Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Improve the degree of 6 clever trick the brain

"Brain generate ideas, concepts produce behavior, act to produce results, the results again changed its mind," Taiwan's National Central University, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Hong-lan tells the brain to shape the cyclical nature. Taiwan's "Healthy" magazine 4 issue of the author, said the brain is not able to shine, the key lies in yourself. Now teach you six ways to the brain is not rusty.

Brain, the more fun, learning, the better. Bring happiness sensory neurotransmitter dopamine, is one of the elements to enhance learning efficiency. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Professor Kenichiro Mogi believes that imitation is the brain important to learning, in particular, is an imitation of their own to appreciate people who can motivate themselves.

Love sports, mind smarter."Brain Alone," the author of Medina pointed out that the Games to make brain cells more oxygen and nutrients, but also increase the nerve growth factor (BDNF) concentrations to help neurons grow. Regular exercise for young people, able to use more cognitive resources assignments, and maintain good results. Recommended to use lunch time to walk, learning and working space, doing the physical activity.

Effort, curiosity, relaxation helps creativity.The brain can not think of something new, do not be into a dead end, doing the other things, take a walk, sleep can be, or to find a separate place to relax, such as the bathroom.

Increased attention to the brain.The first sub-paragraph, in contact with some information, preferably from the beginning to understand the basic concepts of content, step by step to learn, not to Huluntunzao like to learn. Second, multi-purpose can not be bent, if a person operating the process has been interrupted, the error rate would increase by 50%. The third is to stimulate people emotionally, when you speak, about every 10 minutes or so and found that someone else eyes lax, you can use and relevant to the subject of the stories or events that can trigger emotional re-capture their attention.

Understand that the image can help memory.First, focus on recall rate than scattered and often out of the previous review about something, and then adding new information to reflect together, we can all remember the old and new knowledge. The second is to figure out the meaning of information, multi-combination of real-life experiences and examples to understand the topic, it is easy to remember by. Third, the use of pictures advantage, will need to remember the contents of the visualization, or to allow them to create links with each other, more easily memorized. The fourth is to practice.

Sleep will be enough to learn.A half-hour lunch break, you can improve the efficiency of the brain. Everyone according to their own actual conditions used to develop their own sense of rest to sleep a few hours a day comfortable, sleep a few hours, but do not stay up all night

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