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Let husband and wife marital happiness of the six law

1, often recalled in love: in love is leading to marriage, couples in men and women, those two love Yiyi, a moment hard to leave the scene, is really very wonderful. After marriage, often recalled the love in marriage scenario, you can evoke feelings of sympathy husband and wife, and an increase in the memories of the romantic emotion, more yearning for the future, thus enhancing feelings of husband and wife.

2 to arrange another "honeymoon": marriage, honeymoon, and his wife were the feelings of the most concentrated period of time. At that time, the two put aside all the troubles, gain full access to surpass the love honey world, enjoy the "Garden of Eden" in music. After marriage, if the use of holidays each year arrange a time ranging from a "honeymoon", if they visit a remote tourism, recycling both love small world and reviewing the old dream of love will be able to continue to set off waves, so that marital relations had become increasingly concentrated .

3 to celebrate the commemoration of festivals: wedding anniversary, the other party birthdays, anniversaries, etc. tokens of love, is love in the history of both spouses important day. By then, take the appropriate form, to be commemorative, so that both sides felt each other's cherished a deep love of their own, which for the consolidation of the couple Ganqingzuoyong great.

4, compensation for past debt situation: a lot of couples to marry because of the conditions has not been able to take the form of the ideal return each other's love, if not a honeymoon, not to the wife to buy a decent gift and so on. Several years later, when the conditions are ripe, when, remember to complete these did not entirely, in order to repay past debts owed the situation, it will make the other feel that you are a heavy situation,, passionate people who love you, love will multiply , as a lot of gay marriage to the wife to buy gold jewelry, many of his thirties married couples Bupai color photos and so on.

5, learn to please lovers: some men and women, marriage and other appointments, always trying to please each other, but after the wedding will no longer care about the other side of their own feelings. That this will damage the couple's feelings. Therefore, marriage and lesbians but also, as always, gentle Xianshu, care of concern to her husband; while male homosexuals should be carefully appreciate his wife's inner feelings, not only to care for his wife everything and considerate, but also to please his wife learn some skills, such as as she was buying aClothingThe high participation, to help her to develop beauty plan, from time to time to point of humor and so on.

6, the highest point of pleasant surprises: an unexpected surprise to the other side, and often will play the feelings of "stimulant" effect. Therefore, to create a little surprise in enhancing the feelings of both husband and wife is very good. If without the knowledge of each other, he (she) in the distant relatives over to meet each other want to be buying the same items, for the creation of a couple not ready but very fond of each other's activities, etc., can be so pleasant surprises Oil However, health, resulting in a strong burst surprises in the feelings of flowers, set off jubilant love heat

Ten features predict the future health status

What size bra you wear? How your sense of smell like? University can now wear jeans do? All the answers to these questions, and other bizarre clues might be a good surprise predictor, suggesting the potential health problems facing the future. You can conduct a "quick self-test" to find these clues in order to understand the future state of health.

In the course of human life and health research, scientists found that an increasing number of strange physical characteristics and clues, they may be Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, early signs of cancer and other diseases. Now, please come up with a mirror and a tape measure, using the following 10 DIY test to predict the future state of health. In the meantime, you can learn to help change the optimal strategy for their own destiny.

 1. Refers to long, the length of the index finger and ring finger relates to women, compared with knee osteoarthritis

Conducted in 2008 published in the "Arthritis and Rheumatism"Magazine, a study found that the index finger shorter than the ring finger of women's chances of suffering from knee osteoarthritis may be other women twice as high. The researchers said that, with the main features appear in men women tend to secrete less estrogen, estrogen may play a role in the formation of osteoarthritis.

How to prevent: to strengthen the muscles around the knee. Sit down, legs straight and parallel with the floor, doing a total of 10 times, each time insist on 5 to 10 seconds.

  2. Height, 1.57 meters is possible to affect the life expectancy of a reference

According to "United States National Academy of Sciences, "Published a study found that more than five feet tall and 2 inches (about 1.57 meters) in women may be missing one can help them to live to be 100-year-old mutation.

How to prevent: develop California Seventh Day Adventists commentators like Jesus, living habits, they are the world's highest concentration of centenarians among the groups. Their living habits, including not smoking, drink less and eat less meat.

  3. Leg length, short and thick people should pay particular attention to the liver

If the legs short and thick, you may need more attention to his liver. According to "Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, "Published in 2008 conducted a study, researchers found that leg length from 20 to 29 inches (about 50-73 centimeters) of women between the four kinds of body indicates that the level of liver enzymes than other women. The researchers indicated that childhood malnutrition and other factors will not only affect the growth patterns, but also affect the liver and has been developed to adulthood.

How to prevent: Avoid toxins your liver has been infringed, so as to make it more healthy. The use of toxic chemicals to clean-up, you need to wear masks and gloves. Restrictions on drinking, daily intake of wine does not exceed 5 ounces (about 141 grams), beer intake was less than 12 ounces (about 340 grams).

  4. The sense of smell, functional impairment of the elderly Parkinson's disease alert

According to "Neurology Yearbook, "Published in 2008 conducted a study could not identify the banana, lemon, cinnamon, or other things that smell of elderly people suffering from Parkinson's disease four years, the chances of other elderly people 5 times. The researchers believe that the brain region responsible for olfactory function may be the first to be suffering from Parkinson's disease attacks one of the goals. Deserves attention is that the sense of smell damage in Parkinson's disease 2-7 years before diagnosis had been there.

How to prevent: to take fish oil supplements. Omega -3 fatty acids can improve the brain of Parkinson's disease, MPTP resistance to pathogenic factors. MPTP is a toxic compound.

  5. Arm length, shorter people may indicate old age, Alzheimer's disease risks

Is it because you are not a long arm, it is difficult to reach the top of the cupboard? According to "Neurology"Magazine published a study conducted in 2008, arm in women who show the smallest risk of Alzheimer's disease is to have a more long-arm women 1.5 times. Stretch the arm parallel to the floor, from left to right hand finger the length of the fingertip is the wingspan of less than 60-inch (about 1.52 meters) is considered the shortest wingspan crowd. Tufts University researchers said that in the important developmental stages of malnutrition and other losses there may be a long arm of smaller, shorter arms may indicate a person's cognitive decline in old age.

How to prevent: train painting or pottery, and other necessary flexibility to use the arm hobby. Rush University Medical Center Alzheimer's Disease Center conducted a three-five-year study found that challenging the brain to spend less time in adults suffering from Alzheimer's disease risk is to participate actively in leisure activities for adults 2.5 times.

  6. Earlobe crease may be related to cardiovascular events will encounter

Many studies have shown that one or two linear earlobe wrinkles appear on the face may indicate the future "cardiovascular events", such as heart attack, cardiac bypass surgery or cardiac death. According to "American Journal of Medicine, "Published a study appearing on an earlobe crease, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease increased by 33%, will increase 77% have two, even if the other known factors into account as well. Although not quite sure, but experts suspect that the lack of elastic fibers may lead to creases occur, as well as arteriosclerosis.

How to prevent: the use of other means to maintain heart health, such as weight loss and lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

  7. Jeans size, the bigger and more susceptible to Alzheimer's

According to "Neurology" magazine published in 2008 a study conducted in more than 40 older adults in the abdomen at the age of 70 at the age of dementia less likely to be the person abdomen 3.6 times, even if they people are not overweight as well. For this reason is a possible contact with the subcutaneous fat (located beneath the skin and the more obvious fat) compared to visceral fat (fat around the organs, the risk of) hidden more concerned with cognitive decline in hormones.

How to prevent: the Mediterranean-style eating habits develop, to intake control. Studies have shown that olives, nuts, seeds, avocado, and dark chocolate and other foods contain monounsaturated fatty acids can prevent fat accumulation.

  8. Bra, bigger and more faced with the challenge of diabetes

Chest, the greater the higher the risk of diabetes. According to "Canadian Medical Association Journal, "Published a 10-year study,D cupWomen over the age of 20 suffering from type 2 diabetes risk is A cup below 1.5 times the women, even when researchers obesity, eating habits, smoking, family history and other factors taken into account as well. The researchers said that women's breasts in the adipose tissue may be more sensitive to hormones, while the impact of insulin resistance.

How to prevent: to conduct high-intensity intermittent exercise. In one study, after 6 exercise, each riding a stationary exercise bike for 6 times sprint, 30 seconds each time insisted, in the middle break 4 minutes for an adult female glucose metabolism increased nearly 25 percent, enough to reduce the risk of diabetes.

  9. Calf, and the more detailed the more vulnerable carotid artery plaque

While that might sound counterintuitive, but the French in 2009 conducted a study shows that lower leg Wai small (33 cm or less) tend to see more women in carotid artery plaque, this plaque is a known risk factor for stroke. Findings published in the "Stroke"Magazine. The researchers said that the thicker calf subcutaneous fat may be extracted from the blood fatty acids, and stores them in its less dangerous areas.

How to prevent: It is not necessary to calves, "fattening", but drink green tea in order to maintain heart health. In a by 40500 Japanese men and women's participation in the study, drinking five or more cups of green tea every day people die of heart disease and stroke lowest risk.

 10. Blood type, A type, B-and AB-type people may be more likely to develop pancreatic cancer

According to Boston, Dana - Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School recently conducted a by 107,503 adults involved in the study, A-type, B or type AB blood type of people likely to suffer from pancreatic cancer were higher than the O-type blood out of 44%. This may mean that determine blood type genes led to people with a genetic risk of pancreatic cancer.

