Sunday, February 28, 2010

When the effects of exercise to lose weight the best?

How kind of difficult to lose weight successfully, even if the weight training camps in the devil-like efforts, finally slim down, yet, once let down, weight quickly reinstated the status quo ante, and even more emphasis on As to the original weight.

As there is no overweight people to lose weight, it may more difficult, because, long the person without excessive body weight, mostly lean organizations, the energy to maintain daily physical activity is also required for the basic heat with the consumption of a balanced state. When human activities, the heat will probably be consumed before the body burn carbohydrates, namely sugar, then will turn to fat and protein, while the protein off than fat are not easily used as a fuel for the body heat. Did not meet criteria for overweight people, due to body fat percentage was not high, so weight loss is certainly not easy, but also may cause excessive weight light and affect health.

 Do some exercise before dinner:

More than most people would eat dinner a little more rich, to comfort to the hard work day; plus lunch and dinner is often a barrier between the long time, under the instigation of hunger, will eat more common. After dinner, most people will sit down and watch television, read on the bath to sleep, the result? Eat things in the heat consumption, low physical activity, almost all the weight into a store, and so long down, strange if it is not fat!

Suggesting here that you came home from work the first thing is to do first point of moderate exercise and then eat, so you can adjust the appetite. If you are a family bus can also be a stop or two stops early and get off to brisk walking and then walking home in a way so as to achieve the purpose of moderate exercise.

  Shi Yao exercise before meals to do better?

Pulse number of the maximum pulse count of about 70%, maintaining 10-15 minutes. "Hurry" is the best exercise before meals.

In order to avoid blood sugar before meals, exercise will be too low to cause syncope, around 3:30 p.m. each day must eat some dim sum "is about calorie control in between 150-250 calories".

 Bedtime exercise can speed up weight loss

Why is bedtime exercise can produce a good effect? This is because the movement of heat generated by combustion of the role will not be restored as soon as the end of the exercise is not exercise the heat consumption. Generally speaking, within a few hours after exercise in the heat consumption will be higher than those without pre-exercise an hour a few cards to dozens of cards. Think about it two hours after eating dinner Sports 30 minutes, and then a bath, then bed, then even to sleep, and she still continues to lose weight, wow! This is a wonderful thing ah

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A woman with the most primitive way of attracting men

For men, the women are all very nice to enjoy things, but is best to use the nose to appreciate.

To appreciate a woman with the nose

I would like to use the nose to the memory or contact with a woman. I sum up a woman to enjoy the best way is to walk behind her, a slight bow, the wind blowing through her neck gently circulated atmosphere, a little taste if not, had the second best and smell the flavor of the hair, if hair have no taste, had to circle around to see her face, but also greatly increase the chances of disappointment. Some female human body Yi Xiang, Do you want to hear it impossible that such a woman is difficult to forget, it is difficult to work with her nose was constantly harassed, the brain also follow an idle speculation.

So the smell should be fairly primitive sexual attraction, because the original, I think it is more than the art of visual stimuli, particularly in the face of numerous familiar or strange day, a woman and spoke with could not have hit it off, why not the original direct Smell the way, then leave without having to build the face of beauty and ugliness, knowledge experience, Constellation interest.

In short, I feel, as long as scented, every woman is beautiful.

- Literary and art workers

The wonderful picture of a moment

The most beautiful woman scent of the body belt should be distributed inside the neck and arm faint breath. A woman's neck is not easy to exposed areas, is often overshadowed by the hair, the hair between the flickering, if women are inadvertently pulled into his hair, then gently slide the high, this moment arm and back inside neck are unconsciously revealed, it rains a trace of sultry heart and soul of the fragrance, combined with upper body beautiful fabric lines out the most distressing dazzling images, to me, can be described as a soul-stirring tremor.

- Painter

Hair upset the sense of

I like girls, hair, distributed by smell shampoo that not only taste, there are some faint scent of the gardenia flower. When we walk through the hills outside when the breeze blowing over the time, I like to look at her long hair was blown chaos, like the smell that kind of Ruoyouruowu of the atmosphere, accelerating a sudden my heart beating, there is a Hold her desires.

- Students

Dangerous Scent of a Woman

I would not tell the brand name perfume and flavor variety, but I know a woman with the perfume as "Dangerous Scent of a Woman", and I have a certain degree of temptation. My current girlfriend because of her smell made me pull on her hand.

It was late autumn last year, one afternoon, and I walk in a deserted little street, a girl wearing a red windbreaker face came, I was showing one of the line of sight of the dynamic group Some Like It Hot, my thoughts have not could react, and that mission has drifted away the red, shed strands of lingering fragrance, my nose is subconsciously Meng Xi 2, the pace can not help a 180-degree turn, seek the courage to follow the fragrance kept trained curl away ... ... At that time, a voice telling me: you dream of angels appeared to seize the fate, or regret it for life.

