Sunday, January 10, 2010

There affair of people mostly from the genetic ancestors?

A construction site under construction, careless one brick falling from above, smacked a three passers-by happened to the men and found: a single, one divorced, there is no one to leave, but having an affair.

This may be just a joke, it could reflect a serious social problem, and now "home blooming with wild flowers outside the Pan raises" man more and more.

Someone has a statistical, "an affair" is the word has been and "The Divorce", "quit", "buy a house" and "stock" just like today's urban white-collar workers have become the dinner of various parties highest frequency vocabulary. As long as a bunch of women get together cackle, it is estimated the final did not say her husband (even if no have to guess something bold) and other men's affairs is never let go of!

So, what is happen? How do I give it a precise definition of the next? How to determine your other half has been faithless?

Affair refers to one of the marital relationship with someone who is other than a spouse super-friendship relationship, also known as extra-marital affairs derailed. English called the Affair, is derived from Latin adulterium, meaning there is damage to reputation. Depending on the definition of an affair slightly different field of study, in the sociology dictionaries, an affair that is sexual intercourse (adultery) behavior, are the kind of extra-marital sex; if only "thinking or behavioral infidelity" without the actual sexual contact, to be called the spirit of having an affair. Law, sexual relations is seen as an essential element in an affair, this sexual relationship is the spouse of a married person occurs with non-voluntary sex.

As long as couples, once the climate suitable circumstances permit, there is the possibility of an affair, but all aspects of the survey, most of Shoushenruyu wife, active derailed only a small minority, the husband of men and women on the general lack of self-regulation, the chances of mistakes is clearly larger.

Two years ago, Shanghai has done a love and marriage research institutes such a survey and found that the following 14 kinds of men are most prone to having an affair: 1. A rich, powerful men 2. For a man dissatisfied with his wife, 3. Merry, "Don Juan" and the intelligence field players 4. The company's boss or supervisor 5. his wife has "become old," the forty to fifty-year-old man. 6. His wife is in the male during pregnancy and childbirth 7. Family had a "big woman ism" man. 8. To withstand misfortune such as unemployment or demotion of men 9. The pursuit of romance or seeking to stimulate the male 10. White-collar men 11. Frequent or long-term travel outside of the men 12. Premarital sexual experience of men 13. Circle of friends in the Some people have an affair of men 14. parents have had an affair of men.

Finally a little bit mean, previously only known from the tall and looks genetic, can not think of even engaging in extramarital affairs, there are genetic. Foreign scholars study found that Anyone extra-marital affairs, their parents or grandparents generation most likely have also experienced extra-marital affairs, therefore, obtained an affair with a genetic conclusions. This is not referring to genetic physical, but psychological heredity, according to analysis, mainly because the next generation of the previous generations of people revenge or compensation.

However, married men having affairs, they have to analyze specific issues. After daybreak, said a break-up, but also broke up before dawn every day, of course, more is not breaking up after dawn, if only the former two cases shows that this man is only one night romantic pursuit of pleasure, is seeking a purely physical Huan, as long as do not get sexually transmitted diseases, but also not too late to remedy the situation. If the husband's unit to work overtime every day, mobile home on the pass, read the deleted text messages, anti-wear regular underwear, then sounding the alarm, and hinder the development of short-growth stage of the betrayal and Crooked Hearts, dew mandarin duck-turned-mistress lover, it means that生米煮成熟饭, there beside the couch of the sleep of others, and once formed, "encircling the cities from rural areas," the unfavorable situation, between husband and wife set up a long-term strategic cooperative partnership maybe at stake

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