How to prevent: take vitamin D supplements. According to a study conducted in 2006, with a daily vitamin D intake of less than 150 IU (international units) than adults in the 300 IU daily intake for adults over 44 can reduce the risk of suffering from pancreatic cancer %. Eat low-fat dairy products and fish such as salmon is to get vitamin D from food, the best way

Goes back to see the city through the anxiety of people

In the past, people to eat and drink to worry about, but it is easy to satisfy; now, we worry about eating and drinking may desire to have more, or anxious every day. In fact, the experts pointed out that as long as the face of reality, do comparisons, can be contented and less anxious.

  See a lot of people buy a house jealous

Once upon a time, it takes very little money, do not even have money can have a house; in 2009, the city rising house prices and a great heat, "goes back" to buy a house caused by anxiety pushed to the cusp.

At this point, it was home to a suite to see other people clearly, in the early 2009 prices low Shiyou bargain-hunting buying a second suite, to house prices soared, the people they seize the opportunity to sell the house, and a twinkling of an eye to making a pours months. Can be ourselves, worn out Leihuo save up some money, enough to pay a down payment in early Shihai may go to the end of the year, save much more money Daoshi can not keep up with the growth in house prices, even they can not afford the down payment is. As a result, these people began to nothing even if the money, and mind wondering, "I could not even afford to buy housing, they will turn on what basis the house to make money." It's like a pressure in the heart of the big rock with the house all relevant terms are particularly sensitive to hear the hearts of uneasy, and did not dare to random consumption, enjoy life, serious, may be insomnia, bad temper.

Psychological Medicine, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, director of Ji Jian-Lin pointed out that, faced with such situations, the best way is to "look at the foot of less to look on," down to earth in the day, do a good job, can not predict the future, the best down do not want to. This is not escapism, but you act sensibly and complaints. For example, do not buy a house of hard work, keep save money, not even think about one step, can afford to buy in a quick; need to repay the loan, according to the original plan, was also slowly from month to month, do not let mortgage affecting the life of quality.

  Child has grown up afraid of gnawing fear of too poor to feed themselves

To worldwide named "the most selfless and most responsible" parents, Chinese parents could probably start-ups. The so-called "concerned about the chaos", originally as the proud parents of a child but now it has become an important source of parental anxiety.

Today, raising children, but parents are one of the most headache. Child is born, everything has to be money: buy a bottle to buy high-level, buy buy brand-name clothes, and on the kindergarten to pay thousands of dollars a month, on the elite schools have to seek grandfather, grandmother warned to pay fees of up to tens of thousands of School Choice ... ... parents, the children spent a original capital, and many people have lamented that: It is now raising a child is really expensive! Others in line with the policy people will not dare to second child, raising a longing are exhausting, and find the money to raise a second?

They have worked extremely hard to support their children read the book, it has to come up with their own pensions, for the prime of their children to continue education, marry and have children, or even tolerate them to stay at home idle. Children to spend a month's wages VIS, parents actually a drain on money, so some people feeling Road: Moonlight family, and eating combined the old family. A survey showed that: 91.5 percent of Chinese children, the elderly will more or less financial support, of which 1 / 4 of people think that pressure is greater. Some parents also an end of the month or upon receipt of the child's phone on the tension恨铁不成钢but could do nothing, shy away and others brought their own children, for their future are very worried. Many parents also reduced the demand for children. A female taxi driver, says that simply do not expect children to big caring yourself, "he grew up, and do not bite me pretty good.

"Eaters of the emergence of the old hands with the parents, the total can not relax." Ji Jian-Lin said, the parents too much control, so that they will never put their parents behind as survival. Meanwhile, the parents could not bear to see their children suffer, it will naturally help as much as possible to help another, so a vicious circle. To solve this problem, parents should first correct the idea: Only under 18-year-olds, only raising their own responsibility, and when they grow up, they should own independent life. So please, harsh choice, release the hand.

Can not find a well-paid job

Released by the Ministry of Education has said that high school graduates in 2009 about one million people, it is difficult to find a job in the year. In 2009 so, I am afraid no different in 2010.

In the minds of many graduates, knowledge equals wealth, graduated from college in respect of 8000 children to enjoy a monthly salary of 10000. A continuous quit within six months, three men, said he quit mainly because of the low salary, he was a master's degree in English, how can such a low on? But he also said that the employer will not promise his salary because he had no wealth of industry experience, but also hands-on training company. As a result, the men would "find high-pay for in the end", is still hanging around the house. Irritability, depressed, unwilling to daily harassment of him and let him frequently unsuccessful job interviews, so that he began to worry that he is not never find a job.

Nanjing Brain Hospital, Xie Shi-ping, director of the spirit of two that the environment of the case, moderate fear is normal, there is not the pursuit of wrong, but the inexperienced college students, it is easy to grasp the bad scale, and excessive anxiety, and thus change have mental and physical exhaustion, depression. It has been carried out and found a result of looking for work is not smooth, 57.1% of people feel very tired, 40.1% of people feel can not find the target, as well as 22.6% of people living disappointed.

Ji Jian-Lin pointed out that the graduates are now faced with actually much larger than their father's pressure, but the gifted and frustrated state of mind appears in the just graduated foreseen in point. Today's society is different from the past, the vast majority of the work are not an iron rice bowl, which means that after work, with the right opportunities can always change, so why insisted in one step. No one knows what will happen, or you can find the monthly salary of several thousand, six months later, but in six months before that, even earns a few hundred a month, a sizeable than rest on its laurels. "First employment, re-career" just to solve the problem of experience.

 Parents facing the "bachelor" nag

When the marriage for men and women while married. Could be nearly 30, even more than 30 years old, was also not married, not married, they become men and left women left. Now, they have been proudly advertised himself as a "singles" in men and women, have begun to strongly feel the pressure to get married.

In the network, circulating an adaptation of "Capriccio Shuidiaogetou Singles Day", which writes: "The men are tall, short, fat, thin, and women are black and white beauty and ugliness, the matter ancient difficult to all. Tangshan Tangshan, bachelor no more! "so just a few words, is not difficult to see that left men and women who left the voice. But even more attention is that this anxiety is becoming a social phenomenon. Statistics show that Beijing is "left women" break the number is already 500 thousand. Particularly now with the New Year approaching, the men left to go home New Year's women are even more left to go home talking about the headache, do not go home, like their parents; go home, again forced by their parents. Think of these, on the tossing, it is difficult to sleep, along with their parents about the future and guilt and anxiety more serious.

Most people want to have an ideal of love, but after all Nobody's perfect, gold is entirely pure, Ji Jian-Lin believes that in the end you have to choose a life partner, or cause the same path, or any other, and my heart should have a light and heavy trade-off and encounter. To know what must be the result can only be nothing. Deficiency is somewhat normal life.

The popularization of the network, people contact, social face became smaller and smaller, choose people who become ever less; interpersonal coordination, understanding, ability to become ever weaker, and then marriage to become slim. Therefore, get rid of dependence on the network is very important, perhaps through the network know more like-minded people, but the exchange of people, or want to go to practicality, in order to better maintain and deepen, and ultimately into the marriage.

  Older than other people's wealth

Just after the thirties of the Chen, income is also good, will make 200,000 a year, supposed to be flies comfortably, but he is that "inadequate." He always complained that certain students have changed hundreds of thousands of cars, own the car before opening Qiba Wan; certain colleagues in the house changed Mimuro he only lived there a small two bedrooms ... ... house, car wants to change , but they felt the money tightly Baba, every day dreaming of their own money than others can see themselves not as good as the real person on the anxiety, which is not all the same, and do about money?

Money is not a panacea, but not the money is totally unacceptable in modern society, this phrase is especially evident expression. So, with hard work and I hope more hard-earned money of the Zhengdian; With stocks, buy the fund to prepare financial wealth; want to get lucky with the lottery overnight riches. However, no matter what method, can really only a very small number earned contented, more people are complaining, "Why people can buy expensive cars, live in luxury, thinking about what, but I struggled to catch up.

Ji Jian-Lin said, this is the fault of comparisons. The indiscriminate competition will not only efforts to change the flavor of the original will also encourage vanity psychological, physical do harm. Some studies have shown that when the money when you make your escape from poverty is to give people bring happiness, but research has also shown that strong desire money and wealth are more likely to feel unfortunate and anxiety.

Of course, "contentment" is easier said than done. JI Jian-Lin suggested that this could learn to focus on the things to do every day, do yourself happy, but has nothing to do with money, these things make you feel something meaningful to bring happiness. In this way, you will escape from the whirlpool of money out, you get a sense of pleasurable things more.

Teach you nine ways to speed up fat-burning

World Wide Web, according to reports, want to speed up the metabolism? Try these tips to get the best results.

  1, water

Dehydration will slow metabolism rate, and dehydration of people often confuse hunger and thirst and to add extra calories.

  2, snack

In between the two meals to eat some sweets, can prevent over-eating when the meal. However, we must pay attention to your snack is healthy: You can select those nutritious foods, such as peanut butter. Purdue University research shows that people eat sticky snacks will feel better after the eat.

  3, to avoid the pressure

Pressure will lead to a decrease in muscle slow down metabolism, so try to use some yoga moves to relieve stress.

  4, increasing outdoor activities

Studies have shown that weight loss benefit of vitamin D, but not better than the sun bathing the way of the D vitamin supplements. Of course, do not forget to smear enough sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.

  5, multi-vitamin supplements C

Experimental results show that vitamin C helps burn fat. The best time to add at least 75 mg of vitamin C. Half a grapefruit contains 44 milligrams of vitamin C. Most fruits contain more vitamin C, also contain more fiber, which is also good for burning fat.

  6, walked up and down

Even if you do not participate in any fitness club, you can also burn calories through daily activities. If you go to work in the office, then take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the stairs the speed of calories consumed nearly twice as many other activities. If it is sitting in office all day, but also do not forget to stand up and walk around walk around from time to time.