- Bank staff

Are all the fault of perfume

It should be said, when our wedding was quite romantic. I am more sensitive sense of smell is often a direct impact on my mood. I liked her from the sofa, holding back my feelings, just washed semi-dry hair, seductive fragrance bursts of wind around me, hand fingertip a little taste of Lily stroked my face, the familiar scent conveys romantic atmosphere, gave people an infinite reverie. However, after marriage and dull, that I feel has been a long absence, the Heart. We knew it, I was attracted to another woman's scent, even though I am guilty.

One day, she said to me: "You who have a woman's fragrance." I was surprised by her tone so calm.

I still remember that night, I pushed open the bedroom door of the scenario: two small-Cang Orchid type of high-profile flickering candles shining ambiguous soft, plug in a few pieces of the vase and pleasant aroma of lilies, bedroom was filled with the intoxicating atmosphere, looked at her affectionately eyes, a long absence, excitement rise in my heart, a most familiar with the exciting taste of my sense of smell. Hey, passionate woman!

- Engineer

Ignite the imagination of a man fragrance

Perfume fragrance based on a different tone system, which gives a rich flavor imagination effects. There is stress on the scent of men know that to some fragrance smell, you may think of a woman's posture, as people's olfactory system is directly convey certain information to the brain nerve center, and then from the brain reflecting some kind of image.

Some smell smell gives full, soft feel; some give the impression of steady maturity; some exquisite taste will be reminiscent of embossed curves. We can say that perfume smell can shape a completely different style of woman.

For example, green scent of incense notes or neutral in itself is not sweet, are Qingcao Wei flavor, a woman with this perfume is not only smell fresh, but also think of a light champagne, mind emerges out of natural light and slender as a mannequin postures; and orange moss fragrance notes, so that men produce exquisite slender curves, emitting a thick woman charm

Friday, February 26, 2010

13 in the recipe so that your hair black, bright

Chinese eyes, the hair is an important feature of good and bad human body, at a glance, your physical condition immediately fingertips. The body's two energy materials, refined and blood are to protect your hair black, shiny an important material basis, once the color white, the energy crisis looming.

1, peach kernel 1,000 grams, sugar amount. Put cold water immersion peach kernel first 3 days after the peel tip out, and then white sugar right amount into the pot, wait until after melting into the peach kernel, stir well, cool to do

2, black sesame, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts each equal parts, respectively, saute, fry, and research into a fine powder and mix thoroughly after. Daily bedtime with milk, soy milk, or boiled water 1 tsp. Diarrhea unfit for use.

3, lotus to 6-10 grams, 15 grams of Eclipta prostrata, Jiantang clothing, day 1.

4, 500 grams of brown sugar into the pot, add water a little. In order to slow fire, when suffering to a more thick, and then into the fry of black sesame, walnut 150 grams each, and mix thoroughly, that the cease-fire. Sugar solution to take advantage of hot-melt coated with cooking oil on the surface of the enamel dish, to be coolish, will sugar and compacted with a knife divided into small pieces after cooling at random food.

5, quail eggs, 2, fleece-flower root 30 grams, 20 grams of raw land, add water, a total of fried eggs, cooked peeled, into the soup cook for a while, Spoil fresh eggs Yin Tang.

6, 100 grams of fleece-flower root, jujube 10, white wine, 500 ml, soak half a day, early morning service a key, long-term use will enable the shiny black hair.

7 night eating 20 fried black beans, black sesame seeds 1 spoon, a total of Tsui's key, long food can be UFA.

8, 25 grams of crushed black sesame seeds, rice amount of wash, add water, Gong Zhu as porridge, often adorned with food.

9, fresh 100 grams of mulberry (or dry 50 grams), amount of boiling water until thick, add 300 grams of honey to boil a cease-fire. Decoction after cooling reserve bottling. Time to take a spoon to drink of boiling water washed 2 times a day.

10, black sesame amount, 9 steamed nine drying, Yan Mo; jujube to go nuclear, smashed into the mud. To the amount transferred into a 2:1 cream, or made into pills. Daily morning and evening each taking 10 grams, serving up to the hair black.

11, Pomegranate dried for the end of the mixing iron powder with a little rice Gan Tang Granules 3 grams, early, late of 1. Clothes for one year.

12, 60 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, white wine 240 milliliters. Cordyceps immersed in the wine, dip seven days and nights, filtered residue obtained juice Waicha affected area 2 times a day.

13, black beans 120 grams, Vinegar 500 ml. Cuzhu black beans into a thin paste, filtering back. In order to brush dipped in vinegar paste, made outside the whitewashed office, 2 times a day. However, there Boil hair and other skin diseases were not available

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a woman What kind of man?

If you want to let a woman always likes to be a man, then you have to learn to "72 change!" Sometimes, you really had no clear idea what kind of man a woman.

First, is the man who likes to go home early, or late to go home like a man? Heard a woman Pa Jimo, the most do not like their men to return home late. That the "jealously guarding its availability," the taste of bad experience, man ah man, you go home soon! Women, men really need to go home as early as Mody? Not really. Heard that nowadays in Japan, the things men fear most is the early home. Early to go home, do not socialize on their own behalf, no social, no status, no skill, a woman's most despise. As a result, men afraid to go home early, after work, or eating dinner, stroll the streets have nothing to go, or which will simply hide in mixed-breaking shop where dozing is required. Until late at night, it is almost time before pull themselves together, put on a ruddy looks like a go home.

