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So that a woman infected with gynecological disease in five living habits

1, washing machine into a new source of gynecological diseases

Washing machine washing is certain bacteria transmitted to the course of the next cylinder clothes, some bacteria even if drying does not necessarily eliminate won, especially tailor-made underwear.

The current automatic washing machine is not easy due to residual water discharge clean, dehydrated trough with a small gap between the sink and other reasons, than a conventional twin-type washing machine is more prone to mildew. Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Fudan University, Professor Kuei-sui-chi said, up to 60.2% of washing machines to detect the fungus inside the tank for women is very dangerous.

In addition, the use of washing machine washing, it is usually to use of enzyme detergent, rinse Debu if clean, is not complete, remains on the bra of enzyme detergent on the right breast will be the erosion of the surface of epithelial cells, pathological changes occur, giving rise to breast Yan.


Washing underwear is best to use hand scrub, use soap, do not use of enzyme detergent. Particularly pregnant women, breastfeeding women, but also should pay attention to. In addition, to develop a scientific habit of avoiding washing laundry is very useful in secondary pollution. First of all, washing machine should be placed in the ventilation and bright place; secondly, separately from washing underwear and coat in order to reduce cross-contamination clothing. Finally, washing clothes, washing machine lid should be opened after the ventilation period of time, so keep dry inside the state, in order to promote volatilization of residual moisture, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and the clothes drying on the outside should immediately come up with, do not stuffy inside.

2, "Night Tribe" female susceptibility to gynecologic oncology

Urban women often Jiaye Ban, if the long-lived "black and white upside down" in life, make the body rhythms of life disorders, neuro-endocrine system dysfunction, estrogen and progesterone imbalances, which may lead to uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer breast cancer from occurring.


To re-set for 24 hours. Long-term night-shift, as long as sleep during the daytime to keep perennial habit, and to achieve the 7 hours of sleep requirements, but also can form their own normal patterns of life. And pay attention to a healthy diet, eat plenty of help to digest food, such as green vegetables, fresh fruit, but also adequate vitamin A. Protection of sleep is also very important to feel in the daytime when the fill as much as possible to create a quiet, dark environment, if there is not suited to the situation, or insomnia should be treated as soon as possible. At the same time, to ensure that on a regular basis to the hospital for examination, so that "early detection and early treatment."

  3, women using the powder-induced ovarian cancer

During the hot summer and autumn, many women like after bath outside the genitals, inner thighs, lower abdomen, armpits, etc. sprinkled with talcum powder. "Health News" has reported that talcum powder induced ovarian cancer, because the lip of the main raw material is talc, and talc is a magnesium oxide, silica, magnesium silicate with "combined" form consisting of inorganic compounds. One is a magnesium silicate asbestos, it is a substance likely to cause cancer. Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peking University Third Hospital, deputy director Guo Hongyan introduced about ten years ago, had seen the relevant literature, but there is no national research in this area.


Try to avoid using talcum powder.

  4, pad sliver lay hidden Gynecology

Many women have thought that the use of pad to avoid direct contact with genitals and underwear will help keep the environment clean perineum. The idea is very wrong, because long-term use pad, easy to breathe bad Erzhi genital infection. In addition, the use of seemingly convenient built-in sliver easily increase the risk of suffering from gynecological diseases, particularly in a long time without replacing sliver more likely to cause vaginal inflammation, and other gynecological diseases.


The best will be only in the menstrual menstruation is approaching the net or the short-term use of pad. Try not to use the sliver, use when the timely replacement, before going to bed be sure to replace the new sliver.

  5, washing liquid washing out gynecological diseases

Right now, the supermarket assortment of cleaning solution for many women that the use of lotion is a good hygiene practices. Reporter learned from Japan Friendship Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 60% to 70% of patients with long-term use due to suffering from vaginal washing fluid.

Currently accepted normal vaginal flora of the most important members of the lactic acid bacteria, their main function is to protect the vagina from the invasion of foreign bacteria, is the vagina "health guards", so often in medicine in the vaginal secretions of the number of lactobacilli to determine the cleanliness of the vagina and vaginal self-cleaning function to judge good or bad. A survey has shown that if the regular use of vaginal washing fluid washing the vagina, Lactobacillus will be less. American scholars observe the 848 married women found that washing the vagina with the vaginal washing fluid of women, is expected to reduce by 30% per month of pregnancy, the reason may be vaginal pH and micro-ecological environment change, the growth of pathogenic bacteria breeding, resulting in a disease the occurrence, eventually leading to infertility.

Recent analysis of foreign scholars in 30 years on women's reports of vaginal washing and found that one or more than once a week washing, could significantly increase the chance of pelvic infection, moderate increase in the risk of ectopic pregnancy, washing more frequently, the risk of pelvic infection will be.

In addition, according to custom or misleading, the unclean sexual intercourse, women mostly wash the vagina with the cleaning fluid, one to prevent pregnancy, and second, fear of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, but medical findings on the contrary. Frequently used cleaning fluid of women suffering from vaginal wash it increased the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, but the sex life after vaginal washing with water there is no danger. Investigation showed that cleaning fluid damaged the vaginal acidity (PH), bacteria will inevitably grow dramatically, therefore increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. The pH of the vagina with water did not change, so will not disrupt normal vaginal flora.


As the normal vaginal flora has a "self-cleaning feature," Under normal circumstances, no need to wash the vagina with the cleaning fluid. Patients suffering from various diseases for therapeutic purposes, in the choice of treatment under the guidance of a doctor washing agent is necessary, but must not be long-term use

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