  7, muscle training

  8, multi-smile

Laugh! Jokes! Entertainment of others! No matter what you do, laugh to accelerate your metabolism, help you burn 10 calories at least.

  9, drinking green tea

The study found a cup of green tea can accelerate post-exercise fat oxidation, increase insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance

Around a common 10 kinds of the best anti-cancer foods

This ten bestFoodThere are many counters in the shopping inside you never seen before. Some of you may have never heard of, some of you may have heard, but easily forgotten. That is why we have studied a series of food, and allow them to show on your desktop, but because of them you will improve your health right away - without any prescription.


These look a bit dirty compared to some other root vegetables are a more natural sweet taste. This is because, under the skin of their ruggedBreadHidden in a lot of flavor.

Why are they are healthy and it?

The popular spinach beet. Like a number of exophthalmos energy food, such a dark color vegetables are the best source of folic acid and betaine. BothNutritionTogether with remarks may be common in the half-height lower blood levels of cystine. Half-high homocysteine is a destruction of human arteries and increase the risk of heart disease inflammatory mixture. Thus, the natural pigment, called anthocyanin b, giving beet into an effectiveAnti-cancer function of。

How to eat them?

Should be fresh, raw, can not come out from the jar. To sugar beet heat will indeed be damaging to their anti-oxidation function. Washing and peeling, and then it uses a wide blade knife in the cut has been cut to pieces. It and a spoon of olive oil and half the lemon juice stirred together. It may lead to a salad of.

You can also eat its leaves and stems, they are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Simply leaves from its beginning to its stem cut, and then conduct a thorough cleaning. They can be used to make a salad. Or, as an additional dish, skip the leaves, only chopped garlic and a tablespoon of olive oil, coupled with moderately high heat. Cook to wilt the leaves, stems become soft. Salt, pepper and a small amount of lemon juice for seasoning, and sprinkle a small amount of Parmesan cheese.

In AmericanKitchenYears, we are rarely able to see the trace of the cabbage. However, in Europe and Asia, the table, this cruciferous foods are frequent.

Why are they are healthy and it?

A cup of chopped vegetables contain only 22 calories, but contains valuable nutrients. The highest nutrient substances isothiocyanate. It is a ease-cell damage can increase the body's enzymes and reduce the risk of cancer of the chemicals. In fact, theStanfordThe scientists found that isothiocyanates more than any other plant chemicals that increase your body's anti-cancer enzymes.

How to eat them?

Put it into the various folders of your cake, you can also add very easily Yao Sui-sheng. Or, put it into to do some salad ingredients, made into an Asian-style cabbage salad.

No. pomegranate

Guava is a tropical fruit, slightly astringent, slightly acidic taste, the more the better to eat the center of a slightly sweet flavor.

Why are they are healthy and it?

Red Tomato elements can be anti-prostate cancer antioxidants. Guava than tomatoes and watermelons, and other plant foods contain a high amount of lycopene. In addition, a cup of guava pulp can provide 688 mg of potassium, compared with an equivalent amount of bananas to provide higher 63%. And guava is almost the highest fiber foods: Each cup contains approximately 9 grams of fiber.

How to eat them?

Eat the whole fruit, to seed from the case. Guava's whole body is edible and nutritious. Just shell containing vitamin C are better than high levels of fresh oranges.

In the market among the green vegetables, you can find a slightly bitter taste and unusual salty vegetables. This vegetable origin is the Mediterranean region.

Why are they are healthy and it?

Bowl of cooked chard provides a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin (the quantity of each of 10 grams). According to Harvard University studies have shown that these known as carotenoids of plant chemicals that can protect your retina is not due to age, growth is destroyed. This is because these two nutrients (ie, pigment), appears to accumulate in your retina where they do, they can absorb some may hurt your eyes light the sky short-wave effect of eye protection. Therefore, your intake of lutein and zeaxanthin more, your eyes will be protected better.

How to eat them?

Tang lettuce and fish, ribs or chicken cooked with a good taste. Or with the whole grilled fish with food is not bad. Clean and dry a bunch of chard, and then the leaves cut into 1 foot long sheet. Put a tablespoon ofOliveTogether into a large frying pan, and add two pieces of garlic. Then the oil will slowly smoke, came alive again in the chard. Fried on a 5 to 7 minutes, until the leaves wither dry stems are soft Caixing. Finally get rid of garlic, to the chard with salt and pepper seasoning to do.


This ancient spice is only with the sugar mixture and crumpled to the people to eat.

Why are they are healthy and it?

Cinnamon can help you control your blood sugar, thereby reducing your risk of heart disease risk. In fact, USDA research house found that 6 weeks consumption of one gram of cinnamon a day in patients with diabetes not only lower their blood sugar, and can reduce their body triglycerides and cholesterol. Cinnamon inside the active ingredients can increase the cell metabolism ability of sugar to the original 20 times.

How to eat them?

You do not need any special edible oils and the like to come and eat it with. Just sprinkle it on your coffee or cereal inside on it.

Although the United States Food and Drug Administration to be classified as wide-leaf purslane seeds, but it is still a very popular dish, and have grown in many countries, including China, Mexico and Greece.

Why are they are healthy and it?

AccordingUniversity of TexasResearch, purslane than any other edible plant, contain the highest amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Scientists have reported that after testing, the plant with any other fruits and vegetables compared to contain more than 10 to 20 times more melatonin - an antioxidant to prevent cancer growth.

How to eat them then

Added to the Shala Li eat. The purslane as a lettuce substitute for or increase the product: its leaves and stems are brittle and can be chewed, and juicy. Although not common, you can still find it in the local market, including the Chinese market and the Mexican market. In addition, you can also Whole Foods stores, shops or ready-made multi-leaf green salad ingredients shop to find it. 


Pomegranate juice has been popular in the Middle East for decades, and until recently in the United States has been widely accepted and popular.

Why are they are healthy and it?

Israeli scientists have discovered that eating 2 ounces per day to last a year ofPomegranate juiceMen, their blood pressure can reduce 21%, heart blood flow will obviously increase. In addition, four ounces of pomegranate juice can provide daily needs of vitamin C, 50%.

How to eat them?

Recommends 100% pure pomegranate juice, try the Pom Wonderful brand products, they do not add any sugar. Pomegranate juice can be described as a "powerful" food, a small cup is already full to meet your needs.

Raisin-size fruits that are available chewing, the taste between sour cherry fruit and between. Importantly, this type of food Cherry since 1700, in Tibet are used as medicinal food.

Why are they are healthy and it?

According to the research, compared with any other fruit, Chinese wolfberry has the highest ORAC content of the ratio (ORAC is a measure antioxidant substances). Although modern scientists have only recently begun to study this ancient food, but they have found that it changed its sweet sugars will reduce insulin resistance.

How to eat them?

The dry and fresh wolfberry and a cup of yogurt a light mixture of them scattered in your porridge, or cold in wheat.


Why are they are healthy and it?

Plum contains a new thread of the original acid and chlorogenic acid. They are resistant "super-oxide anion radical," a particularly effective antioxidants. This repulsive free radicals can cause your body cells, structural destruction, which is considered one of the basic cause of cancer.

How to eat them?

Of it as appetizer. Can be cut into paper-thin ham then dry plum wrap, with toothpicks fixed. Placed in 400-degree oven on a baking 10 to 15 minutes, until plums soften, ham sausage brittle. Most of the fat will be baked out, and then you can get delicious sweet and fragrant and healthy snacks啦!

These hollow pumpkin lights waste left behind - pumpkin seeds, pumpkin is the most nutritious part.

Why are they are healthy and it?

Nibbling pumpkin seed is to obtain the easiest way to magnesium. Magnesium on the human body is very important. According to the French researchers have recently stated, the highest content of magnesium in the blood of men likely short-lived less than the magnesium content lower in 40%. On average, men consume 353 grams of minerals per day, compared to USDA recommended 420 grams to be much lower.

How to eat them?

Eating a whole, including the shell. Because the shell can provide additional fiber. Ounce baking pumpkin seeds which contained 150 grams of magnesium. To add them to your daily diet, you can easily reach 420 grams daily goals. Or snack bar where you canHealthy foodStore to find it

Through the urine easy way to self-rated health

A kidney is an important body of human metabolism, but also generate the urine organs. If the increase in glomerular permeability or tubular re-absorption of the weaker, and will directly affect the amount of urine or urine composition changes; the same time, metabolism, disease, etc., also affect the amount of urine or urine composition changes. Therefore, abnormal urine understanding of the situation is conducive to the disease, early detection and early treatment.

  1, urine output

Normal adult amount of urine every day and night between 1500 ~ 2000 milliliters. If the 24-hour period, urine output less than 400 ml or less than 17 milliliters per hour, who said the oliguria; 24-hour urine volume of less than 100 ml of persons, known as anuria. Oliguria occurrence may be related to shock, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, or acute or chronic nephritis, acute tubular necrosis, or by stones, tumors and other causes related to urinary tract obstruction. No urine who can be seen in severe acute renal failure patients. Adult 24-hour urine volume more than 2500 milliliters, serving more than urine, common in physiological polyuria, endocrine diseases (such as diabetes insipidus), kidney disease.

  2, urine color

The normal yellow urine, urine color depth and urine, in vivo metabolism. High fever, urine volume less, then the color depth, as many as slightly stained urine. If drinking less, or eat a lot of carrots and riboflavin, furans Tanzania bite drugs, can present a deep yellow urine or orange; If you're taking a pigment or dye methylene blue, phenyl salicylate and other drugs, the urine may appear blue; if the consumption of sugar beet, or phenol red, rifampin drugs, the urine can be red or pale red. These are normal, and if do not eat these foods, or stop taking drugs, urine will return to yellow.

