be disappointed, not ecstatic, everything will be in the past.

A simple words, says to do in life course. Both sorrows and joys, regardless of success or failure, regardless of parting ... ... everything in the past, so calm, peaceful life bar!

31. Is some truth in that thought that heaven is hell not understand.

Shame! Even before the obstinacy of the original is hovering between heaven and hell! To lay down their stubborn hearts, back or landing. Child, the child had a falling out with the neighbors, he angry at home kang roll back and forth, weeping, roll, almost ventilation, his parents have no way to find me gone. I watched him feel very difficult subject, just like he said I'm sorry, and then a short while we are on, and better. Now think about it, but I pulled him back from the hell do! 32. A person can be happy alone, doing the interests of society, other people's things, it was a great Superman.

Strong! Although I occasionally do something to help others, but it has never been so alone, I think I've seen Superman - and an early morning hand picking up litter in winter, the Aunt (inside our school, not scavengers)

33. Affluence of the people of the world life is busy busy, busy world of the busy.

But the sentence did not first see how to understand, then back off some flavor, and to find another copy on the back. Not only tell us how to choose the time in the face of life, but also tells us the competition, some of the truth.

34. Some people say do not complain about it are not necessarily good, but often politically unpopular.

Taught by a! This I understand from my mother is a particularly preachy, at times, tired to do housework, they began to nag my family who do not know what help out 啦, what she is not no eight octopus啦 ... hand ... My dad sometimes tell her, since you have done, why let himself and his family were unhappy? Need people to help me or you had any brains. Now I see my mother in the household I stay away, she is not let you help, is to nag you ... ... 35. Someone to lie to you once, shame on him; but he if lie to you two twice, shame on you.

Do not fall in the same place twice, and the wise is that countless times after the fall of someone who has. Our roommate said the same test subjects did not before, make-up has never been ... ...

36. Do not think of someone else's failure is only advice, do not lose their value after the recall.

Thank you, Ms. Hu pointing! Advised to listen to people, enough to eat ah! But I was feeling after the word more, possibly because of age, owes something, not yet into society.

37. The opportunity to like a thief, when he came quietly, and then walk when you have suffered serious losses.

Classic! Such a metaphor, too brilliantly in! I would like to seize the thief! Everyone catch the thief another!

38. The persist when insisted that maintaining the status quo; the changes on the changes to the status quo should remain unchanged.

It is difficult to grasp! Hu hoped that availability can be to see teachers, advice on how to do a good grasp of the timing change, or change strongman!

39. Public raucous crowd is not necessarily a democracy.

Is deeply felt! See more of those people booing the bad people but also those looting! Public raucous crowd is not necessarily a democracy, is also possible that rag-tag their clamor. Do not make an independent-minded only know that people who follow the footsteps of everyone.

40. Great changes in the environment, Homo habilis use of the environment, ordinary people to adapt to the environment, mediocrity adapt to the environment.

Well said! It seems I am a mortal and occasionally act like Homo habilis, or mediocre.

41. Jesus was crucified on Friday, when the world's most desperate day, but three days later Easter, so the plight of the people should learn to wait for at least three days.

I am now in trouble! I do not know how to post the second part of going into a very KB red, but some people still come to see me post, and Replies, Thank you very much! I will be patient, and wait for another three days! Has been resolved 啦 ~! ! !

42. Weak and have to wait for the opportunity to create strong opportunities for the wise to seize the opportunity.

So, if you are weak, we must await the powerful gift, if you are wise, we must now drunk with the strong pace, good work! We must strive to do a strong!

43. Any of the interests of the people too much energy calculations are in fact very unfortunate, and even may never be happy.

Carries with a sense of balance to be doing things, carries a sincere heart to turn him over with, do not think the total there to obtain benefits from others, so that you will lose the fun in life.

44. Hearts quiet and had no rash, heart clean and had no interference.

Oh, very much like this sentence! I wish my heart health if the glass, not dyed dust, do not dip Red Dust.

45. Clean heart to see the world, and thus feel joy through life.

Too difficult, ah! Hu teacher! But I will try to improve their realm! Oh, hope that everyone can do it!

46. To know how alive is a responsibility, not only for themselves.

Friend, when you disheartened at the time you want to give up in their heavy burden of asthma, but you have been up, I hope you can understand! Hold in your hands the power to say, more and more good times in your life, but also please understand!

47. Happiness is a happy moment, a quiet smile of the heart facing the world.

Very moving sentences, hoping that I will forever keep this quiet heart.

48. Life is not happy, life has really fallen into darkness and poverty, where the.

Happy! Happy! The purpose of life is not to bear the suffering, not to satisfy desires, but to happiness! !

