Sunday, January 31, 2010

Play on the computer must know the 5-point health knowledge of the

Many people will have this kind of situation, facing a computer over time, not only painful eyes, dry skin, neck, waist and legs become sore unbearable ... ... In fact, it and we play on the computer when some incorrect habits related to The following 5-point suggested that it might help to you.

  Play the computer Do not cross your feet

Comfortable sitting position should be suitable. General computer under the table at right angles formed at the knee; thighs and back form a right angle; arm at the elbow at right angles. Scapula leaned back, the shoulders down, chin will not close to the neck, the distance between eyes and the screen should be 40-50 cm. In addition, the computer chair height is very important, Seat fraction harder, a high degree of order can naturally bend the knee or slightly to the lean forward 90 degrees, feet flat on the ground is suitable. The center of the display installed on the same level with the chest line, there is enough room under the seat put his legs stretched, do not cross feet, so as not to affect the blood circulation.

  With an Eye to 1 hour and 10-minute break

After 1 hour continuous operation should be a break of 10 minutes. Frequent changes in posture, back through to the back of a chair, head thrown back, look up to the ceiling, Shengelanyao is also a good pleasure. In addition, physical activity usually is necessary to strengthen and enhance the physical, is also an active campaign to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of computer a panacea for the many stairs, adhere to a daily exercise for at least half an hour.

  Avoid direct light display

Computer takes too long, eye fatigue, dryness, congestion, and vision loss. The best way is to rest, not continuous operation. Interior lighting should be appropriate and must not be too bright or too dark to avoid direct exposure to light on the monitor and interfere with the light. If the eyes feel dry, itching, eyes closed up and rest a few minutes first, and then opened, do not rub the eyes with his hands, and then trickle-suited to their constitution eye drops, and then turn a blind eye a few minutes, the situation would be somewhat alleviated .

  A complement-dimensional protein

In the display before the long working hours, the retina of the rhodopsin would be consumed mainly by the rhodopsin of vitamin A synthesis. Therefore, computer users should eat carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, as well as milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement the human body, vitamin A and protein. To more drink some tea and tea polyphenols and other active substances in the resistance to radioactive material would be beneficial.

  Computer table, put the wooden comb

Computer users should ensure that adequate sleep, regardless of how tense, as far as possible every day of 8 hours of sleep, and to ensure quality of sleep, so that the circulation of the cerebral cortex timely adjustments. Put a wooden table in the computer combs, wooden comb, comb the hair when used, can achieve the effect of head massage to help relieve brain fatigue

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