Friday, January 22, 2010

Men's sexual health needs attention taboo

In daily life, the majority of men do not wash the penis every day parts of the good habits. Feudal habits due to the impact of washing only by women receiving lower body, while 80% of the men ended with a daily Zeyi feet.
We know that the penis around the sweat glands, skin glands and subcutaneous fat is abundant, adult men have thick pubic hair distribution, the fact that many men like to wear tight-fitting briefs, so to make the penis is always in the dark and damp, airless conditions, it is easy Kurano Gouwu. When the poor man, when the physical possession of the penis Department of bacteria and viruses to take advantage of upward against the urinary tract infection, induced urethritis, epididymitis, Vesiculitis and other diseases. If the urinary tract obstruction occurs, the bacteria can infect the kidney and further upstream, causing pyelonephritis and other diseases, if a long period of bacterial contamination state of the penis, penis glans coronavirus infection in the formation of bubbles after the stimulus scale will induce penile cancer, according to statistics, Men's penis wet diagnosis, dermatitis, ringworm and other diseases, but also quite a number.
In addition, some married men have dirty sex habits, and this is a bad women's vagina to stimulate, in sexual life, will bring the woman of bacteria, resulting in the woman suffering from vaginitis and chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion, resulting in cervical cancer.
Therefore, maintaining male genitals clean, for his sexual partner's health and their own health are extremely important

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