49. Some people say that the face of failures and setbacks, to laugh it off is a kind of optimistic self-confidence, and then regroup, this is a courage; the face of misunderstanding and hatred, to laugh it off is a kind of forthright tolerance, and then maintain our character, which is a kind of philosophical; the face of praise and incentives, to laugh it off as a modest and sober, and then keep making progress, which is a strength; the face of trouble and sadness, to laugh it off as a peaceful relieved, and then try to resolve this is a kind of realm.

I had looked at the time, is 17:00, 17:20 one's task requirements are, I think the time to fully, so starting to look more carefully to find the classic statement, see the super-long sentence, hesitated a little, the copy! ! To laugh it off!

50. Should be grateful to those who hurt you, because he honed your mind; grateful for your trip, because he strengthened your legs; grateful to those who deceive you, because he has enhanced your wisdom; grateful to contempt for you, because he was awakened your self-esteem; grateful to abandon you, because he teach you independence.

Very classic! Shock! Remember Oshin song "Sky" "indifferent people, thank you ever look down on me, so I do not bow, but also wonderful to live!"

51. No matter what circumstances it should not be at the expense of their own emotions at the expense of happiness, do not let your anger is too costly and asking for trouble is the biggest injustice in life.

Oh, I have often done taken for a ride, he felt it was too little patience, and a bad temper, they wanted to correct it!

52. The suffering of a genius is a stepping stone for the talented people are an asset, and for mediocrity is the abyss.

Very sharp! To strive to be a capable person! Make suffering as their own wealth!

53. Suffering is a catalyst for character, it is the strong stronger and the weak weaker, is more sage wisdom, foolish man who is more stupid.

When the suffering of the season, when the bear the pain, take a look at yourself in the end what kind of person!

54. Fortunately, the virtues needed to be restrained, while the fate of the necessary virtues of perseverance, which is more valuable than the earlier ones.

Worship Ms. Hu! Good times, we should exercise restraint and sober, to perseverance in adversity and struggle! Let our unparalleled radiance glow of life! !

55. Sometimes, the silence of silent or concise dignified posture, more powerful than the big temper; in order to calm the tone of the facts and reasoned than screaming in fear, even Ling Duishou; forgiveness and understanding Sometimes, injuries and insult rivals better able to shake the soul, so that spectators sympathy; to love, kindness, praised the way, better than using violence to improve the people's hearts.

Also a long sentence! Benefit for life! Know how their previous superficial and stupid! Would like to see people can change their way of doing things!

56. Never hate, pain, bad mood when making decisions, otherwise you will regret it.

Regret many times, some things no longer difficult to restore. We must have an emergency this sentence ah! Impulse is the devil ah!

57. Never a bad outcome that might have something curious, or they might have to kill you.

Curiosity killed the cat! This statement reverberates from Hu teachers feel the atmosphere there and chill ... ... pretty scary, but it is indeed a truth that can help our lives. 58. Do not use someone else's mistake to punish themselves, nor use his own mistakes to punish other people, not to punish themselves with their own mistakes.

Once again grovel! Hu said that the great teacher you are! Everyone will inevitably commit this kind of error, but if the mistakes yourself spread to harm others, or let someone else's mistake on the self-inflicted injuries are a tragedy, that mistake, let it only stays in place Bar!

59. Forgotten when a smile is better than they remember the grief.

In the world does not need a lot of grief and need to smile, so often the forgotten, we forget the bar. Is really the truth.

60. Look at a person's character, not only to see him get better can do good things, but to see him up and not do a bad bad thing.

Sharp! Such a standard is really clever! A person can hold the bottom line, I believe that is a good character person

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Blind replenishment carefully addressed to the "water intoxication"!

Blind replenishment susceptible to "water intoxication."

Daily life, often hear statements such as: It is recommended to drink plenty of water, does a body good; daily pay more attention to complement the body's water, to health.

However, experts advise, everything should have a degree, water to drink more, but also "harm" the body when not careful, you may can cause "water intoxication."

 Drink plenty of water to fill his stomach dizziness + nausea

The weather heats up day by day, and many white-collar women are now an annual summer weight-loss program. To work at a large company is one of Miss Lee. As soon as possible in order to make its own weight down to 47 kilograms, Miss Lee has been half a month of dieting soon. Every time when she felt hungry to drink water fill their stomachs. Yesterday morning, Miss Lee also felt hungry, and in half an hour, she drank 78 cups of water, never thought there dizziness, nausea, slowed heartbeat and other symptoms, colleagues rushed her to the hospital.

Examined by a doctor, said after the body's electrolyte Miss Lee has been diluted with water very serious, and this may be her dizziness, nausea, reasons. Although the water can have a sense of fullness, but the feeling of hunger is not entirely from the stomach, if, as Miss Li, this drink is likely to "water intoxication" viewer is not aware may also occur coma, convulsions and other more serious symptoms