Pa Jimo old woman, but also afraid of men unpromising.

Second, is like the obedient men, or is like the disobedient men? Heard that a woman like a man when his own kids to see, like the coax his men, like their own men, like everywhere like a child's toe, tell you what, you do. Women, men really need obedient Mody? Not really. There is a man next door is an outstanding obedient man. He had never been his wife what to say, he would listen to anything, like a gentle lamb until a few months old. However, his docile of men could not get a good retribution Han, his wife was not because of his docile and excitement and satisfaction. Instead, he has quite a few objections to his wife whenever they attacked verbally by sarcasm. We asked her about this man, what is wrong, and she complained that: a good ass, no one point own minds!

Old men do not obey, when a woman wants a man obedient, words can be heard when the men and women but not too assertive of men.

Third, is a gentle man who likes it, or like the violent men? Heard that many women want to find a gentle and considerate man. Gentle man, always hurt my wife, always concerned about the wife, it is indeed a woman of great blessings. So, gentle man a woman really much welcomed by Mody? I do not think so. Some time ago, an old classmate Kusangzhuolian said, finished, everything is finished. What is finished? I began to wonder what he was talking nonsense, and later learned that he was wearing his wife "green hat" the! It turned out that his wife suspected he was too gentle, being insipid, then look on the one driver. That driver is in fact not a good thing Han, violent temper, for his girlfriend as fast as changing clothes have been "notorious outside" of. However, she happens hooked on such a man, she said, a man brutally some, some wild only strong enough!

You see, men only know that gentle nor comfortable bar. A woman's "taste" has been the occurrence of certain qualitative changed.

Fourth, is like the rich man, or is it like to have money to men? Heard a woman's favorite vision of love. To love a woman it means, no money man could love, and money men is more cute, "Love is even more" Well! Wen's remarks, the world's poor are somewhat smug in men. However, I think, or do not get too excited. If you're really a money man, you really want to find a so-called "love", it is difficult. This year, only the wealthy can I recognize you are a God: If no money, who recognize you? Women Hande happy, saying that money is valuable for men who really cute, you had better put into action her, her eyes still aimed at the wealthy men as early as shine. However, the woman got really rich men, it seems that is not necessarily happy. She also began to complain about the rich men who are like clouds, just a few days to stay in their own side, as people's hearts ah, but I do not know if there will be much to myself

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fatigue can ease the work of healthy food

Do you have this phenomenon: the original good health, suddenly began to again and again to appear three unexplained fatigue. Even after a full rest, still feeling tired, fatigue; for these fatigue phenomena, through the food conditioning, you can change.

First, the diet can not be a lack of basic food,As newFresh vegetables (purple cabbage, cauliflower, celery, Indian lettuce, radish, cabbage) and fruit, bacteria algae, milk, etc. and in vivo could be used to "fatigue prime" - lactic acid, to alleviate fatigue.

Second, to ease the pressure of calcium is a natural agent. Calcium deficiency, they are often exhausted and weighed down with work, extremely nervous and unable to obtain the fatigue arising from the work to alleviate. In the intake of calcium-rich milk and yogurt and other foods at the same time, do not forget to add magnesium, "calcium without magnesium supplementation, eating you'll regret it!" Fresh wheat germ, buckwheat, walnuts, almonds, red wine, banana, seaweed, unprocessed honey and soy and other foods rich in magnesium.

Third, to add meat, bean sprouts, beans, asparagus, pears, peaches and other foods rich in aspartic acid, in order to promote metabolism, remove lactic acid, to eliminate fatigue, promote physical recovery.

Fourth, the increase in ω-3 fatty acid-rich fish such as mackerel, salmon, silver fish, mackerel and herring. You can also eat sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds contain essential fatty acids and fiber of these foods, such as mixed salads, adding olive oil or sunflower oil.

Fifth, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and other B vitamins to relieve the pressure, nutrition, natural detoxification nerve agent, is to remove fatigue essential nutrients, but also the Chinese people most likely to a lack of vitamins, adequate supplementation on chronic fatigue sign of people particularly useful.

Sixth, do not drink carbonated drinks, to drink plenty of water (even if not thirsty), especially alkaline water, helps the liver and intestinal detoxification.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Why does love leads people to the most memorable?

Taiwan singer Rene Liu There is a song called "Later", which captured the hearts of many people. In this song, Rene Liu, with her sensual voice gently telling a story about first love. What is the reason to make such a magical love it?

 Distance from the wonderful experience of

When a person good-bye to childhood innocence, they entered puberty. The remarkable feature of adolescent sexual consciousness bud as well as produce the opposite sex mystery, longing and love psychology. At this time quietly among the young men and women love to compare a pure and simple, in a kind of "Ying-Ying of water, the tenderness may not" language ethereal realm, for them, love is still a far cry from the " Guests from afar. "

Mysterious sense of distance, the men and women for entry into adolescence is no doubt that is a hidden block.

