Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cucumber can be cooked before eating dinner to lose weight

Summer, and crisp, refreshing cucumber has become first choice for many people Jieshu appetizer. However, the vast majority of them are based on raw food mainly dip soy sauce, mixed salad. However, Gotanda West Side Hospital Nagaya constitution, however, recommends everyone, cucumber heated more conducive to healthy eating.

Cucumber is rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, carotene and potassium, also contains ingredients to inhibit cancer cell reproduction. Therefore, from a nutritional point of view, is very suitable for everyone, one of the long-term consumption of vegetables.

However, cucumber is a cool foods, ingredients, 96% of the water, getting rid of body heat with a heat cured detoxification role. Traditional Chinese medicine believe that cold foods are not conducive to the circulation of blood, will impede the metabolism, causing various diseases. Thus, even in the hot summer, constitutional president of longhouses still suggest that you put cucumber heated for consumption, not only to retain its swelling effect, but also to change its cool of a sexual nature, to avoid all adverse physical health effects of .

The best way to eat cooked cucumber cucumber directly to cooking, although with minor taste worse than frying, but the nutritional value can be well preserved, and can ease the swelling phenomenon of the summer. Eat cooked cucumber is the most appropriate time before dinner, we must pay attention to eating other food before eating. Because cooking cucumber has a strong detoxification effect, if the first to enter the body can then absorb the food into fat, salt and so on with body. Adhere to this approach, but also play a role in lowering body weight. Moreover, the cucumber soup is also a good choice

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