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Caressing, art preparation sex

Caressing the behavior is normally the first time in adolescence or later fall in love in love many times in the process. Caress, as love or in love when couples both a voluntary act, with much randomness and coherence. Men are generally those who caress the initiative, often in circumstances not help but girlfriend Yongruhuaizhong, sometimes will have sexual impulses. As the affection is generally not assume the responsibility and obligation, it seems to have become all the caressing, when a couple in love will never fade scenery.
Caressing a glass of water, it can ease the thirst of both men and women; caress is a poem, which will allow both men and women immersed in the wonderful memories forever Lane; caress is a painting, it can be used for the world and appreciation of all the couples aftertaste . Couples in foreplay for men and women should be fully enjoyed the freedom and happiness, but there should be a degree of affection. As the saying goes, the truth is the fallacy of a step forward. Caress too. Some in love myself, to caress each other as a means to obtain and purposes, once the break each other's defense, they start to taste the forbidden fruit. In this regard, both men and women should be a clear understanding is in love caressing of the largest degree, is likely to exceed this degree of loss of well-being.

On this issue in sex, men are more intense. When a man faced with women's skin, sex drive will make it possible to overcome reason, as the women must have a clear understanding of this, there is a transition to premarital sex by the caress on this issue, we should always maintain a sense. Doing so, not only to protect themselves, while also won the respect of the other side. If a woman, touching the face of men take the initiative to express their affection, though to meet the requirements of each other, but not the best policy. Because it created such an eventuality, they will think you're frivolous Moreover, once the psychological breakthrough in the last line of defense was that once there will be a hundred times. In this way, a sense of mystery completely disappeared, a man will have a sense of loss, and even a sense of disgust, in the end, lose or themselves. So learn to caress is an art.

First, we should control the caress of time, this could make a man love you more. Delicacies like the same can not let the lovers eat. Secondly, men should be guided gently caress, a strong impulse to avoid each other. If the event of a man could not control the behavior through other means to help resolve.

Pairs of husband and wife, the caress to prepare for sex; couple pairs of couples in terms of affection is just an expression of close and friendly way. As a man, should be to master the skills caress, caressed by a woman to avoid some of the machines, to the temptation and to control your purposes. In a sense, there is a caressing of love above the tightrope, do be careful, do not fall. Caressing is a coin of the two surfaces, both can bring poetic romance, also leads to boring like boring. It is like salt, in the same dishes are indispensable, more will make you annoyed. So, will caress for the unmarried young men and women is indeed a lot of good.

Bring to a man caressing a woman alternative

Female to male genital caress will not be too monotonous, first hand look at the method, in general, hand-holding penis to stretch with the actual movement, especially in the glans penis near the more effective. However, the same action brought by the same stimulus, the lack of fun. Contact with the skin of the penis body parts, or turn in circles stretching movement with sports, doing something, than just a simple knot penis on the part of the stimulus effect is good times. Furthermore, while caressing the penis, the hand can be hand or the lips gently Another oppression genitals.

Among women, it was accidentally found that men's nipples also a result of stimulated erection. Therefore, the male nipple is a good erogenous zone. However, has not yet been developed, can be said that the hidden erogenous zone. Also carried out at the same time to stimulate the penis caress the nipple, allowing men to experience the complex pleasure of women is concerned, is another kind of joy. Stimulation of the penis, in addition to their hands, the women in other parts of the body can also be used. For example: armpit. Armpit itself is a movement will be itching and scratching, as well as armpit hair and body odor, either visual or tactile created on both the full and happy place. To rely on the penis in the armpit, the friction, oppression, the movement will give a strange feeling to stimulate the penis.

Breast stimulation of the penis: the penis is placed between the breasts, but also one of the ways to stimulate the penis. This caress from the male point of view, then, is to stimulate the breast of the action, but standing on women's position is concerned, should be on the penis caress, with each other as the nature of the game features. Do this kind of affection, women must be lying face up. Men, women, sitting cross-chest below the penis on the breasts, between before and after the exercise waist. Men on both sides of the breast by hand pinch the outside of the warmth of the breast will spread to the entire penis. Of course, women lose their breasts can also be hand. Face slightly forward, then lift, women use their tongues lick penis, so that the penis Su Yang. Relative with breast caress the penis, also known as half-length sexual intercourse. Do something a little change, you can also consider the man lying face up on the cross, women prostrate in men's legs, the erection of the penis with the breast to rely on. In the half-length sexual intercourse, the male can experience a sense of conquest.

A man caressing a woman breast techniques

Hand Anrou the entire breast, then lightly draw a circle in the above, when the fast slowly and use a lot of explaining, often for fancy to one climax after another.

In the women's erogenous zone, the only breasts and genitals, tied for the most sensitive areas. More correct to say, not so much breast as it is part of the nipple. Some people have been stimulated, even if the penis is not inserted, only the nipple being caressed the female orgasm can be achieved there.

Although referred to as highly sensitive nipple tape, but the same old with a caressing manner, gradually accustomed to such a stimulus, he will get no sense, so in order to avoid a mere formality, so you should use a variety of stimulation.

First, in terms of general affection, refers to both hands kneading the breast. But not be too forceful. First fingers covered the entire breast, nipple clamping fingers gently caress slowly. Sometimes strong, sometimes weak, like a musical instrument-like.

In addition, not only with the whole hand can also be carried out using only their fingertips caress. The curve of the breast from top to bottom with your fingertips gently touching, gently draw a circle around the nipple. At the beginning of a rapid stroked nipple and then to slowly stroking the nipple. Then gently touching fingertip to the index finger and thumb Qingnie nipple.

At this point, can be slightly faster, the first touch on the right and then turn to the left, should also be noted the extent of its urgency.

Not only just with your fingers, tongue and lips can also be used to caress. The use of lips, you can nibble the nipple with the lips, and then the tongue so that the nipple rotation, also goes to one of the methods.

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