Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Women's 64 top-secret privacy

1, a woman will be able to tell whether a man likes women.

2, women like to eat something to appreciate a woman's man.

3, a woman like a man capable; of course, if he combines the advantages of humor and careful, they will be extra points.

4, for woman, in Valentine's Day, anniversaries or birthdays and other special occasions will be even better than before it flowers.

5 Speaking of flowers, as can large bunch of flowers sent to her office, will be more with less.

6, kissing time, multi-purpose use your lips, little gentleman.

7, at the same time, try to explore her back, neck and knee after the sensitive parts.

8, although she would like you occasionally nibble her, but as gentle as they constantly Xiang Yeshou bite her, there is only counter-productive.

9, even though the first time you see her naked wild when wearing the belt; also ask you to remember that most of the time she is like to wear a normal white cotton underwear, rather than those weird props.

10, in accordance with convention, a woman does not like to wear high heels.

11 However, if she decides to wear, then, remember you want confidently support women her decision. This means that you will be short even if she was a length, but also would not complain.

12, if you asked her about her ex-boyfriend, her quietly formed the surface of a small contemplative smile, you'd better turn in the immediate topic.

13, remember: you've never been his girlfriend.

14, if how she is not willing to believe that you have no other woman before her, then you have to admit that once had one, but remember to add that neither the woman she was so clever, and no clothes on taste, she is not good , much less know how to cook.

15, it may be more than bragging about yourself how many caring and noble character. You can tell her you are very fond of small animals and children: free time will go to volunteer. Even if you can tell her that the Church is not opposed to using condoms, you could have become the priest!

16, never let a woman alone in a feast.

17, sometimes a woman needs, you do not, but you must not refuse her, or else there will be a terrible precedent. Next time you need, do not begged her to Oh!

18, a woman's cause, with your career is equally important, at least you have to say so.

19, if she is to play fitness, please praised her bodybuilding muscles.

20, when the thousandth time she asked you whether you look fat, you still need to quickly and positively respond to, of course ... ... not. The correct answer is: how can fat does, you do not know how slim! This statement must be put with the letter himself, but this time you definitely can not look at other women one!

21, the first dating taboo: wear too casual, wearing too grand; too early to too late to; talked about themselves.

22, the following questions can help you maintain your relationship, please fill in the correct answer: anniversaries: Birthday: Clothes Size: Shoes Size: Bust Size: Leslie Cheung, Maggie Cheung can say: I am a bird without feet . And successful Piediao her, but you must not.

23, became acquainted with an unfamiliar opposite sex is only a useful introductory remarks: My name is (please fill in your name), miss your name?

24, a month there are always a few days her mood will be particularly irritable, bad-tempered eccentric. Although she is very clear that hormones play, but do not represent the feelings of her unhappiness a result of this understanding be relieved. So please be patient as her.

25, reversed that if your bad mood, you can remind her that you have the right to always let her capacity. However, Do not delusions of this strategy to be successful.

26, it may sometimes she insulted her own friends, but you definitely would not have this right.

27, you are ready to send a woman and laundry, we would certainly very excited. However, women usually receive such a gift, then no you are so excited.

28, you see you with another beautiful woman who slept in the same one, you will find very exciting. Phase back, your woman is absolutely no sympathy.

29, do not over-estimate their wife or girlfriend's bra size, but do not underestimate the size of their sit Wai.

30, wishful thinking does no good for your relationship.

31, for one will be with their mother or sister of comparison, competition, woman, you'd better get out of.

32, for a mother or sister with their own love each other a woman, you must not let go.

33, women hate lying man.

34, women like to have many good friends man.

35, regardless of your secret and quick glimpse of how a woman will know when a man's eyes swept her chest.

36, the second date when the taboo: Please refer to the first taboo, plus avoid thinking that you can now qualify with her hair developmental system.

37, any time, with more than a woman shopping, you will consume more than 17 hours of the original can be used for sleep time.

38, contrary to general belief, the original attraction of a slovenly man, with a slovenly woman, like so low.

39, women always want men in charge of closing dinner.

40, when you argue with her knowing that you are still not going to win, then why do you still have to argue it?

41, anyway, how to argue with a woman, you will be to no avail.

42, a good woman priceless gift received, whether the gift is still worth anything, still the same fun.

43, women spent on hairdressing, dry cleaning, and so the matter of expenditure often than men, and this has made women very unhappy.

44, but a woman on a quarterly basis are subject to spend more money for the wardrobe seasonal uniform changes, which reckon they are very excited.

45, you are with a woman Dadehuore, both sides are in full swing each other amidst rapid breathing, tear off each other's clothes, twisting to make groups, the side of the bed. If your companions suddenly then whispered Whisper: Daddy! You should immediately get away. This woman, you still provoke little better.

46, love at first sight for a woman is a very romantic thing, in theory should be very attractive to them, but actually put into action, but often they will frighten away.

47, sends a love that she inadvertently had said something than you can send any of the Cartier buy a gift twice as good because it shows that you want to hear her speak at.

48, However, if it happens this gift bought by Cartier is even more perfect.

49, for a woman for a vacuum cleaner, an iron, a microwave oven or if a vegetable machine will never be a perfect gift; at best can only serve as a confidence that she was not a gift.

50, a woman may represent a good and sometimes not; but she definitely is not is not. So when you find the first time she was dating, she began to random ordering, absent-minded, looking at a loss, and suddenly leave his seat, said to go to the toilet, you should know that she is not going to come back in.

51, the third dating taboo: Please refer to the first and second taboo, and then remember not to dwell on how you do not like children, or how much you like them, how would like to have children immediately. These topics, or the less better.

52, Women and men are fellow human beings, so you have more to ask about her own thing and let her own organic talks, then the impression that she would be better for you.

53, the vast majority of women are not like playing golf, fishing, playing cards and other gadgets, but the vast majority of men have at least more than a hobby. This is because we can be found by a woman's not interested, stolen a half-day idle, out of a woman's intervention, enjoy drinking, as well as talk about a woman by.

54, never Do not ask a woman why would you angry, she would for your ignorance even more annoyed.

55, when you first ask why a woman did not respond to your phone, and she still be accepted; but again asked, Chi will feel you are interfering in her.

56, if you still rage Hui ю Temple Lang tango a woman can make you handy; If you are married, it is still as effective as

57, do not arbitrarily introduce or buy a new brand of perfume to a woman, otherwise she would doubt the likelihood of this experience, she was required to fully prevent from another woman.

58, less than 0.5% of men can not gentlemanly to still attracted to women, but all over a 25-year-old woman in this limit Lex only.

59, whether you have confidence in their skills more, do not show off you and your companions to people how good a kiss.

60, love does not mean you can not say I'm sorry, conversely, mean that you have to love again and again, that, and to constantly come up with new ways for patterns. Whether you like it or not, every day, weekly, monthly, or even every year you are still going to say, until one day God's mercy, will you recall it around, do you can Detuo Oliver.

61, after the first date continued to give her a small gift is the most romantic thing to do.

62, a girl who grew up in a family will bring you more interest.

63, a woman more than two pairs of brothers, you will be more tolerable haphazard.

64, finally, no matter how many years it took to try to understand a woman, regardless of your Floyd (freud), said more familiar with psychology, but regardless of whether you have all the above points recite the woman is for you , will always be a mystery.

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