Some of the changes in urine color may be a precursor to the disease, common conditions include:

  1, tan: Multi-due to liver cell, obstructive or hemolytic jaundice caused. Such as jaundice hepatitis, biliary infection, biliary tract stones, blood diseases (such as thalassemia or hemolytic anemia and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria patients), broad bean diseases.
  2, light green: Suffering from septicemia caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

  3, White: White urine a variety of situations, needs a clear distinction: ① chyluria, mainly caused by the blood of filariasis, abdominal tuberculosis, cancer, chest and abdominal trauma or surgery, congenital lymphatic malformations and pyelonephritis, also can cause; pregnancy, hydatid disease and malaria, but also can cause even. ② fat, urine and urine mixed with fat. Commonly found in kidney fat embolism and long bone fractures, can also be found in some diabetes, lipoid nephrosis, lipomatosis, pulmonary tuberculosis were. ③ pyuria, urine white. Commonly found in acute or chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, kidney and multiple abscess, renal abscess (complicated in the stone or water), renal tuberculosis, fungal, or parasitic infections. Acute glomerulonephritis may also occur with mild increase in the short-term white blood cells white blood cells in urine.

  4, hematuria: Many diseases can cause hematuria, but the symptoms associated with their own characteristics. Painless hematuria should be considered the urinary system tumors, especially for older people are more attention should be given; if accompanied by urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, urinary tract infections are much more; if accompanied by the waist, lower abdomen cramps, you should consider urinary tract; if accompanied by difficulties in urinating, should be considered benign prostatic hyperplasia and bladder stones.

  Third, Niaowei

Normal urine, place a long time, will break down ammonia odor occurs. However, if there is a new discharge of urine ammonia odor, often expressed with chronic cystitis and chronic urinary retention. If the discharge of urine with a fecal odor is probably E. coli infection; if apple, then mostly due to diabetic ketoacidosis.

  4, foam

Normal urine after rocking a small amount of white or yellow foam, heavy proteinuria, may produce a large number of white foam, it is because the protein changes the surface tension of urine.

Of course, this only from the simple physical properties of the urine to determine a preliminary analysis of the body's health. When your urine, the above-mentioned changes, it is recommended to the regular hospital for routine urine and urine chemistry and renal function in areas such as laboratory examinations for early detection of disease, early treatment

Play on the computer must know the 5-point health knowledge of the

Many people will have this kind of situation, facing a computer over time, not only painful eyes, dry skin, neck, waist and legs become sore unbearable ... ... In fact, it and we play on the computer when some incorrect habits related to The following 5-point suggested that it might help to you.

  Play the computer Do not cross your feet

Comfortable sitting position should be suitable. General computer under the table at right angles formed at the knee; thighs and back form a right angle; arm at the elbow at right angles. Scapula leaned back, the shoulders down, chin will not close to the neck, the distance between eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm. In addition, the computer chair height is very important, Seat fraction harder, a high degree of order can naturally bend the knee or slightly to the lean forward 90 degrees, feet flat on the ground is suitable. The center of the display installed on the same level with the chest line, there is enough room under the seat put his legs stretched, do not cross feet, so as not to affect the blood circulation.

  With an Eye to 1 hour and 10-minute break

After 1 hour continuous operation should be a break of 10 minutes. Frequent changes in posture, back through to the back of a chair, head thrown back, look up to the ceiling, Shengelanyao is also a good pleasure. In addition, physical activity usually is necessary to strengthen and enhance the physical, is also an active campaign to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of computer a panacea for the many stairs, adhere to a daily exercise for at least half an hour.

  Avoid direct light display

Computer takes too long, eye fatigue, dryness, congestion, and vision loss. The best way is to rest, not continuous operation. Interior lighting should be appropriate and must not be too bright or too dark to avoid direct exposure to light on the monitor and interfere with the light. If the eyes feel dry, itching, eyes closed up and rest a few minutes first, and then opened, do not rub the eyes with his hands, and then trickle-suited to their constitution eye drops, and then turn a blind eye a few minutes, the situation would be somewhat alleviated .

  A complement-dimensional protein

In the display before the long working hours, the retina of the rhodopsin would be consumed mainly by the rhodopsin of vitamin A synthesis. Therefore, computer users should eat carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, as well as milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement the human body, vitamin A and protein. To more drink some tea and tea polyphenols and other active substances in the resistance to radioactive material would be beneficial.

  Computer table, put the wooden comb

Computer users should ensure that adequate sleep, regardless of how tense, as far as possible every day of 8 hours of sleep, and to ensure quality of sleep, so that the circulation of the cerebral cortex timely adjustments. Put a wooden table in the computer combs, wooden comb, comb the hair when used, can achieve the effect of head massage to help relieve brain fatigue

Jie Mi woman with a little secret hidden

Some things, if you do not take the initiative to say it, it may never be understood each other, but if you take the initiative to show if they did not appear he had been too secret - this is contradictory woman Oh! So, when we want to live a more liking the cake when you can always hide some small secret, hoping that "he" can carefully enough to be discovered. If he see through our little minds it not a sweet to share. Come and count, which is there inside your hidden secret.

All the married woman her husband would be right to keep some little secrets, or to maintain a sense of mystery, or in order to reduce family disputes. But if these little secret by her husband know, really imagined wife so bad? I am afraid not, perhaps will greatly enhance the understanding between husband and wife, and to avoid further marital distress. In fact, in everyday life, in addition to following a few, the married woman is also more that can not be imagined hidden little secret, waiting for men to get them all to explore.

1, women purchase clothing for themselves, their real price more often than not to tell her husband to be as expensive as 20%. It sounds like a classic TV series plot, but that is not pure fiction. "Sometimes I buy a piece of clothing, swipe credit cards to pay half the cash to pay the other half, so my husband would not know the true price of the clothes."

2, for a woman, the marriage is both a fascinating thing it makes one nervous. Many girls from childhood dreams have a handsome suitor, a wonderful wedding dressed in a white wedding, the next is a happy marriage. However, these go into real life, wants women to put their own lives and another man closely linked, they all seemed nervous of. "In the beginning when the idea of marriage makes me very fascinating,"

3, no matter how a woman's own independence, still want to be her husband's meticulous care. Woman hopes husband is a sensitive and meticulous, full of compassion 21st century male, can get their meticulous care. This means that women want men in the family has a good performance, know how to repair cars, helped take a suitcase while on vacation. If the performance of a very macho man, even if the weight is only 110 pounds, will still make the women feel very insecure Xiaoniaoyiren.

4, a woman afraid of becoming like their mother哈哈. A woman is love, respect and gratitude for their mothers, and that his mother is the greatest woman on the planet. However, women are often reluctant to become like their mother哈哈. This is why a man of a woman deeply hurt the sentence, "You look like your mother is different." In addition, much worse than this sentence is, "You look like my mom, like," because it conveyed a woman a man has Oedipus complex information, so that doubts about ---- a man to marry a woman you are because you like his mother. Therefore, men, in any event not to wife and mother of one another to make any comparison.

5, women want a man a little jealousy, but as long as a little bit of nothing more. Woman he wanted to arouse a man's attention and interest. The face of the street boy to his wife, cast a warm eyes, the husband produced a slight jealousy will make a woman feel loved by her husband, and with care. But please do not devote too much men hate one another, reflect the enrichment of a few too many, this will make a woman feel very uncomfortable.

6, women and close friend of the talk of the language, unlike the men, the fear so bad. Yes, women like to talk and close close friend, such as a recent family quarrel, complaining about her mother, to occupy all the leisure time of husband's hobby dissatisfied. But the woman never told a close friend of her husband's privacy, or when the death of his father how do you sobbed and broke down in tears in her crook of the arm, which are too private, can not close friend to share things.

7, women will notice and appreciate a man doing chores. However, women living on the family why not enough recognition given to a man? This is because men do not want to do a woman can not tolerate the same time, related to housework. Anne's husband, for example due diligence on keeping the room carpet clean, frequent use of vacuum cleaners, this naturally she was very satisfied. At the same time, placed on the carpet for a variety of furniture and equipment, but he never go to Shan about the dust. Woman thinks she is doing housework is the only correct way, which is why many men do not want to shoulder the burden of one of the major causes of household. Women often complain that the wrong man home, do not give them the opportunity to do it again correction

Gossip so that women live longer

In general, women are gossip, love chatting, men are often bored with this women's gossip, but studies have indicated that gossip for women with longer, because the gossip, chat, help women reduce stress and anxiety, to physical and mental health are beneficial to .

According to "Central News Agency," quoted the British media reported that the University of Michigan professor is responsible for the study, Brown (Stephanie Brown) pointed out that the progesterone (Progesterone) in the establishment of interpersonal relationships, and to make women more willing to help others, plays an important role It allows women in the process of helping others, willing to take on more risk.

Brown said that these hormones help to reduce stress and anxiety, the results confirm that regular and sisters, if women chat, can increase the body lutein, a happier mood after decompression, the body is also more healthy.

160 female students to participate in the study, researchers will they be divided into two groups, one group was given a number of female students can interact with other social problems, so they have more interaction and understanding; the other group arrangements are with the right one reports on the botany of the research report be corrected.

20 minutes later, the researchers of all female students of the saliva samples to detect changes in their amount of progesterone.

The study found that an interactive chat was arranged for the group of female students, progesterone remained unchanged or increased; but another group of female students decreased progesterone.

Brown pointed out that to understand the physiological function of human social behavior and the connection is very important that these links will help to understand why close relationships will make people happier, healthier, and more than isolated people who live longer.

