Sunday, January 31, 2010

13 kinds of healthy living habits so that you become young

Our bodies need long-term care to heart, here you introduce 13 kinds of healthy habits, healthy beauty you easy day.

1. Eat breakfast: You can the young one-year-old, mainly to add fiber and fruit, as rich in fat hamburger or a potato cake, and non-inclusive.

2. Have a good sex life: young 6-year-old, high-quality wholesome sex life will also help emotional stability.

3. Weightlifting: young 7-year-old, two times a week, every 20 minutes, can be strengthened by bones, improve morale, but also slender.

4. A small drink once a day: the young 9-year-old, small drink a glass of beer, wine (red, white can) and cocktails to help heart health, but be careful the amount of daily consumption of only a small cup, do not drink too much, Instead, the burden caused by the heart or blood vessels.

5. Laugh: young 7-year-old, often laughing, can reduce anxiety, mood relaxed, reflected in the face or heart, naturally, much younger.

6. Class: young 5-year-old, learning the new curriculum may be the young people's hearts Reply years of memories, and thus is also reflected in the appearance of the young feeling.

7. Trotted half an hour a day: young 3-year-old, this is a good fitness.

8. Enough sleep: young 3-year-old, there should be laws and the maintenance of good quality, the best sleep 7 hours a day, quality of sleep allows the body naturally produce more growth hormone, while the growth hormone is the most important anti-aging chemical composition of .

9. Eat more fruits and vegetables Grain: Young 4 years old.

10. Eat less meat, oils and fats: young 6 years old, consumption should be more control, especially saturated fat intake should be maintained at less than 20 grams per day.

11. Flossing: young 4-year-old to study at home found that periodontal disease and the immune system, cardiovascular disorders and there is a big relationship, the effective use of dental floss, you can prevent periodontal disease, thereby reducing immune disorders, or other heart diseases问题.

12. Sports: young 4-year-old, at least 1 hour a week of intense exercise such as jogging, hiking, stair climbing and the like, and can strengthen the body and myocardial vascular function.

13. Aware of their physical symptoms (warning signs): the young age of 12, prevention is better than cure, understanding physical health, and early prevention or treatment are exempt from the disease may worsen.

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