This time, If there are any family members or teachers, dominant interference, more easily arouse their sense of resistance. The distance and this wonderful experience, in later life it difficult to re-felt. This is the first reason for an unforgettable first love.

Encounter "Dream Lover"

Young men and women into adolescence, usually for their own fiction of a "dream lover" and create an abstract ideal object, will be formed in the mind of a choice of a partner "model." This model may be very specific, and sometimes based on a real human models, sometimes to a few people came together. And, will be according to this "perfect heterosexual model", in life to find in a crowd to explore. Unconsciously, and finally one day, that moment finally manages to come from the vast crowd, found a familiar face, you can not help but exclaim: "Good familiar ah!" In front of her (him) with the own mind, wonderful aesthetic ideal match took place. Heterosexual love is the shift from the abstract sense of reality start.

But love is, more often fruitless, from memory, the person will become a person who can never be replaced, even compared with others has become a standard. And this is the first that was not the real people, but it was our own idols of a standard.

"Lease Marconi effect" caused by

Of course, there is an important reason for an unforgettable first love.

A psychological term "Lease Marconi effect." Western psychologists have done a deed Marconi many interesting experiments and found that most people that have been completed, and there is easy to forget what the outcome, while interrupted, unfinished, things are always below the target memory is still fresh. This phenomenon is known as the "Lease Marconi effect."

This psychological phenomenon can cite many. For example, you have to answer the exam in math 100 questions, of which 99 have been completed with a very good question, that is, a problem that the rest of your stumped, and did not complete, is not the answer. Bell rings, you are out of the examination room after the examination paper, with the students right answer, and that 99 questions are correct results, and that has not completed a question, the students tell you the answer. Since then, it has not completed a deep and long-standing question by you to remember, while the 99 questions you have been thrown Cloud Nine.

Has not been the outcome of the first love is a "failure to complete the" incident. Unsuccessful thus is our first love obsession of an important reason for

Sunday, February 21, 2010

48 networks the most widely circulated love confession riddle

1: Swans fly to birds do not go, miss the old space to worry about, one finally on a double-dagger film, flow several Big Chill, sunset and moon, were lean months, singles Er go hand in hand. (I can not live without you)

2: Swans fly to birds not return, good writing can not be the first double services; by the middle of the word more than two pens (two wooden heart connected to the non-lin), who is himself with Seoul. (I love "like" you)

3: Castle Peak Monastery, on a cluster of bamboo, the swan is also a bird has to go. Cheng pulls past in order to become empty, the clouds more than the hearts of rainbow. Difficult to hide the hearts of enthusiastic, standing at a height to see from afar. Who would have thought that off and there.(And so I personally Say I Love You)

4: Swan Lake daoyin be extinguished, and during the day Meet Acacia solution, only forget I am the only concern, the idea of two-point Qi Yu-shift, but unfortunately how people go back, Baoyu not appear in the valley, the pairs of thinking only in the inner side and single Er-linked . (My heart only to accommodate you)

5: Swans fly to birds not return back to Mineyama that I alone drunk. Liang-chen (morning) beauty squint, lonely lonely deeply buried. In accordance with flowers for the day and night, youth wasted hard bear. This time Zhaozui Weina Ban, one day Xiongtai come. (I am still dreaming with you / I've been in love with you / I Emei were throwing the bums out)

6: Swan a bird not seen, in January there is another thought you, a person to heart pull and single people have been connected, double-dagger points cut next month, trees, sky jump through soil, water flow down again a few days, months, years Chang mouth most sweet. (I can not live without you Rhododendron)

7: Swans fly to birds did not return, two wooden hearts connected connected Guixi month's visit to the East China Sea in spring, autumn seasons East is, good writing can not be the first death of urgency, if you miss their flights, thread a 11, female out what's on return. (I think next year and you are married)

8: Love to the concentration of people with gaunt, love to the depths of heart do not regret, you forget that you did not read right, would rather hurt their own grief. Heaven is not Yuanshui do not complain, life is not a dream from a back,Xie also used to look at flowers bloom, but you are afraid they eliminate geographical origins. (Oh Liangxiaowucai / infatuation with negative fate of the ever-changing mistakes)

9: desperate 2 dependency, confidant said true, the next stop in Seoul, hungry to go without food, friends off like never were, but also to even go to death are met. (Forgot you and I can not)

10: Stars not see the sun, never sleep Zhang Shi Mo sad, empty his best exemplifies the terms, conditions the total length of each side in mind, people with water to the tearful, little wine boundless energy, but also recorded with October Xiang Yi, who still in my beside him. (Births, Deaths no regrets and all have you)

11: Li to take on the beautiful sunrise, moon houses, under a long friendship, but unfortunately you have no intention to, Whitewater spoonful of table Zhongchang, spring rains are other three laugh, but people to go off, Chang-free women unusual. (Who loves you is me)

12: one near Seoul Station, an orange-red no silk, no Emei Shan Deng, coconut able language, deep bottomless, white peony root of the non-grass, winter disease-ridden. (You are my heart pain)

13: cattle by a monk houses, two carrying a wood, two wood not a forest, water and mandarin ducks in pairs right, as one of two intended to remember who the silk thread a needle 11, women's are still on the upper reaches. (Special to deeply attached to each want to get married)