The results of this study published in the "Hormones and Behavior," journal, was the first chat and gossip can indeed confirm that stimulate the secretion of progesterone research

The more human evolution, a woman more beautiful?

Women around the world, this should be a heartening news. British media recently reported that European scientistsResearchFound that, in the course of human evolution, women are becoming more and more beautiful, but men's looks do not do so change is still the same as their ancestors live in a cave "not attractive."

The study also showed that women, compared with the general appearance, beautiful women, a child born more, and born a child is often a higher proportion of girls. Wait until the girls grow up, they tend to become like their mothers and beautiful and beautiful like to continue to the next.

  More beautiful child birth

According to a series of physical attractiveness and reproductive evolution of research in human reproduction process, the so-called "beautiful race" will continue.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland released a report last week, will be the study specific.

Marcus chaired the study, said about carat, the research team on the U.S. 1244 women and 997 men, carried out the relevant data for 40 years follow-up investigation. The appearance of the level of the object of these studies were assessed according to photos at the same time, the researchers also conducted a number of children to their collection. The results showed that appearance of a beautiful woman's fertility than other women, the number of children an average of more than 16%.
  Parents, good-looking girl prone

The published research results based on the previous evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, Kanazawa-chi, based on research done. Kanazawa-chi said that parents are often more attractive appearance, easier to give birth to baby girl, this is "evolution strategy" in the human genes of well-designed.

Kanazawa-chi states that in the "long-term follow-up study of adolescent health project" was found in two: the first finding was that both men and women agree that "even more beautiful women than men"; The second is, if the couples are attractive appearance, Then they gave birth to son, husband and wife less likely than the other 26%.

This project funded by the U.S. government, the researchers surveyed more than 15000 Americans, the data collected, including an objective assessment of their appearance.

"Physical attractiveness is a highly hereditary feature, which disproportionately more on their daughters 'successful replication', rather than the son." About carat, "If looks nice parents have more daughters, while their surface charm can be genetic, then logically speaking, after a few generations, women did become good-looking than men. "

Analytical staff uses four health

Fingers, hands, wrists of human born with "health instrument," but most people have no knowledge of such resources wasted. The United States "Prevention" magazine article, summed up his hands the little-known four kinds of health protection.

Hand to measure food intake

When dining out, food overload is the main reason leading to excessive caloric intake. The easiest way to control appetite is to use the palm to measure. A quantity of meat or fish, the best is about as big as your palm. The ideal of a dessert is about the size of the thumb. A fresh fruit is about the size of a fist. A stir-fry, rice is the amount of the palm should be up by Sheng Qu amount.

Temperature Forecast heart with your fingers

The study found that heart disease before obvious symptoms occur, the signal has been seen on a finger.

Specific prediction method: The blood pressure cuff wrapped around the arm, when the cuff inflated, the flow of blood to reduce hand, fingers temperature drop. After 5 minutes, release the cuff, the finger temperature recovery faster, more heart healthy.

Pressing the wrist to prevent motion sickness

Long-distance travel by car in when the press inside the wrist between the two tendon Neiguan (palm under the three-finger width Office) to help prevent motion sickness.

With "five fingers comb" to help hair care

A finger on the forehead at the hairline, from front to back combing their hair, and breath. Repeat 10 times a day, can stimulate the growth of hair follicles, so the hair becomes more thick

13 kinds of healthy living habits so that you become young

Our bodies need long-term care to heart, here you introduce 13 kinds of healthy habits, healthy beauty you easy day.

1. Eat breakfast: You can the young one-year-old, mainly to add fiber and fruit, as rich in fat hamburger or a potato cake, and non-inclusive.

2. Have a good sex life: young 6-year-old, high-quality wholesome sex life will also help emotional stability.

3. Weightlifting: young 7-year-old, two times a week, every 20 minutes, can be strengthened by bones, improve morale, but also slender.

4. A small drink once a day: the young 9-year-old, small drink a glass of beer, wine (red, white can) and cocktails to help heart health, but be careful the amount of daily consumption of only a small cup, do not drink too much, Instead, the burden caused by the heart or blood vessels.

5. Laugh: young 7-year-old, often laughing, can reduce anxiety, mood relaxed, reflected in the face or heart, naturally, much younger.

6. Class: young 5-year-old, learning the new curriculum may be the young people's hearts Reply years of memories, and thus is also reflected in the appearance of the young feeling.

7. Trotted half an hour a day: young 3-year-old, this is a good fitness.

8. Enough sleep: young 3-year-old, there should be laws and the maintenance of good quality, the best sleep 7 hours a day, quality of sleep allows the body naturally produce more growth hormone, while the growth hormone is the most important anti-aging chemical composition of .

9. Eat more fruits and vegetables Grain: Young 4 years old.

10. Eat less meat, oils and fats: young 6 years old, consumption should be more control, especially saturated fat intake should be maintained at less than 20 grams per day.

11. Flossing: young 4-year-old to study at home found that periodontal disease and the immune system, cardiovascular disorders and there is a big relationship, the effective use of dental floss, you can prevent periodontal disease, thereby reducing immune disorders, or other heart diseases问题.

12. Sports: young 4-year-old, at least 1 hour a week of intense exercise such as jogging, hiking, stair climbing and the like, and can strengthen the body and myocardial vascular function.

13. Aware of their physical symptoms (warning signs): the young age of 12, prevention is better than cure, understanding physical health, and early prevention or treatment are exempt from the disease may worsen.

People still do first things first?

How a man, textbooks do not teach the boss, colleagues do not directly speak. This lesson, there is no semester, there will be no diploma, so "Learning to be "is not a class after class, not graduate, many people do not learn a whole lifetime learning. But that is life, the workplace, and the bureaucratic one of the most important lesson. People often ask, do things to bear, or a man given top priority? do "good" or do "own"? "karma good", will become "abuse a good person?" Why do some people always built up a network, it has been always enemies everywhere? These give you endless trouble, but to find not answer the difficult problem, attempts have been through a variety of people's personal experience, for your grown up on a tried and tested wisdom.

Malcolm in the Middle! Or an official hard? I think in this world, the official may be more difficult. One might know that the mid-century emperor Du Yuesheng in Shanghai said,Life with three bowls of "noodles" distastefulThe first scene and second, the money side and the third is human face, which is the human face the most difficult to eat. Du Yuesheng Officer No? Should be also, gangster bigwigs. In the underworld, he realize "difficult people" the truth. He believes that is difficult to bowl unpalatable hailed the "face", why? Almost all a lot of corrupt officials in the courts of repentance, but it is nothing but hard on the human farther and farther, the more greedy the greater. How a man in the school was to teach me? No one will teach out of the society is no one would dare to teach, so that people would have by instinct, and constantly in the human dilemma, the ability to learn to be. Although not easy, but not without context to be found. As long as you can clear first about a man, the major questions: for example, in the end is the work important, or a man important? Work, or a man?

First entered the job market a lot of young people, relied on intelligence, always felt that "power is everything," a man does not matter. For better themselves, not face to face scoff, that is, behind the complaint.In general, young people easily fall into "doing" than "a man" important thought, because of doing things well-targeted, short-term can be pinpointing, input and feedback is very direct. On the contrary, a man must face "the same kinds of people will raise a hundred meters," the different roles of adaptation and test, be careful that the long-term accumulation, can not be immediate, and with the job promotion, the role to become more complicated, the difficulty is also increasingly high.

The trade-offs in the investment rate of return, the importance of a man often turn a blind eye, in order to excel, and her job and that there really are things in life, "the principle of proportionality." Voice of experience: 5 years before entering the workplace, take at least 80% of the effort to do things in school, another 20% spent on learning a man on. With the increasingly skilled work skills, reduce the time needed to do things, we must increase the proportion of more attention spent on learning in life. When people still care about doing things, you was able to expose a man's ability to start

Favorite parents do 11 stupid things

1. Kids want to Wanni Ba, we said: dirty, and not allowed to play!

Note: Deprivation of a child playing with right snuffed a child playing with nature, blocking a child's perception of things, reduce the child's exploration of space

2. Kids want to eat, we said: Gaode everywhere; meals are cold ... ... Mama Hello!

Note: the child's self-awareness, the child's practical ability have thus been strangled

3. The child a bit uncomfortable, we said: Baby, we go to the hospital, like a pin dot! Doctor, with the point of good medicine!

Note: We are blind and ignorant child to be a direct result of the lack of resistance of the glass man, let him suffer even more pain and suffering and medical trauma, to make the world more than the number of drug-resistant and incurable disease

4. Kids want their own dishes, we say: Do not dirty clothes; water so ice; Do not bowl broken ... ...

Note: children's eyes is like the original game work, because you, happy labor has become a grind, limb muscle atrophy, there is no masculinity.

5. Children to school, and we say: You have to learn, listen to the teacher, then do not Luanjiang do not know ... ...

Note: children did not dare ask why, for fear the teacher said that students are afraid joke; kids only know that acceptance, conformity, there is no creativity, not even their own views and ideas

6. Child that Mom and Dad, I grew up, still need to do whatever point of the matter, we said: good boy, you read good books on the line, do not you do anything.

Note: A foster child a sense of responsibility the opportunity to do an indomitable male (female) sub-han you the opportunity to have thus been extinguished in the bud, grow into a shy person, an irresponsible person

7. Children learn well, we say: You know mom and dad for you, how much pain to eat? You eat well, and put on and what not to do, why even books read well, you're a disgrace to our face! Had known ... ...

Note: In a child mind, they do not see love, they think you have to pay for all the original only a transaction, he was just the parents of private property is a tool for parents, family line Bale

8. Kids do not know through what channels the thought of Thanksgiving, he say to you: Mom and Dad I love you, you have worked hard! We say: what is love love, you love what means? Read good books, obedient is the best love.

