Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Love Field physically and men Shuo Ai Mo

Once a woman fall in love, fell in love with the man that made her unable to extricate themselves, whether it is Diamond CEO, or Bae Yong Joon as highly lethal "eyeball" a man, in her eyes would lose their charm and charisma.

As that year, dressed in Chinese clothes Jinyi, Chang Ai-ling fell in love with a noble atmosphere of counterfeit Hulan Cheng, love on the use of shielded Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing's obsession with the many bad habits, do not say his position, knowledge, self-cultivation, single, said his eyes had How many Haikushilan tenderness, keep in mind the number of pull tangled Worry ... ...

It was Eileen Chang as I enjoy the wind flowers and trying to prove to the world the love of the earth shattering to the end but the name of Hu Lancheng to love playing with her body's just a game!

Hulan Cheng is the kind of camouflage are good men, from the beginning, he is the rules of the game, which will eventually also explain the rules of the game, so there, he deceived so many beautiful and intelligent woman of ice. Finally, the 20th century, regarded as a certain number of men, women idols - Zhang Ailing, miserably dead in an apartment in the United States alone, but also after his death was multi-talented neighbor discovery.

At that time, she went to the United States, is due to love, despair, United States, though busy, but it is love that she fled to Buddhism's ideal because she could not forget Hulan Cheng. However, Hu Lancheng it can be a matter of course to go to Japan, of course, to forget her.

For some men, and then Chenyuluoyan woman is nothing but his body just passing.

After your body, do not give you love, but also a very tough battle disguised affection phase, this is the true face of those men.

Therefore, a woman ah, no matter how well you love hot, no matter how you and he has Chouchangbaijie, and regardless of his whispering how well you moved to tears of surplus ran ... ...

Please do not reckless Yishenxiangxu, love the way there are many, Thanksgiving and return the way there are many, using the body romance is the most foolish behavior.

However, there are many owners of the wisdom of a woman will feel that the above view is not too traditional, since love him, why can not Yishenxiangxu it?

The problem is, he Say I Love You represent to marry you?

He said that Haikudanlan, why do you argue for this problem and even red in the face then?

He Say I Love You and loyal for life, why is a platinum diamond ring is the number of karats here?

Even if he said to marry you, he can ensure a lifetime will be right Hello Mody?

If he fake the name of love, if he takes a disguise like the Airflow Hulan Cheng suave, even if you are Chang Ai-ling, not scars will still come to do?

Even so, there are still people will not listen to advice, then if you should feel that he has reached a very good degree of falling in love, there are two kinds of men anyway you want to say to him "no", and should not be discussed --

Middle-aged divorced man fortune to you, woo, you firmly say no!

The man who betrayed you want to go back, we also ask you to firmly told him not to!

Apart from these two men, and his love in your fitness campaign, please be sure to let him answer your three questions honestly --

1. Was it once or a lifetime?

2. If you so happened that the next bear melon vine Lee how to do?

3. Do not want to terminate the pregnancy, how to do?

Estimates that three out of the question asked after the man's face you will see clearly. These three issues have to stating that because men are often confused in advance, after sober. The woman just the opposite, heroic devotion sober before, followed by confused did not say, but also with full of grievances and discontent - the world where a man Zuiteng I go?

However, there are three kinds of exceptions --

1. You do not care about sex, fitness is a lifetime to own, why should they care about it permanence.

2. To bear fruit, they harassed when the mosquito, and can flow to the hospital.

3. If you love to want to provide him with a BB, he is not wanted to be my father, it would always do a good job for single mother prepared.

If these three conditions, you fully considered, and might, and men falling in love with their bodies.

Who says a woman's heart like submarine pin? In fact, only with a man's heart, like the weather, often capricious, especially when he got a woman for the first time since the market situation means that the visibility will be getting lower and lower, love index plunged, Why?

Is very simple, friendly gestures of the woman take the initiative amounts to door delivery. Life, none of us did not come across such a delivery door to sell it? Just think, who never doubted the quality and grade of home delivery then? Usually we do not reject that is, its as fake and shoddy products, if not counterfeit, is authentic, we usually have been consistently refused.

In the men's eyes, even if you Biyuexiuhua, if the active friendly gestures, not as good as his worn out shoes congregation where he was hundreds of times before seeking to recover the treasure, because the process of recovery to the man of fascination and the desire for infinite happiness .

This kind of physical beginning of love, never tired of the body will be to an end.