14: Love to the concentration when the heart gaunt, love to the depths of heart do not regret, you forget that you did not read right, would rather hurt his back. (Oh)

15: Tree stays days sticks hard to find, embrace of the poor have no intention, Zhao Fei is not a state-owned female, goose blood sky rare birds, distant do not want to pocket change Friends of the extreme suffering of another, but unfortunately only you in mind. (Sorry, I do not love you)

16: moths flying into the fire worm was gone, and no child left Xueyou write to, and occasionally get a person to stay, three words not two languages, cowboy river raft ride, Shi-do three days here, turned out that the word in the world before. (I love you for life)

17: to accept from another only for friends, lovers inadvertently land on hooks, bamboo Bamboo has been a single solitary thought hard, from the also just from its own worries, For closed one of the companions, who speechless again on his trip.(Love a person 好难)

18: Cold Mountain Temple, on a bamboo, can not do that some people use virtual can deliver the accuracy of this statement, as long as sentient significant rain, swans a bird not seen.(Wait for you Shuoai me)

19: Huaihai see tides, two-for-walking hinder stone, on the top right hand not see the mouth of young men and women heart next to the tree, the world's most Dongai matter what.(Rare lovers)

20: dutiful son to Xi-wen, geese and birds and sailing to the edge, forgive certainly unintentional, the river dried were independent, but also to still go, Acacia is only one, a good woman beside him ready. (How do I do not want to call her)

21: Kime cross in mind, the ancients did anti-wen, little monks shaved heads, sad without tears. (Want to be your wife)

22: Bird Fei Ngo Shan jump in on the shoot, head on cinnabar, has had different non-, spoon next to the waterfront white, everything at the beginning, workers Ge incomplete, rain close friend, said that off and. (I love you in his own way)

23: remorse inadvertent air-to-older brother of the head have to accept not bad only for a single noble Seoul phase, day and night relative hope evening, Valentine's parting shadow alone, two to every here. (Love you more every day)

24: Friendship rain Yong-phase mix, and human encounters with Ai, the big Yan Nanfei non-human characters, edge-to-know that should be no point, what is days after New Year's Eve? (Love you ten thousand)

25: Bamboo on the next cold Temple, he was less a Confucian monk I cents, in the wind on the hill one lap, denied that want to become immortal, Erdeng one side station 100 Ju-off air gap is really very, bow their heads in silence with Rush, a thorough Hill looking for head crown. (You know what I'm waiting for you do)

26: Day night short dash worry, no mouth height for several people to come, and one cruising herb, the 10 feet long with disabilities Phi coir raincoat, swan wings birds have been flying, white spoon cooking wine meaningless, spare a hook 3:00 rain. (The Moon Represents My Heart)

27: trees shrouded branches long and almost invisible, even poor pregnant within a mood, Zhao Fei is not a woman owned, feather buoyant bird not seen, there is extreme suffering of another draft, claiming it was Banjun next. They do receive from another friend, lover inadvertent soil on hooks, bamboo Bamboo has been a single solitary thought hard, from the worry is not from its own, if they have closed one of the companions, who silent again on his trip.(Sorry, I love you, love a person 好难)

28: What the water without fish? He Shan-free stone? He who, without a parent? What women without husbands? Shu no branches? Ho City, no City?

(Quotation from Buddha Fan Chen, fine-sounding name to persuade, as amended, Nanshui no fish? No mountains stone? A person who, without a parent? Mi women without husbands? Tuo a tree without branches? Buddha City, no City? Sixth are namo Amitabha later as a curse word. Shakya Bank in dust, no day, no food, no sleep, endlessly, by the intending consciousness abuzz and if so, is the Zhufa empty phase: the Southern No Amitabha.)

29: There are no flowers on the boundless hatred, there are no flowers hate to switch on a long, flowers on the United States might one temporary mirror, Yue-Ming Chiu floral water,Seeking to spend the next month Fu Qiongzhuea step Xiejiu flowers with a month to try, so the flowers were so months it will take months to make an unusual Mo(Flirting "Flower On Yin", not the riddle, there is interpreted as "Huaqianyuexia of wine when the song" and "can not stand you people," two arguments)

30: Swans flying birds do not return, return Mineyama that I alone drunk, good morning beautiful squint, deeply buried lonely lonely day and night with flowers and plants as dependent, youth wasted hard not stand it comes as Zhaozui Weina Ban, one day Xiongtai years (no solution, there is "I'm in the *** in vain," and "I've been in love with you", "I am still dreaming with you," and so on several theories)

31: Acacia's tears wet the pillow without eyes, love love tortured soul frustrated; fell in love parting people wandering the streets, compared with those who feel the slight pain of separation (non-solution, non-mystery)

32: For Love of the difficult chic, Red Dust smoke I was too stupid, scores true and false beauty myth, spring, summer autumn and winter as emotional. Shut your mouth silence is not China, get rid of sunglasses so that Leila (no solution, non-mystery)

