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Brown sugar, white skin moisturizing beauty allows you to

The well-known Japanese art of beauty can be a long time master of fertile Mr. Chuan Back to Basics from the Edo period often used the "brown sugar detoxification freckle" method to get inspiration, after many years of research SECRETBABE laboratory had successfully extracted in a special brown sugar whitening substance "molasses."

 BrownDetoxThe reason

Perhaps you have such experience, naughty children have been bee stung, the wound immediately become red and swollen, pain, tough, anxious parents of some brown sugar, melted painted red and swollen Department, a short while it will relieve pain and redness will gradually retreat. Cold, dry fall and winter, the skin will be a result of dehydration and the bodyItchingWhen using brown sugar, water and polishedCleaningThe skin, you can effectively reduce the dry, itchy feeling.

For thousands of years, brown sugar with a detoxificationMoistureThe role of including women and children. This special role of brown sugar, mainly due to its natural ingredients.

Brown sugar, also known as brown sugar is a sugar cane stalk juice grasses made by refining the red crystal.ResearchFound that, sugar cane, this perennial herb, both inside and outside the body is a treasure. It contains a variety of essential amino acids such as lysine, etc., as well as malic acid, citric acid, etc., are synthetic human proteins, support the metabolism involved in the activities of human life, one of the essential foundation for the material; In addition, the sugar cane sauce, Zhejing also rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C, etc.ResearchPersonnel from sugarcane pulp to extract the "molasses" actually belongs to a kind of polysaccharide. Studies have shown that its animalCancerInhibited and have potent antioxidant. Cane syrup are more contained stigmasterol, benzene, alcohol and other oil-steroidal anti-oxidation of natural substances, byExpertValidation, these substances for theAgingHas a significant role.

Japanese beauty industry to spend huge sums each year on China's private formula for in-depth studies to try to find a safe and effective beauty with new methods, in recent years, Japanese researchers from China and Japan during the Edo period the Cuban side commonly used Back to Basics "brown sugar detoxWhiteningTherapy "to get inspired by the natural ingredients of the brown sugar and pharmacological analysis, found that brown sugar extracted from the natural ingredients used in the whitening efficacy of laser than the popularFreckle, Acid Quban methods such as more safety, efficacy more thoroughly. To restore the healthy cells, truly whitening start from the cells.

 Cells were "poisonous," I do not fear

The human body through metabolism, useful substances are absorbed, but also produce some waste and toxins, the environment in vehicle emissions, air pollution, pesticides and environmental pollution caused by chemical substances, chemicalDrugsToxic side effects,FoodThe application of additives on the human body, "unlimited" interference, have formed outside of the poison. Toxins accumulate in the body can occur long after the bodyDisease; Toxins accumulate in the skin cells, then the formation of skin problems, such as pigmentation, acne, loss of elasticity, drying and so on.

The key is to solve the problem of skin detoxification of cells, brown sugar, contains a special ingredient, "molasses", with a powerful "detoxification" effect, can an excessive amount of melanin derived from the dermal layer, through the body's lymphoid tissues, excreted from the the source to prevent melanin formation. In addition, the brown sugar in the inherent in-carotene, riboflavin, niacin, amino acids, glucose and other components of the cells with potent anti-oxidation and repair effect, enabling the growth of skin cells quickly after detoxification to avoid pigment rebound, really do to start from the cells whitening.

Brown sugar detox - safe and effective

Principles of brown sugar detoxification from thousands of years ago, the ancient beauty side, after Japanese researchers on the brown sugar, natural ingredients and pharmacological analysis found that brown sugar extracted from natural ingredients "molasses" has detox whitening effect. Because it can enterToxicCells, would be an excessive amount of melanin derived from the dermal layer, through the body's lymphoid tissues, excreted at the same time, "molasses," the strong antioxidant able to conduct a thorough repair damaged cells, restoring healthy cells. Both detoxification also repair, from the source to prevent the generation of melanin is "brown sugar, white slip detoxification Series" can be beauty in the Japanese industry and the arts sector, caused a sensation, one of the most important reason

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