Man is so sensible, when he felt a woman to lose freshness and appeal to him, he would fast to leave. Either way a woman crying, shouting, eating sleeping pills, attempted suicide, all begging to no avail, only to the future well-being scarred.

Men treat their own lust, as lawyers deal with criminals, knowing that guilt must defend. Moreover, the greatest joy a man this life is to find yourself unable to conquer a woman.

So, woman, if you do ... ... fall in love with a man, please do not hurry with their bodies, and his falling in love, let him maintain a high enthusiasm for your way, is in no hurry to go to bed with him, Put off until tomorrow . In this way, he will be like your enthusiasm peak transit, one wave after wave of unabated.

The fact that experience has taught many women, want to get a man's heart, the more superior method is ambiguous on, let him smoke and mirrors, and not demand. Just think, when a man fascinated by a woman, regardless of her beauty than have Chenyulayan in his eyes, as she can Biyuexiuhua comparable. As a result, it will produce such a chain cycle of men is exerting every effort to recover must attack first, a woman not too grateful, left to hide the right flash, men think that women will be the same as the Bermuda is full of mystery, always want to unlock the mystery of them to.

If you feel insisted before falling in love with their bodies to keep this man, then first of all you have to look at Marilyn Monroe's sexy, If it is really sexy to be called original sin, a woman, that would be great skills, even expensive for President John F. Kennedy, but also an eye for the Monroe ecstatic. If we say "Roman Holiday" and makes stunning Hepburn represents the highest spiritual pursuit of men, then the Monroe represents the highest body of men to pursue such a woman, most likely induced by man's primitive impulses, and life will be bored .

Monroe you do?

Monroe only one.

So, you are not.

It will not be easily and men falling in love with the body, otherwise, would you love to talk about a man lost not say, men in turn will put you as a discount-of-season merchandise disposed of.

Finally there were 20 pieces of advice, single and being in love that girls must remember:

1. Feelings of love with the one-third of men feel love their seven parts, in turn, said the mood with 100% love him, all likelihood is not he.

2. Men are not necessities of life, did not when he is pictorial, much appreciation of hand, adding to a sense of beauty.

3. Save money, or keep a man? Of course, is the former, no matter how old the former will give you what you want surprises.

4. To marry a man like空手套白狼diamond, if the means are not so clever, it will be the wolf gets the scars, because you are not Maggie Cheung, and certainly not Sharon Stone. So, do not dream of the day to do空手套白狼.

5. Men like to read a lot of "magazine," There are two, the first one is a woman's pretty face, the second is a passbook, but the men picked apart on the first type often do not say, but a little food does not taste will be discarded. For the latter, but never obey, never lost their appeal. In order to let him never lost their appeal, and finding ways to become his passbook.

6. Put the body on its own concern and preparation of the house, put heart on her body, rather than a man's bed.

7. Love your work, do not love you, boss.

8. When working with dates conflict, take the former, the former will not disappoint you, unless you are escort lady.

9. Do not provoke a family of men, or else, and no difference between self-immolation.

10. If he says you are his only, do not revel too early, please allow him to produce proof of the civil affairs department, if not, he is the wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, you are his blossoming lamb.

11. Sports can clear the rubbish mood, good health, not sex.

12. Love and cooking is a difficult skill, if conditional, two kinds of skills should be reached a pinnacle, if not in control of both, as appropriate, to take the latter, over the weekend to his soup.

13. Only to have sex without love is your own Fan Jian, even if the 30-year-old unmarried, and do not pessimistically that has fallen to the point where nobody cares about. The best is always late, and focus finale dishes are not always in the final Mody? Men, too.

14. Now popular first love, then love, sex, number of times more, just like love. The speaker was definitely a man, not woman, but must believe that he said this with an ulterior motive.

15. Good men do not seductive, but the cultivation self-cultivation, might as well try to give him a chance to love you.

16. The election of men like the stock election will be down will be up, depends on your luck. However, this need not ask the Wong Tai Sin, with their own eyes and reconnaissance intelligence analysis can be.

17. Lonely, do not bubble with netizens love, if technology impure, beware of the anti by his bubble.

18. The first meeting say men like you like a man having sex escort Miss and unfamiliar, like the purpose of impurity.

19. If a man complained to you and the wife of the marriage, how, when, unfortunately, please do not be he lies packaged sugar-coated bullet hit, it is the development of extra-marital affairs of men the night of the usual tricks.

20. The first arm our minds, and then to face makeup, do not underestimate the benefits of a man you, you will find and buy, difficult to transfer no less than children

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