Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lack of harm to women feel more

Scientists found that lack of perception of the harm caused to women more than men.

The study found that women, if lack of sleep, the body and heart disease-related changes in two kinds of chemical substances significant. 8 hours of sleep time for women, the inflammation markers interleukin -6 were significantly lower than women who slept seven hours. Interleukin -6 is one of the indicators of coronary heart disease. The sleep time is only 5 hours or less of women, their indicators of cardiovascular disease in vivo high-sensitivity c-reactive protein were significantly increased.

At the same time, the researchers found that men who lack sense, these two changes of chemical substances is not obvious.

These findings further evidence that 78 hours per night is ideal for maintaining a healthy sleep time; sleep a short time, will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease risk, and that the link between men and women, significant differences exist between .

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