Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do more sit-ups can prevent gynecological diseases

According to experts, physical fatigue, abnormal standing, sitting posture, as well as the waist too tight, etc., will deter the meridian, can lead to poor blood, lumbar muscle strain and back pain occurs. Many women lack of physical exercise, especially the lack of movement of the lower abdomen proper training, coupled with often sit in the office one day, the pelvic poor blood back and slowly began to chronic pelvic congestion, resulting in a reduced ability of pelvic part of local resistance was followed by pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, women should be regular activities the waist, so that psoas can stretch.

Experts suggest that a female friend in life and work should pay attention to what every other period of time to get some muscles, doing the squat stand and other appropriate activities, to avoid the occurrence of pelvic congestion. At the same time can strengthen the movement against the lower abdomen exercise, such as doing sit-ups a day, activities such as squatting to stand for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Studies have shown that sit-ups able to exercise abdominal muscles, and better protect the intra-abdominal organs; groin there are many capillaries and points, do sit-ups can stimulate acupuncture points of these blood vessels and accelerate the speed of blood flow; supine from You can also sit back and stretch muscles, ligaments and spine, regulating the central nervous system, thereby improving the body's disease resistance

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