Notes: Love the original is such a materialistic, realistic and cruel! The seeds of love did not blossom had withered; capacity for love was not formed to combat;

9. Children learn good, bad temper, too lazy surprisingly, we say: all right, like big, and only need to learn good and what does not matter.

Note: We forget that a person must be an adult of adult reasoning, we have forest for the trees, their children healthy personality development of arbitrary violation of

10. The child is really finally grew up, he tall than you, but nothing will do, what did not wanted to do, he's eating your top university! At this time we have run out, we said: When he became a family, with wife and kids we're OK, but you find As more and more trouble, more and more!

Note: For v. No one can say, regret, regret intestines are blue in! Or simply be a "Xianglinsao"

11. Or his diploma higher than you, you more than make money, but impress your kids with you, or even Buzhuo home, we say: This is a generation gap, the children told us there is no common language.

Note: But, Do you have no remorse, this is how sad: We are hard to rear a child on our only obligation, but a lack of warmth! We could have children and grow up together, we could have children and friends, so that children to be happy, so that their own happiness

A woman ought to be doing six healthy test

test1 you have enough balance please?

Feet in tandem stand in a straight line, with one foot after the toe withstood a foot before the heel, hands naturally hang down on both sides of the body, and then closes his eyes, in the minds of a number silent 10 digits. If the count during the shaking of your body, you state your balance is not good enough, need to strengthen the balance of exercise, or in their daily walk, you are likely to force the ankle and knee injuries uneven, over time can also cause the spine strain.


1 have the opportunity to adopt the "Golden Rooster independent" posture training your balance, brushing the time, watching television at all times can take advantage of time.

test2 enough of your hearing you?

Let a friend to stand 1 meter away from your position, back towards you and your chat, if you can hear clearly what he said, then it shows you have no problem hearing. This time you can be a little more difficult, the TV turn create some interference, if you can still listen carefully to what he said, then it shows you have very good hearing. But if you do not open the case of television had not hear what he says shows that have already been damage to your hearing, much of it because you usually use the headphones when the volume down too much.


Usually watch TV, listening to music, it will be the volume to maximum volume of 60% or less, in particular, should pay more attention when using a headset volume control. Also, preferably isolated from outside noise can be coated easily damage the inner ear headset instead of built-in headphones.

test3 your breathing efficiency high enough do?

With one hand holding a lit candle, and then the arm straight, try blowing out the candles with one breath. If you can not blow out the candles, it means you are relatively short-breathing, breathing efficiency is not high enough, the body cells may be less frequent in the oxygen supply to the state.


Swimming is activated lung function, increased lung capacity, improve breathing efficiency, one of the most effective ways. In addition, the daily life but also multi-use diaphragm breathing to improve breathing efficiency. To learn gentle, slow, smooth breathing, do not pause between breathing and maintain the same length, bearing in mind the strength of expiratory and inspiratory uniform, and enjoy the ups and downs of the diaphragm.

test4 your pelvis enough healthy life?

Sitting in a chair, the pairs of foot at the same horizontal plane to observe the height of his knees consistent? Then supine on the floor, relax my limbs, a friend to help look at your left ankle tilt consistent? If the answer is no, state your pelvis on a certain degree of deformation. In fact, most women are wearing high heels, or shoulder because of the long-term carrying of heavy backpacks which led to a slight deformation of the pelvis.


More than normal wear flat shoes, and to ask fitness coach and asked him to help you develop training programs. Rest assured that more than 80% of the minor pelvis can be deformed through appropriate training to repair.

test5 your blood circulation enough right?

To the steps of the stairwell as a prop to complete the action up and down stairs, and down 20 times per minute, continuous to do 3 minutes. And then rest 30 seconds, and then followed by measuring your heart rate, record 30 seconds of time number of times within a heartbeat. Control the form below to see if your situation is good enough blood circulation, blood oxygen transport efficiency high enough?

20-29 30-39 40-49 over 50 years of age

41-43出色39-42 Next Next Next 41-44 next 39-42

A very good 43-44 times 43-45 times 44-45 times 45-47 times

46-47 Yoshi Makoto 45-46 Next Next Next 48-49 next 46-47

Generally 47-52 times 48-53 times 48-54 times 50-55 times

Low 53-56 times 54-56 times 55-57 times 56-58 times

Is very low 57-66 times 57-66 times 58-67 times 59-67 times


30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day can significantly improve the blood circulation in your body position, improve the efficiency of the blood circulatory system of oxygen delivery. Brisk walking, jogging, biking, and even doing gardening is a very good aerobic exercise!

test6 enough of your spine healthy?

Maintain the normal standing position, adjust the body to a relaxed state, and then asked people respectively from the left side and right side of your face for you all making a sideways photo. See from the pictures, your head should be in a straight line with the shoulders and should not be tilted forward or backward. Your shoulders should be in a straight line with the ear. In addition, you should also back the second part of a certain inward arc, but the arc can not be too large. If the photograph of the actual situation does not meet the above criteria, you state your standing posture, it will not only affect your appearance, temperament, it will lead to spinal disorders, and even the nerve, causing dizziness, headache, sore shoulders, etc. 1 series of health problems.


In addition to the corresponding picture improved stance, but also to do some stretching exercises comb spine: standing in the doorway, respectively, with both hands, grasp the door frame to 9 points and 3 points of the position of the body tilted forward as far as possible, repeated several times; and then hands were moved to the door frame 11 and 1 o'clock position, and then tilt the body forward as far as possible, repeated several times

Ginger Yang Shen cold sweet milk

As the weather changes, many small problems has cropped up, such as cold hands and feet, back pains, frequent colds and so on, this time to eat something to keep themselves away from these small defects of the concerns?

Warm essentials: basic principle as a talk "possession." As the human body yang closed Tibet, the human body corresponding slower metabolism, which depends on the driving force of life - "kidney" to play a role. Thus, the winter health is very important to note that "Yang Shen cold."

The first round of eating cold food

Focus: Yaoxisuanruan

Countermeasures: Yaoxisuanruan, two blood loss are mostly chills, the appropriate selection of the efficacy of foods with a warm Warming and nursed back to health, can improve the situation. Eat cold foods can play a warm body tissue, enhance physical fitness, promote metabolism, enhance the capacity of the human cold.

 Do not pass secret: lamb porridge

Get fresh mutton 100 grams, 100 grams of rice, salt, onion, ginger appropriate. Wash lamb slices, onion, ginger cut into pieces back. Panning clean the rice, with lamb and spices together into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, first to use fire to boil, and then slow fire boiled porridge. The porridge has a beneficial blood, warm the spleen and stomach, Tim fine complement the role of marrow, suitable for less than yang, qi and blood loss, Yaoxisuanruan are taking.

The second round of increased thermogenesis nutrient

Focus: Body thin and weak to stand the cold

Solution: As the winter cold, the body every day to adapt to cold environment and a corresponding increase in energy consumption and thus to increase thermogenesis nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate) intake, in particular, to a corresponding increase in intake of some fat , such as when eating meat dish into a little amount of fat.

 Do not pass secret: lean meat stew olives Sydney

Olive 15 grams, Sydney 50 grams, 100 grams of lean meat, candied 1. Will lean washed in boiling water after Luezhu cuts, Sydney cleaned and washed and then sliced olives, candied into Dunzhong been added to 250 ml of water, boil for two hours can be. Cikuan dishes Liyan Sheng Jin, Ziyin Runzao.

The third round of supplementary methionine

Focus: cold hands and feet

Solution: cold weather makes the body's excretion of creatine in urine increased fat metabolism to speed up, while the synthesis of creatine, fatty acid oxidation in the human body and the release of heat needs to methyl. Therefore, in the winter should be more higher intake of methionine-containing food.

Do not pass secret: ginger sweet milk

Take 150-200 ml fresh milk, add 1 tablespoon ginger juice and a little sugar into the container and steam for 15 minutes. Cikuan drinks are Qu-han of the efficacy of the stomach together every day to drink a cup of his hands and feet will be losing its chill.

The fourth round of vitamins and no less

Focus: abdominal pain, chills

Solution: Oxidation of cold weather makes the body produce heat strengthened, and the body of vitamin metabolism also change significantly. Increase in vitamin A, in order to enhance the capacity of the body's cold. To increase intake of vitamin C in order to improve the human ability to adapt to the cold, and blood vessels has a good protective effect. Vitamin A mainly from animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables and other foods, vitamin C mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables and other food.

Do not pass secret: Pan-fried pork liver

Pound of fresh pork liver, cleaned, inclined slightly large knife cut into thin point; salt, cooking wine, ginger, pepper, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and a little starch to liver marinated with me (such as smell like 5 that can put some five-spice powder); Heat frying pan put a little oil, will be spread in the pan fried liver after the yellow side turn the other side; to be both sides of fried yellow, and put some garlic, onion, a little soy sauce, mix well, pan can transfer to a plate. This dish is rich in vitamin A, can alleviate pain arising due to symptoms of chills.

5th Round of adequate intake of minerals

Focus: physical weak, often cold

Countermeasures: people afraid of the cold and the body's intake of minerals there is a certain relationship between the quality. Such as calcium in the human body can directly affect the amount of content in the body's heart, blood vessels and muscle flexibility and excitability, calcium supplement can improve the body's ability to keep out the cold. Calcium-rich foods are milk, soy, seaweed and so on. Salt is also very important to the human body warm, which allows the body heat production enhancements, which in winter season in order to re-heat Weixin mainly, but not salty.

