Sunday, January 31, 2010

Analytical staff uses four health

Fingers, hands, wrists of human born with "health instrument," but most people have no knowledge of such resources wasted. The United States "Prevention" magazine article, summed up his hands the little-known four kinds of health protection.

Hand to measure food intake

When dining out, food overload is the main reason leading to excessive caloric intake. The easiest way to control appetite is to use the palm to measure. A quantity of meat or fish, the best is about as big as your palm. The ideal of a dessert is about the size of the thumb. A fresh fruit is about the size of a fist. A stir-fry, rice is the amount of the palm should be up by Sheng Qu amount.

Temperature Forecast heart with your fingers

The study found that heart disease before obvious symptoms occur, the signal has been seen on a finger.

Specific prediction method: The blood pressure cuff wrapped around the arm, when the cuff inflated, the flow of blood to reduce hand, fingers temperature drop. After 5 minutes, release the cuff, the finger temperature recovery faster, more heart healthy.

Pressing the wrist to prevent motion sickness

Long-distance travel by car in when the press inside the wrist between the two tendon Neiguan (palm under the three-finger width Office) to help prevent motion sickness.

With "five fingers comb" to help hair care

A finger on the forehead at the hairline, from front to back combing their hair, and breath. Repeat 10 times a day, can stimulate the growth of hair follicles, so the hair becomes more thick

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