33: Spring rainy season, the Chinese parasol tree knot silk; summer cooler, the two said array heroes; autumn, the geese sound thousands of miles; Dongxue Gone with the Wind, and beautiful women are exposed halfway (absolutely important)

34: Kime cross in mind, the ancients did anti-wen, little monks shaved heads, miserable without tears (want to be your wife)

35: Tree child opened his eyes, kid under house sleep, lack of conscience that the sunset side of residual rabbit (Brief Encounter)

36: Bird Fei Ngo Shan jump in on the shoot, head on cinnabar, has had different non-, spoon next to the waterfront white, everything at the beginning, workers Ge incomplete, rain close friend, said that off and (I love you in his own way)

37: trees stays days sticks hard to find, embrace the poor have no intention, Zhao Fei is not a state-owned female, goose feather buoyant bird gone, away do not want to pocket change Friends of the extreme suffering of another, claiming it was next to Ban Jun (Sorry I Love You )

38: originally determined to spend not open, and occasionally someone to accompany him, and tears of regret when the mood has been swallowed I go to Cho silent, to those ears gently v., the lack of the left heart relative to India, Dongfeng away 12 points (like you Happy every day)

39: dilemma of the whole, two in particular tears; plum remains the same, determined to move wood. Boogie go, whiplash Runaways; huubang to leave, is a total of moon. (No regrets in April)

40: Tree You Xinyan, sets and beautiful women, hand on chin, people in Seoul next desperate dependency, Speaking of himself, 10Furniture, White spoon, child queen, but also to live together. (Want to put you forget really 好难)

41: wolf-free conscience in the Castle Peak, Mt stacked really spectacular, there are m a bucket head top and the rise of day servant day, a hundred days left to go 99, knowing where to disease in the side (guessed is an idiot )

42: Day night short dash worry, no mouth height for several people to come, and one cruising herb, the 10 soil at the foot of Phi Clothes, swan wings birds not go back, white wine knife pure nonsense, empty child a hook 3:00 Rain (The Moon Represents my heart)

43: My Heart carrying you, not on your boat, has not made, the double Kusakabe lines, swallow to go away from the geese, horses mouth solution suspicion (do you remember me)

44: Love Follows originally determined to pay a Cunxin have Er Shi, missed two difficult matches, cattle had Dumu is artificial, speechless it hard to Food of Love thing, gem only for a woman drunk (may peace of your life)

45: two people still with the tour a water days apart looking wives, Serenade lotus does not reveal angle, sunset to go to the moon, Haidilaozhen hard searching, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon square miles and were to spend without delay as early as the primary (Tianya Where the Grass)

46: Niu hit monk houses, two carrying a wood, two wood not a forest, then on the next bend the music, Old and way distant, Baxianguohai sit knife, a man and a woman stand side by side, two days higher than the green trees and bamboos (special to phase See a very funny)

47: Friendly Also lost on the next worries, Sunset West Ramp evening face, entered the Love me, an open-ended, the victim can also Huanyou, knights missing horses were going, and seems to have been parted Iraqis, thousands of miles We meet on what year, to say good-bye 20 Autumn. (How many love can be repeated)

48: first-line Food of Love Soul scarred, sad day thoughts row, do not blame me lovestruck species, see you often in a dream. If you and I to this affinity, The Hills away from the water, will accompany peach is strong in March, after the autumn's most fragrant and sweet fruit (like every other day not seeing San-Qiu, possession of the first poem)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter Skin Whitening 10 guidelines for women's bedtime

Winter is the period of martial law, ladies skin care, cold and dry a serious threat to the beauty MM in these young skin, how to our skin in cold weather wear protective clothing, do it to survive the winter? Immediately sent to your winter 10 Skin Care guidelines, as long as care about a little before going to bed, beautiful skin with you through the winter!

Rule one: clean the skin, massage-assisted

Go to sleep before the skin clean, washing when you should first clean cream painted their faces, and then washed with soap. Choose as little spice wash soap, came up with foam, then use the middle finger and index finger in the face by a top-down, gently massage from the inside out. If the use of side brush oily skin get good results. Keep in mind that massage must use clean water clean.

Guidelines 2: Multi-jealous, to protect the skin

Do not misunderstand! Is not so that you always point the opposite sex for the boyfriend and trivial jealousy Oh! Vinegar has some cosmetic effect. In the warm bath before going to bed and Canada the right amount of vinegar, particularly after bathing comfort. Vinegar mixed with glycerin to 5:1, often rub use, make the skin rough and delicate.

Rule three: bedtime cup of cold water, such as jade Rouliang skin

Beauty monk, before going to bed for a glass of water on the skin is very useful. Because when you sleep, this precious glass of water in your cells cycle being absorbed, so that your skin is more delicate smooth. Especially in the winter, the more you can make your skin to avoid drying.

Rule four: orange peel water bath, the skin did not trouble

Winter, oranges, preserved orange peel, dried in the sun. When taking a bath before going to bed every day, put it in a gauze bag, soak in the bathtub of water. Water for bathing and there is beauty with orange peel effect.