  Do not pass secret: Kelp Tofu

Kelp knot half a catty, North tofu box, ginger, onion, salt, chicken amount. Kelp knot wash stand, tofu cut into 3 cm square block; fuel amount, five into the oil temperature when placed in ginger, spring onion until fragrant; Add tofu, and salt; about 1 minute Jianzhi yellowish, stir fry ; into the kelp, stir fry about a minute; adding water, submerged Ingredients 1 cm, add chicken; to continue big fire, about 8 minutes, left a little soup, you can pan. This dish calcium-rich and beneficial to heart

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So that a woman infected with gynecological disease in five living habits

1, washing machine into a new source of gynecological diseases

Washing machine washing is certain bacteria transmitted to the course of the next cylinder clothes, some bacteria even if drying does not necessarily eliminate won, especially tailor-made underwear.

The current automatic washing machine is not easy due to residual water discharge clean, dehydrated trough with a small gap between the sink and other reasons, than a conventional twin-type washing machine is more prone to mildew. Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Fudan University, Professor Kuei-sui-chi said, up to 60.2% of washing machines to detect the fungus inside the tank for women is very dangerous.

In addition, the use of washing machine washing, it is usually to use of enzyme detergent, rinse Debu if clean, is not complete, remains on the bra of enzyme detergent on the right breast will be the erosion of the surface of epithelial cells, pathological changes occur, giving rise to breast Yan.


Washing underwear is best to use hand scrub, use soap, do not use of enzyme detergent. Particularly pregnant women, breastfeeding women, but also should pay attention to. In addition, to develop a scientific habit of avoiding washing laundry is very useful in secondary pollution. First of all, washing machine should be placed in the ventilation and bright place; secondly, separately from washing underwear and coat in order to reduce cross-contamination clothing. Finally, washing clothes, washing machine lid should be opened after the ventilation period of time, so keep dry inside the state, in order to promote volatilization of residual moisture, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and the clothes drying on the outside should immediately come up with, do not stuffy inside.

2, "Night Tribe" female susceptibility to gynecologic oncology

Urban women often Jiaye Ban, if the long-lived "black and white upside down" in life, make the body rhythms of life disorders, neuro-endocrine system dysfunction, estrogen and progesterone imbalances, which may lead to uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer breast cancer from occurring.


To re-set for 24 hours. Long-term night-shift, as long as sleep during the daytime to keep perennial habit, and to achieve the 7 hours of sleep requirements, but also can form their own normal patterns of life. And pay attention to a healthy diet, eat plenty of help to digest food, such as green vegetables, fresh fruit, but also adequate vitamin A. Protection of sleep is also very important to feel in the daytime when the fill as much as possible to create a quiet, dark environment, if there is not suited to the situation, or insomnia should be treated as soon as possible. At the same time, to ensure that on a regular basis to the hospital for examination, so that "early detection and early treatment."

  3, women using the powder-induced ovarian cancer

During the hot summer and autumn, many women like after bath outside the genitals, inner thighs, lower abdomen, armpits, etc. sprinkled with talcum powder. "Health News" has reported that talcum powder induced ovarian cancer, because the lip of the main raw material is talc, and talc is a magnesium oxide, silica, magnesium silicate with "combined" form consisting of inorganic compounds. One is a magnesium silicate asbestos, it is a substance likely to cause cancer. Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peking University Third Hospital, deputy director Guo Hongyan introduced about ten years ago, had seen the relevant literature, but there is no national research in this area.


Try to avoid using talcum powder.

  4, pad sliver lay hidden Gynecology

Many women have thought that the use of pad to avoid direct contact with genitals and underwear will help keep the environment clean perineum. The idea is very wrong, because long-term use pad, easy to breathe bad Erzhi genital infection. In addition, the use of seemingly convenient built-in sliver easily increase the risk of suffering from gynecological diseases, particularly in a long time without replacing sliver more likely to cause vaginal inflammation, and other gynecological diseases.


The best will be only in the menstrual menstruation is approaching the net or the short-term use of pad. Try not to use the sliver, use when the timely replacement, before going to bed be sure to replace the new sliver.

  5, washing liquid washing out gynecological diseases

Right now, the supermarket assortment of cleaning solution for many women that the use of lotion is a good hygiene practices. Reporter learned from Japan Friendship Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 60% to 70% of patients with long-term use due to suffering from vaginal washing fluid.

Currently accepted normal vaginal flora of the most important members of the lactic acid bacteria, their main function is to protect the vagina from the invasion of foreign bacteria, is the vagina "health guards", so often in medicine in the vaginal secretions of the number of lactobacilli to determine the cleanliness of the vagina and vaginal self-cleaning function to judge good or bad. A survey has shown that if the regular use of vaginal washing fluid washing the vagina, Lactobacillus will be less. American scholars observe the 848 married women found that washing the vagina with the vaginal washing fluid of women, is expected to reduce by 30% per month of pregnancy, the reason may be vaginal pH and micro-ecological environment change, the growth of pathogenic bacteria breeding, resulting in a disease the occurrence, eventually leading to infertility.

Recent analysis of foreign scholars in 30 years on women's reports of vaginal washing and found that one or more than once a week washing, could significantly increase the chance of pelvic infection, moderate increase in the risk of ectopic pregnancy, washing more frequently, the risk of pelvic infection will be.

In addition, according to custom or misleading, the unclean sexual intercourse, women mostly wash the vagina with the cleaning fluid, one to prevent pregnancy, and second, fear of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, but medical findings on the contrary. Frequently used cleaning fluid of women suffering from vaginal wash it increased the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, but the sex life after vaginal washing with water there is no danger. Investigation showed that cleaning fluid damaged the vaginal acidity (PH), bacteria will inevitably grow dramatically, therefore increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. The pH of the vagina with water did not change, so will not disrupt normal vaginal flora.


As the normal vaginal flora has a "self-cleaning feature," Under normal circumstances, no need to wash the vagina with the cleaning fluid. Patients suffering from various diseases for therapeutic purposes, in the choice of treatment under the guidance of a doctor washing agent is necessary, but must not be long-term use

5 kinds of private parts hurt the women's movement carefully

Many women have this experience, that is, during a period of exercise, the overall feel pain in certain parts of the body, such as the lower abdomen, joints, spine, and so on.

Health experts point out that women's unique physical structure and physiological cycles, so that women in the end should be how to avoid sports-related injuries has become a long plagued women's issues. The relevant experts have summed up under the specific circumstances of the following five points to draw the female friend, especially the younger girls have close attention.

1, genital trauma

If you accidentally activities, such as the external genitals and the bicycle seat, beams, or other hard object collision, then it is prone to genital hematoma, serious injuries urethra and vagina, and even the pelvic. This is especially to arouse the attention of young girls, because they are often overlooked in the movement of their body protection.
2, menstrual abnormalities

Foreign experts to investigate the girls engaged in more physical activity, menstrual abnormalities accounted for a large proportion of the performance of multi-delayed menarche, irregular cycles, secondary amenorrhea and so on, and the amount of exercise the greater the later age at menarche. The reason was mainly due to the strong suppression of hypothalamic function of games, resulting in endocrine system dysfunction, affecting the body's normal levels of sex hormones, which interferes with the normal menstrual cycle of the formation and.

3, ovarian rupture

Violent activity, snatch weight, abdominal compression, collision, etc. can cause ovarian rupture, which appears lower abdominal pain, and even spread to the whole abdomen. Ovarian rupture generally occurs in the first 10-18 days of the menstrual cycle, of which 80% of the corpus luteum or corpus luteum cyst rupture, abdominal puncture with blood.

4 endometriosis

Strenuous exercise has the potential to menstrual blood reflux into the pelvic cavity from the uterine cavity, with the blood flow of endometrial debris may be grown in the ovaries, forming cysts. Got endometriosis, patients often appear progressive worsening dysmenorrhea, but also a common cause of infertility.

5, uterine prolapse

Women do overload exercise, especially weightlifting training will increase abdominal pressure, causing a temporary decline in the uterus, but does not appear prolapsed uterus. If the long-term overload movement, uterine prolapse occurs. Some tests, the uterus of women in the normal position when the load 20 kg, no significant change in cervical position; load 40 kg, the apparent downward shift on the cervix

The perfect body a woman seven standards

1、Chest America

Medical Aesthetics view that women's curves is the world's most beautiful things. The curve of the body's most important is that measurements, measurements in the 1st Circuit is "Bust." The United States increasingly harsh in people today, the chest is beautiful or not seem so important. * Breast fit criteria include: their own breasts and morphological patterns and the relationship between two parts. The former has the flexibility of the breast, enrich full status, color, luster, partial formation of the skin, nipple status, etc.; the latter mainly refers to the breast position, size and shape relations conforms to the laws of a certain aesthetic. * Common breast defects: small breast disease, breast hypertrophy, Boobs disease, breast ptosis, breast ptosis indexing, asymmetrical breasts, gynecomastia, cone-shaped breast milk, nipple inversion and so on. Women's waist from the front, significantly narrower than the hip to form a large chest large waist small hip. The lumbar and buttocks from the side to see another sharp curve. In accordance with the aesthetic point of view of women's waist measurements should be women, one of the most fine-Wai, and its thickness directly affects the women's curves, shape the United States.

2, waist-US

The United States is mainly reflected in the waist: up and down the curve was smooth, as well as on the shoulder and chest, then the next extension of fullness uplift the beautiful curve of the buttocks. The curve of the single leaf, as in mathematics hyperbolic. Physical reason why the United States, because the Department of concave points on the waist and lower waist to hip expansion of the soft again, it is this change that people with the beauty of the curve. The "bucket waist," it appears that rigid. * Waist defect: The most typical is the excessive accumulation of fat waist, so that the entire body without the beauty of the curve. In addition, the waist is also severely affected by beautiful asymmetry.

