Sunday, January 31, 2010

The more human evolution, a woman more beautiful?

Women around the world, this should be a heartening news. British media recently reported that European scientistsResearchFound that, in the course of human evolution, women are becoming more and more beautiful, but men's looks do not do so change is still the same as their ancestors live in a cave "not attractive."

The study also showed that women, compared with the general appearance, beautiful women, a child born more, and born a child is often a higher proportion of girls. Wait until the girls grow up, they tend to become like their mothers and beautiful and beautiful like to continue to the next.

  More beautiful child birth

According to a series of physical attractiveness and reproductive evolution of research in human reproduction process, the so-called "beautiful race" will continue.

Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland released a report last week, will be the study specific.

Marcus chaired the study, said about carat, the research team on the U.S. 1244 women and 997 men, carried out the relevant data for 40 years follow-up investigation. The appearance of the level of the object of these studies were assessed according to photos at the same time, the researchers also conducted a number of children to their collection. The results showed that appearance of a beautiful woman's fertility than other women, the number of children an average of more than 16%.
  Parents, good-looking girl prone

The published research results based on the previous evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, Kanazawa-chi, based on research done. Kanazawa-chi said that parents are often more attractive appearance, easier to give birth to baby girl, this is "evolution strategy" in the human genes of well-designed.

Kanazawa-chi states that in the "long-term follow-up study of adolescent health project" was found in two: the first finding was that both men and women agree that "even more beautiful women than men"; The second is, if the couples are attractive appearance, Then they gave birth to son, husband and wife less likely than the other 26%.

This project funded by the U.S. government, the researchers surveyed more than 15000 Americans, the data collected, including an objective assessment of their appearance.

"Physical attractiveness is a highly hereditary feature, which disproportionately more on their daughters 'successful replication', rather than the son." About carat, "If looks nice parents have more daughters, while their surface charm can be genetic, then logically speaking, after a few generations, women did become good-looking than men. "

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