Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teach you nine ways to speed up fat-burning

World Wide Web, according to reports, want to speed up the metabolism? Try these tips to get the best results.

  1, water

Dehydration will slow metabolism rate, and dehydration of people often confuse hunger and thirst and to add extra calories.

  2, snack

In between the two meals to eat some sweets, can prevent over-eating when the meal. However, we must pay attention to your snack is healthy: You can select those nutritious foods, such as peanut butter. Purdue University research shows that people eat sticky snacks will feel better after the eat.

  3, to avoid the pressure

Pressure will lead to a decrease in muscle slow down metabolism, so try to use some yoga moves to relieve stress.

  4, increasing outdoor activities

Studies have shown that weight loss benefit of vitamin D, but not better than the sun bathing the way of the D vitamin supplements. Of course, do not forget to smear enough sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.

  5, multi-vitamin supplements C

Experimental results show that vitamin C helps burn fat. The best time to add at least 75 mg of vitamin C. Half a grapefruit contains 44 milligrams of vitamin C. Most fruits contain more vitamin C, also contain more fiber, which is also good for burning fat.

  6, walked up and down

Even if you do not participate in any fitness club, you can also burn calories through daily activities. If you go to work in the office, then take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the stairs the speed of calories consumed nearly twice as many other activities. If it is sitting in office all day, but also do not forget to stand up and walk around walk around from time to time.

  7, muscle training

  8, multi-smile

Laugh! Jokes! Entertainment of others! No matter what you do, laugh to accelerate your metabolism, help you burn 10 calories at least.

  9, drinking green tea

The study found a cup of green tea can accelerate post-exercise fat oxidation, increase insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance

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