Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jie Mi woman with a little secret hidden

Some things, if you do not take the initiative to say it, it may never be understood each other, but if you take the initiative to show if they did not appear he had been too secret - this is contradictory woman Oh! So, when we want to live a more liking the cake when you can always hide some small secret, hoping that "he" can carefully enough to be discovered. If he see through our little minds it not a sweet to share. Come and count, which is there inside your hidden secret.

All the married woman her husband would be right to keep some little secrets, or to maintain a sense of mystery, or in order to reduce family disputes. But if these little secret by her husband know, really imagined wife so bad? I am afraid not, perhaps will greatly enhance the understanding between husband and wife, and to avoid further marital distress. In fact, in everyday life, in addition to following a few, the married woman is also more that can not be imagined hidden little secret, waiting for men to get them all to explore.

1, women purchase clothing for themselves, their real price more often than not to tell her husband to be as expensive as 20%. It sounds like a classic TV series plot, but that is not pure fiction. "Sometimes I buy a piece of clothing, swipe credit cards to pay half the cash to pay the other half, so my husband would not know the true price of the clothes."

2, for a woman, the marriage is both a fascinating thing it makes one nervous. Many girls from childhood dreams have a handsome suitor, a wonderful wedding dressed in a white wedding, the next is a happy marriage. However, these go into real life, wants women to put their own lives and another man closely linked, they all seemed nervous of. "In the beginning when the idea of marriage makes me very fascinating,"

3, no matter how a woman's own independence, still want to be her husband's meticulous care. Woman hopes husband is a sensitive and meticulous, full of compassion 21st century male, can get their meticulous care. This means that women want men in the family has a good performance, know how to repair cars, helped take a suitcase while on vacation. If the performance of a very macho man, even if the weight is only 110 pounds, will still make the women feel very insecure Xiaoniaoyiren.

4, a woman afraid of becoming like their mother哈哈. A woman is love, respect and gratitude for their mothers, and that his mother is the greatest woman on the planet. However, women are often reluctant to become like their mother哈哈. This is why a man of a woman deeply hurt the sentence, "You look like your mother is different." In addition, much worse than this sentence is, "You look like my mom, like," because it conveyed a woman a man has Oedipus complex information, so that doubts about ---- a man to marry a woman you are because you like his mother. Therefore, men, in any event not to wife and mother of one another to make any comparison.

5, women want a man a little jealousy, but as long as a little bit of nothing more. Woman he wanted to arouse a man's attention and interest. The face of the street boy to his wife, cast a warm eyes, the husband produced a slight jealousy will make a woman feel loved by her husband, and with care. But please do not devote too much men hate one another, reflect the enrichment of a few too many, this will make a woman feel very uncomfortable.

6, women and close friend of the talk of the language, unlike the men, the fear so bad. Yes, women like to talk and close close friend, such as a recent family quarrel, complaining about her mother, to occupy all the leisure time of husband's hobby dissatisfied. But the woman never told a close friend of her husband's privacy, or when the death of his father how do you sobbed and broke down in tears in her crook of the arm, which are too private, can not close friend to share things.

7, women will notice and appreciate a man doing chores. However, women living on the family why not enough recognition given to a man? This is because men do not want to do a woman can not tolerate the same time, related to housework. Anne's husband, for example due diligence on keeping the room carpet clean, frequent use of vacuum cleaners, this naturally she was very satisfied. At the same time, placed on the carpet for a variety of furniture and equipment, but he never go to Shan about the dust. Woman thinks she is doing housework is the only correct way, which is why many men do not want to shoulder the burden of one of the major causes of household. Women often complain that the wrong man home, do not give them the opportunity to do it again correction

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