Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pregnant women to use computers in principle to be followed by 12

Computer problem, every day is a working women in the prevention, let alone to a pregnancy? Pregnant women using the computer needs to pay attention to?

Pregnant women with the computer 12 Big Attention

1, pregnant women have access to computers every time is not more than 20 hours

To prevent prolonged sitting pelvic blood caused by poor retention, so that a degree of relaxation; should pay attention to the level of computer and sitting with the seat, so that the healthy development of the fetus.

2, pay attention to work and rest to prevent the tendon strain

Prolonged use can cause finger joints, wrist, arm muscles, shoulders, neck, back and other parts appear Suanzhang pain, therefore, pregnant mothers should be at work an hour later, a break of 10 minutes or so working between the exercises.

3, we should pay attention to eye health

Eyes and the presentation, the distance between eyes and the screen should be maintained at 50 cm or more, preferably 20 degrees with light, depending on perspective. Work, should be on the face and hands, the smearing of skin oils radiation.

4, long been engaged in computer operations of pregnant women, should eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. While increasing the vitamin A, B1, C, E intake.

To prevent corneal drying, eye dryness, decreased visual acuity, or even night blindness, etc. with a computer pregnant women should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as soy products, fish, milk, walnuts, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, tomato, spinach and fresh fruit. Vitamin C can effectively inhibit oxidation. Major role of vitamin E are: lower cholesterol, clear body waste, prevent cataracts. Walnuts and peanuts are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin B1 can enhance nerve cell nutrition, ease nervous tension.

5, a day of green tea bubble point

Tea in the LPS, can improve the body's blood work can be. The human body after injection of LPS, in the short period of time can enhance the body's non-specific immunity. Tea can also radiation damage.

6, in order to avoid reflective or clear screen, the computer should not be placed in the windows opposite, or back.

Ambient lighting should be soft, if there are windows behind the operator should be to lower the curtains to avoid the light shines directly on the screen caused by the reverse image of a bright eye fatigue.

7, the computer room and often ventilation

Indoor installation of ventilation fans or air conditioning to reduce bromine than dibenzofurans on the body, the computer room near the dust density than the other space above the fold, they are a long time attached to people's skin, can lead to all kinds of skin diseases. The computer room to keep clean, the computer should be cleaned on a regular basis.

8, it is generally less than 5 times per minute blink of an eye will make the eyes dry

A person working in the computer blink frequency is only one-third of normal, thus reducing the eye lubricants and enzyme secretion. Should have more blink, every hour for at least one eye closed.

9, the computer should be suitable for indoor lighting

Must not be too bright or too dark to avoid direct exposure to light at the screen rather interfere with the light. Studio ventilation to keep dry.

10, the computer screen, we should use the color filter

To reduce visual fatigue. Better to use high-quality glass or plastic filter.

11 to keep the skin clean

The surface of the computer screen a large number of static electricity, the concentration of dust can be transferred to reach all parts of the face and hands bare skin at the time a long time, prone to rash, pigmentation, severe cases may even cause skin lesions and so on.

12, we must adopt a correct typing posture

Correct typing posture of the health of the body parts of the body play an important role, it is recommended you take a closer look pregnant mother's own typing posture is correct, if you are sitting at a computer every day for a long time ago, then some bad posture will your body cause great harm.

You may wish to prepare to work long hours at the computer, the selected equipment, seated posture, as your body more comfortable, reduce the occurrence of a variety of Yin Ji. Love themselves a bit more each day, it will make your body better, with more stamina to meet the challenges of working and better commitment to nurture mission. After we concluded the following points summarize the principle of hope that we can develop good habits!

1, screen and keyboard should be on your front, should not allow the neck and wrist is inclined state.

2, the top of the screen should be higher than the low level of your eyes, and the screen away from you because of the distance of at least one arm.

3, to sit on the sit up straight, do not sit semi-Ban Tang. Do not let your body to sit straight for the point position.

4, thigh should keep the arm parallel to the previous position.

5, hand, wrist, and elbow should remain concerned about a straight line on the article. Not at any point of the bend.

6, feet flat on the floor should be able to easily or matting.

7, Seat height should be transferred to your elbows bent almost 90 degrees and your fingers can be a natural frame just above the keyboard.

8, the design itself does not care if the chair back curve, you immediately back to buy a nursing pad. Remember to maintain the waist to the back of that curve. Office staff are now sitting in a chair for too long, be regarded as a kind of Dushi Bing. If the sitting of shape it worse.

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