Guidelines 5: Dinner Do not too full, skin color and good

Dinner, if you eat too full, will result in sleep blood concentrated in the stomach, face, blood volume decreased, affecting color. But also to try to avoid or a small amount of intake of salt, it is best not to drink alcohol, so avoid the early morning hours around the face and eyes appeared swollen condition.

Guidelines 6: Uninstall before going to bed, skin refreshing

At bedtime to remember the face cleared like capacity can not be lazy yo, because this is conducive to night-time respiration and excretion of skin waste and sweat; if incorrect cleaning methods can easily lead to eye irritation.

Guidelines 7: Magical tea bags, eye pattern equatorial

Tea bags will not only be able to soak up the tea and light, but also has the effect of beauty! Soaked in water before going to bed with wet tea bag, and then pressed on the eyelids for 10 minutes, and then coated with cream, which is conducive to eye skin maintenance, but also to prevent the production of crow's feet.

Guidelines 8: neck compact, can not be ignored

Neck skin is very thin and fragile, and its distribution of the number of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is only one-third of the face, sebum secretion less water holding capacity of the natural facial worse than many, and thus easily lead to dry, easy to breed wrinkles. Therefore, cleansing at the same time every day, do not forget cleaning the neck; smear Shaping Shaping or moist type, late frost, since the neck skin care products are usually able to make a compact.

Guidelines 9: milk Zhumian, skin relaxation

The magical hypnotic effect of milk. Therefore, people who are vulnerable to insomnia, bedtime may wish to drink a glass of fresh milk, which will relax your nerves, makes you sleep easy. Quality of sleep so that the skin can fully rest, than any other skin care products are more effective.

Guidelines 10: Farewell stay up all night life and radiant skin glow

Zaoshuizaoqi, bid farewell to stay up late, smoking, healthy life will make your skin to reduce wrinkles, maintain moisture, all day radiant, supple charm

Eyelash length can affect interpersonal attraction

Recently, the United States, "Psychology Today" magazine pointed out, long eyelashes so that we interpersonal attraction has tremendous magical power, both male and female alike.

If only a kind of makeup, you will choose what part of beautifying their own? Network, a women's survey shows that women who choose Tu mascara majority. Recently, the United States, "Psychology Today" magazine 8 magazine, long eyelashes so that we interpersonal attraction has tremendous magical power, both male and female alike.

Anthropologist and author David. Givens believes that interpersonal attraction is divided into three steps: to attract the eye, showing superiority, pull close. And long eyelashes in these three steps have helped.

Exaggerate the eye expression. Stationary eye is very difficult glances to convey his ideas, and people are passing a good impression, send the invitation signal, mainly rely on eye movements and the opening and closing of eyelids. The flutter of the eyelashes is like the ancient dancer's flying long sleeves, so that a slight movement of each eye is more distinct, more expressive.

Background white of the eye. Usually men looking deeper, the contrast between facial features are not strong. So, face a strong color contrast has become one of the characteristics of women temperament. In the long, thick eyelashes background, the white of the eye color appear more shallow, people are more gentle and delicate femininity. At the same time, more white, whites also represent the young and healthy.

Adjust the proportion of the face. Some people are wary of strangers, more or less, and long eyelashes make eyes look bigger, so the proportion of the face look more closer to the baby, not only appears safe, no threat, but also innocent, weak, people want to close and protection

Husband and wife are living longer

Red flower different kind devoted married couple, husband and wife loving longevity benefits.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health census results of the analysis showed that divorced couples with a happy family life than the average male life expectancy 12 years shorter for women and short life span 5 years old. Italy, a weekly on hundreds of thousands of residents in the two years to investigate the cause of death was found alone activists, the mortality rate of divorce than those who have a healthy married life the mortality rate is much higher. Some of the 7,000 residents of California for as long as nine-year study found that lonely people who caused the death by heart disease, there are even more people than 2 ~ 3 times.

Shanghai authorities had held a "golden good companion," selection activities, just a few months, they received more than 2,000 copies of recommended materials, carefully selected, from which 66 pairs of Ping Chu "golden good companion." Their average age was 77.1 years with an average age for marriage is 55.8 years. We had interviews with some "golden good companion," they both are great responsibility of leading cadres, or the ordinary retirement of employees; whether a higher level of education professors, experts, engineers, or low levels of literacy workers, peasants, salespersons, have said in unison: the couple should be white-headed old to learn, first and foremost to buyers owe respect and affection; loving husband and wife until later life enrichment before we talk about health and longevity.

Why is beneficial to health and longevity affectionate husband and wife?

  Loving husband and wife can be added to the sweetness degree of psychological

French thinker Rousseau in his famous work "Emile children" and said: "If we remain married after the sweetness of love, we are also equal to the ground into the paradise." Loving husband and wife, enjoyable, like living a heavenly sweet life. It is not often say "there is no love life, like a tree without flowers or fruit," then lost the love of married life, but also like a losing fragrant flowers, no fruit trees. Only older couples fly together, mutual respect and mutual love, in order to happy and feel happy and wholesome. This is the essence of old age married life care. He was 92-year-old revolutionary comrades of childhood, Xu Teli and Schomburgk's childhood and later married. Xu joined the revolution after a long time, couples from different places, but his attitude towards his wife consistently. After the founding of New China, Xu Teli as the party's senior leadership positions, his wife immediately to Beijing. Xu firmly opposed to that because of the status, identity change and left his family and son, grass is always greener unethical behavior. Ms. Xu after arriving in Beijing, Xu devotedly attached to her husband and the wife loving as ever. Ms. Xu Guo 80th birthday, someone donated a Hengpi, a letter to the four characters: "Tong-kai to the old." They had married ten or eleven years of age, from childhood to Haoshou, 60 years of solidarity, Luan-Feng, and Ming's married life, so that the two boarded the "child-kai to the old" palace longevity.

