Sunday, January 24, 2010

Four major reasons behind the war of modern family

Argument seems to be an inevitable phenomenon of married life, the reasons are varied-induced. According to the United States, a survey found that caused the couple "war" most important "fuse" is a children's problems. Survey, the average per couple quarrel once every two days. They argue that the most relevantChildrenProblems, such as who should care for their children, who should educate their children and parents will give her children what kind of bad habits and so on. Shopping andThe allocation of household chores such as houseworkIs caused by the second cause of marital quarrels. FollowedCommunication问题. In addition, the couple will be because of his spare time, relatives, work and friends and other issues cause disputes.

However, the quarrel between husband and wife can achieve the harmony of life will be more sweet and more.How can we achieve harmony and argue it?

1, noisy one, and praise five times

German scientists have developed a preservation formula of marriage: Every time you and your partner after an argument, you should look for opportunities to commend him five times. This will not only let him cool down, find psychological balance, but also make him feel valued in order to consolidate your love.

2, to avoid the child

British children, schools and Family Affairs Minister of State Beverly - Hughes said earlier, the couple quarrel in front of children the children the pressure and influence far beyond their imagination.

English two-year "good childhood" survey shows that compared with their parents, children, pay more attention to family harmony. 70% of the children that the family of the most important thing is the parents together, love each other, get along well, but only 30% of adults hold this view.

Thus, Hughes said that parents should be aware that the child's sense of security to a large extent from the parent relationship. Encounter problems, parents should not hide their children, it is important "to show them the confidence to solve the problem and are working together worked for," and not in front of the children on a row over some issues.

3, the arguments have to pay attention to skills Do not speak the words of hurt feelings

Perhaps because he does not like doing household work, perhaps too much nagging her, life will be in bit by bit so that in daily life contradictions between husband and wife, quarrels between men and women have become a commonplace. However, according to expert studies, occasional quarrels in life, not only not hurt feelings, but to the great benefit the health of both men and women, however, psychological experts said that this quarrel is also a skilful, if any, is absolutely not easily openings, in particular, "divorce" word.

4, the arguments should not be very sensitive to personal attacks bring up old debts

Although the quarrel useful, can not be complacent against the other half from the furious. Quarrel is indeed able to vent their emotions after the emotional response is more robust, but in the argument, some Koubuzeyan wounding words but it also had the feelings of the murderer could be strangled

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