3, abdominal America

Are age, obesity seems to be both beautiful and have a Xuehaishenchou words, obese people in order to get a beautiful favor, lose weight at all costs. Where are most vulnerable to obesity, fat? Abdomen. Potbellied, middle-aged men can also use "rich state" modesty, women? Or a flat stomach in order to retain the beautiful. * Accepted standard by the majority of men and women: from the front, the navel should be two symmetrical on both sides of depression, depression with the navel to the abdomen divided into two parts together. Breast Department, Office of bust and waist-hip should be roughly equal, so that the waist soft deadline. To the side, abdomen, should be part of the breasts and buttocks before the sudden sudden part of the latter symmetry, the formation of "S" shape. * Affect the appearance of the abdominal type: accumulation of fat deposits in the next around the abdomen and navel-shaped formation of the abdominal wall hanging; abdominal compared with expansion of the thickness of subcutaneous tissue varies Habit Formation spherical abdominal; the absence of subcutaneous fat, while in the navel around too much skin and wrinkles, so that abdominal skin relaxation.

4, back the United States

Muscle is mainly undulating curves and the United States, but also a positive side and the outline of different angles, when the United States. Women's standard of beauty back generally refers to the back width is moderate, with the proper ratio of hip, muscle fullness, waist ups and downs, bent obvious more obvious groove spine, shoulder bones are not prominent under. Back form America: Western women back to fully naked, exposing more than half of the back and even the entire back, as a manifestation of the back charm. Asian women are also more exposed back more, but even in the case of dress, back the United States because of its large size is still an important part of female beauty. Back defects mainly refers to: a hunched back, is divided into juvenile sexual hump, occupational humpback, humpback and pathologic senile kyphosis; concave back, flat back, round back, kyphosis, scoliosis, and so on.

5, hip-US

Hip in the female human body which sexy because of its prominent features and occupies an important position. Many fashion design, dance movements, body-building performances, artistic creation, and so deliberately exaggerated hips, to emphasize women's curves and sexy charm. * America is mainly required hip: waist-hip were significantly higher than large. From the side to see the hip and lower back leg junction sharply angled curve. Look at the hip from the back into two well-rounded, protruding buttocks backwards without sagging, the skin smooth and elastic sense of tenacity, women with tight pants, a skirt, wear high heels, very effective in the United States right reflect the buttocks, while the hip-US dependent on the fitness training are also high. * Affect the physical beauty of hip types: fat deposition mainly in the Ministry of iliac crest, so that waist look thick; fat calmly focus on the greater trochanter in the vicinity, it is called the greater trochanter abnormal accumulation of fat; buttock cleft at both ends to have more fat accumulation , buttocks, back stretch.

6, leg-US

Legs in both the United States or in the case of dress exposed cases of the opposite sex with great temptation, while the overall beauty of female figure, contour, curve and so on are very important. * Standard legs the United States generally include: the overall length is more than half of height, bone integrity, rounded shape, no loose muscle and skin, weight appropriate, skin elasticity, knee rounded shape, bone thin. Thigh and calf straight stretch, legs longer, is more than three-quarters of the length of the thigh, legs close up when the gap is not more than 2 centimeters. Bare foot slim, sleek, non-fat accumulation and skin relaxation phenomena, a smaller girth. These standards not only make legs beauty itself a very high aesthetic value, but also the entire body of women appeared slender, slender, tall and straight, and the dynamics of women's demeanor has great influence on temperament. * Common leg defects include: knees to move closer, the feet separated more than 1.5 centimeters of the X-type legs, O-type legs, dwarfism.

7, standing US -

"Slim," the daughter of a total give people an infinite reverie. Gao Jie, such as Dutch, pride, such as plum. In a time when people do not speak, standing will reflect her inner spirit. * The correct stance is: along the center line (from the Center for an extension of the head through the neck, shoulder, hip, knee and foot) balanced sub-body weight in the feet, body weight and posture to achieve balance. Furthermore, it should rise to keep the chin with the ground level; chest, shoulders relaxed; belly adduction. America's standing one person can embody the spirit of positive health, but also to prevent fatigue and physical deformation. * Incorrect standing include: stiffness, chest, excessive uplift; hunched body muscle tension is not enough; back, concave, or lordosis, abdominal muster; Chuijian, kyphosis, back concave and Chuijian , scoliosis

Happy smile for 10 minutes a day can help weight loss

Smile, how much power consumption for the purpose of the study, U.S. researchers at Vanderbilt University 90 volunteers will be placed in a special room, this room can detect people's consumption of oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide emissions. This is a measure of the energy consumption of the human body the best way.

The researchers asked the volunteers who do not speak, do not walk, could only sit in a chair watching TV. Vanderbilt University researcher Maciej Schusky Ibrahim said: "The first to the volunteers to see the scenery of some very silly film. In the meantime, we have measured their resting metabolic rates."

Since then, the researchers played them comedy clips in paragraph 5, each lasted about 10 minutes. Comedy for volunteers laughed. At the same time giving them to detect heart rate, respiratory condition, etc., and with the resting state of the data for comparison. The results showed that, they laugh a serious condition than the state consumes more than 20% of calories.

The researchers calculated that if 10-day, happy smile, assigned to 15 minutes, you can consume 50 kilocalories. This means that you can lose weight 2 kg per year

Sensitive parts of the body 5 women how to properly clean

As a woman taking a bath you do? Heard this a lot of people will be rolling. May be some sensitive areas that are really particular about how to clean. Some people fear that does not wash clean, a hammer to twist, it has been often overlooked them, both undesirable.

  A neck

Neck, and ear is the site of accumulation of dirt and easy to love is often energetically rub clean, but should pay attention to the neck and easy to grow small filaments warts, once the rub broken, it will cause infection. Application of finger pulp upward gently rub back and forth.

2, armpit

Armpit sweat glands is rich in hot water bath is not available when the stimulus is not suitably bath towel and vigorously rub. Rinse with warm water arm can be lifted due to the more lax axillary skin, can be rubbed out of a rich bubble bath liquid after washing them, and then pulp Anrou, promote blood circulation.

3, nipple

Women commonly used warm water to wash the nipple, but to protect the breast. Non-breast and nipple retraction force can not be forced rub should be single-handedly light-up care of breast, and the other fingers Qingrou abdomen in a clockwise direction. Pregnant women may wipe some olive oil, after bath, make the breast skin moisture and resilient, can stand the baby to suck after birth, or prone to chapped nipple.

  4, perineum

Perineal cleaning important and should be washed daily with water, timely removal of excreta, secretions, can also be the nature of the soft Toiletries cleaning. Bathing should be separated from the size of women's labia from front to back cleaning secretions; the best have to clean the anus after defecating, washing away the dirt in the folds of the anus, but also effectively prevent hemorrhoids.

5, groin

Shower should be washed with warm water groin, and use two fingers on the down stroke Qingcuo pulp from the groin. Obesity will have to sweep aside the folds carefully scrub.

In addition, these positions is best not to use Cuozao towel scrub that can be used instead of the soft cotton bath.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do more sit-ups can prevent gynecological diseases

According to experts, physical fatigue, abnormal standing, sitting posture, as well as the waist too tight, etc., will deter the meridian, can lead to poor blood, lumbar muscle strain and back pain occurs. Many women lack of physical exercise, especially the lack of movement of the lower abdomen proper training, coupled with often sit in the office one day, the pelvic poor blood back and slowly began to chronic pelvic congestion, resulting in a reduced ability of pelvic part of local resistance was followed by pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, women should be regular activities the waist, so that psoas can stretch.

Experts suggest that a female friend in life and work should pay attention to what every other period of time to get some muscles, doing the squat stand and other appropriate activities, to avoid the occurrence of pelvic congestion. At the same time can strengthen the movement against the lower abdomen exercise, such as doing sit-ups a day, activities such as squatting to stand for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Studies have shown that sit-ups able to exercise abdominal muscles, and better protect the intra-abdominal organs; groin there are many capillaries and points, do sit-ups can stimulate acupuncture points of these blood vessels and accelerate the speed of blood flow; supine from You can also sit back and stretch muscles, ligaments and spine, regulating the central nervous system, thereby improving the body's disease resistance

A woman needed eight kinds of nutrition

Despite the growing concerned about a balanced diet, nearly half of women in the United States or from the daily diet can not obtain all the necessary nutrients. Latest edition of the "Mc  Call's" list of women's bodies are most in need of eight kinds of vitamins and minerals, as well as the optimal dosage and route of uptake.

1. Folic Acid 400 micrograms / day the best sources: asparagus, beets, broccoli, and strengthen cereal

2. Vitamin B6 1.5 mg / day the best Source: flounder, herring, tuna, lean steak, chicken breast, bananas, potatoes, "" Vitamin B but also to enhance the quality of VS eat leafy green of B vitamin supplements to prevent heart disease

3. Vitamin C 75 mg / day the best Source: cantaloupe, broccoli, grape juice, orange juice, strawberries, Caijiao

4. Vitamin E 23 international units, 15 mg / day the best source: peanut butter, sunflower oil, safflower oil, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds

5. Calcium 1000 mg / day, 50 years old and above 1200 mg / day the best sources: broccoli, skim milk, yogurt, sardines

6. Fe 15 mg / day, 50 over the age of 10 mg / day the best Source: lean steak, shrimp, and enhanced breakfast cheese, wheat, lentils, apricots, tofu, oysters, so especially in the cold winter, women afraid of the cold Note that more iron

7. Magnesium 320 mg / day the best Source: buckwheat, tofu, almonds, sunflower seeds

8. Zinc 12 mg / day the best Source: steak, pork chops, veal, tofu, oyster