Sunday, January 10, 2010

White-collar workers Chuileng Qi carefully blowing the more fat

Fat may be saving not only the winter is just a matter, white-collar workers all day blowing air-conditioning, carefully blowing the more fat.

Summer weather office air conditioning, car air-conditioned, air-conditioning at night, returned home, open all night. Guangdong Provincial Hospital medical director of Fan Guanjie big introduction, all day long to stay at room temperature about 20 ℃ environment, the body's metabolism slows. Tan Liang Chang-looking man with the inside air-conditioned rooms, exercise followed less energy consumption decreases. In a combination of factors, the existence of fat possible.

It appears that air-conditioning has been so blurred the boundaries between the four seasons and paste autumn fat Tozo fat, sweating in summer people will lose weight to consume the law is not necessarily accurate, as some fall and winter respiratory disease outbreak in summer will be a significant morbidity.

Environmental cold, hard fat consumption

According to statistics, the temperature dropped Celsius for every 1 ℃, metabolic rate would drop about 5%, the body will be relatively slow enzyme reaction, decomposition of fat, starch and the ability to have gradually weakened. In contrast, fat, starch accumulation faster.

In addition, the hot summer the highest consumption of drinks, eat love to eat ice cream for a moment cool. But the food itself with high sugar high-calorie, especially when the temperature become lower intestinal tract, gastrointestinal tract, the role of enzymes will tend to slow decomposition of fat, starch efficiency variation. So long summer, watched a few catties of meat is not surprising.

In addition, the air-conditioned rooms with poor ventilation, indoor concentrations of carbon dioxide often high, shortage of oxygen, oxygen reduction, resulting in fat, glucose is not easy burning, more accumulation of fat.

Increase in room Wenqin campaign against "pasting the fat"

It seems like the purpose of achieving self-cultivation, both seasons are the need to maintain regular exercise, the body has a chance profusely, consuming the body of excess calorie intake. Summer, they should not shrink in the air-conditioned room without moving from the above analysis we can see, this time the body become lazy, you also need exercise to maintain physical activity.

Do not tune the temperature and the air conditioning is too high, set at 27 ℃ Celsius from top to bottom. Let outdoor temperature indoor temperature as close as possible to increase the consumption of fat body tissue activity. Moreover,室内外温度difference is too large, people are very easy to hygiene Air conditioning disease. Chuileng Qi period of time to get to room temperature about local activities and more beneficial to the body metabolism

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