Sunday, January 31, 2010

Favorite parents do 11 stupid things

1. Kids want to Wanni Ba, we said: dirty, and not allowed to play!

Note: Deprivation of a child playing with right snuffed a child playing with nature, blocking a child's perception of things, reduce the child's exploration of space

2. Kids want to eat, we said: Gaode everywhere; meals are cold ... ... Mama Hello!

Note: the child's self-awareness, the child's practical ability have thus been strangled

3. The child a bit uncomfortable, we said: Baby, we go to the hospital, like a pin dot! Doctor, with the point of good medicine!

Note: We are blind and ignorant child to be a direct result of the lack of resistance of the glass man, let him suffer even more pain and suffering and medical trauma, to make the world more than the number of drug-resistant and incurable disease

4. Kids want their own dishes, we say: Do not dirty clothes; water so ice; Do not bowl broken ... ...

Note: children's eyes is like the original game work, because you, happy labor has become a grind, limb muscle atrophy, there is no masculinity.

5. Children to school, and we say: You have to learn, listen to the teacher, then do not Luanjiang do not know ... ...

Note: children did not dare ask why, for fear the teacher said that students are afraid joke; kids only know that acceptance, conformity, there is no creativity, not even their own views and ideas

6. Child that Mom and Dad, I grew up, still need to do whatever point of the matter, we said: good boy, you read good books on the line, do not you do anything.

Note: A foster child a sense of responsibility the opportunity to do an indomitable male (female) sub-han you the opportunity to have thus been extinguished in the bud, grow into a shy person, an irresponsible person

7. Children learn well, we say: You know mom and dad for you, how much pain to eat? You eat well, and put on and what not to do, why even books read well, you're a disgrace to our face! Had known ... ...

Note: In a child mind, they do not see love, they think you have to pay for all the original only a transaction, he was just the parents of private property is a tool for parents, family line Bale

8. Kids do not know through what channels the thought of Thanksgiving, he say to you: Mom and Dad I love you, you have worked hard! We say: what is love love, you love what means? Read good books, obedient is the best love.

Notes: Love the original is such a materialistic, realistic and cruel! The seeds of love did not blossom had withered; capacity for love was not formed to combat;

9. Children learn good, bad temper, too lazy surprisingly, we say: all right, like big, and only need to learn good and what does not matter.

Note: We forget that a person must be an adult of adult reasoning, we have forest for the trees, their children healthy personality development of arbitrary violation of

10. The child is really finally grew up, he tall than you, but nothing will do, what did not wanted to do, he's eating your top university! At this time we have run out, we said: When he became a family, with wife and kids we're OK, but you find As more and more trouble, more and more!

Note: For v. No one can say, regret, regret intestines are blue in! Or simply be a "Xianglinsao"

11. Or his diploma higher than you, you more than make money, but impress your kids with you, or even Buzhuo home, we say: This is a generation gap, the children told us there is no common language.

Note: But, Do you have no remorse, this is how sad: We are hard to rear a child on our only obligation, but a lack of warmth! We could have children and grow up together, we could have children and friends, so that children to be happy, so that their own happiness

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