  Loving husband and wife can enhance the degree of happiness in life

Happiness is a good feeling from the heart, is sincere and true inner feelings from the heart, is a warm thrown up from the bottom of my heart a sense of pleasure. One psychologist said: "The light of love shining in our daily lives, like lightning to mediocre ravines and dense woods into a spectacle like the mythical." Make everyday life loving husband and wife don glitzy of Choi Ha, enhance the warm happiness to make life's enjoyable and fun. This would avoid the accumulation of malignant emotional stimulation, helps boost the body's immune function, help slow down aging tissues and organs.

  Loving husband and wife can increase the degree of physical harmony

Husband and wife can create a harmonious living environment, family to live a happy harmony. Medical studies have shown that: When the person's mental state is good, the body can secrete beneficial hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine and other biochemical substances that make the blood flow and nerve cell excitability in the degree of adjustment to the best condition, so that the human body various organs, the system in a good state, which is no doubt very useful for people's physical and mental health. Moreover, the intimate and harmonious sexual life of husband and wife make the body's mental, physical activities, maintain a youthful vitality. Husband and wife is the world's most caring people, children, and then filial piety, they can not accompanied by day and night, while the husband and wife can give each other is meticulous and considerate care, the so-called his wife in bed, sick do not worry. The bottom of my heart at ease, help to resist disease and promote recovery. Yunnan has a hundred pairs of long life, Zhao Zhen, Yang Bao, had each other, mutual care. There are times, his wife suddenly fell ill, watching helplessly dying, Zhao Zhen waited on his wife's bed from morning to night, someone advised him to go get some fresh air, how can he also refused to leave his wife half-step. A few days later, his wife's illness miraculously better. People say this is Zhao Zhen sincerity touched "God", in fact, as the French philosopher Voltaire said, "Healthy love is an exuberant vitality, even if destroyed by the storm will not wither."

How can I make a woman more in demand?

Love where everyone would have more or less weakness, so that you can not zoom to the maximum charm. This is a very annoying problem. Now how do immediately to test what kind of change the only way you can become more sought-after bar! Take a look at your love nirvana What is this?

1, do you like the object?

Usually always talk to boy / girl - Q2

Rarely talk to boys / girls or there is no love object - Q3

  2, do you like what kind of team uniform?

Baseball - Q4

Basketball - Q5

  3, a child what kind of games do you like?

See-Saw - Q6

Leavened slide - Q5

  4, do you prefer the kind of drink?

Soft drinks - Q7

Juice - Q5

  5, do not like what you compare?

Asleep - Q10

Awake - Q7

  6, do you like what kind of birthday present?

Teddy Bear - Q8

Jewelry - Q10

  7, if you are supported by the five million prize money, do you think how to collect better?

All at once to get - Q11

Get 10000 each divided into five take - Q14

  8, do you want to like what people are prepared to lunch?

Triangular rice balls - Q10

Sandwich - Q9

  9, you want people who like where encounter?

Tree-lined path - Q12

Seaside - Q13

  10, do you take pictures appear more frequently when the look was?

Funny - Q14

Smile - Q9

  11, do you feel kind of person is more easy to get along?

You have three little people - Q15

Eight great person you are - Q16

  12, if you decide to write a love letter to him, what will you seal the envelope I do?

Painting a pork on a skewer - E-type

Paste cute stickers - D-type

  13, you will love to ask the question who?

Integration together with your close friend - D-type

Experienced older male / female - C-type

  14, your clothes are mostly what color?

Of warm red or orange line - Q15

Cold blue or white color - Q13

  15, do you think the face of which circumstances the more chance of winning?

Tough but honest competitors - B-type

Delicate, but great pains to put the opponent - C-type

  16, do you think the situation in which the most romantic embrace with lover?

Downpour - A type

Continuous drizzle - B-type

  A -

  A type of you - frankly the first step is to enhance the combat effectiveness of love

Your weakness is that love is not enough frank 唷! Encountered favorite object, you often in order to hide the inner love, deliberately in front of swing-up shelf to TA.

Do not be less ㄍ 1 eng a! Try to open up a bit, a little more honest expression of their intention bar!

  B -

  B-type for you - make you a little more considerate in demand

You are kind of difficult to hide his temper, any Zhilaizhiwang people. This character is very easy for you to become a bit self-willed, discretionary, would call each other too much 唷 loudly. Please do not forget that love is something two people, mostly for the sake of what the other side, love will bloom and bear fruit one day 呀!

  C -

  C-type for you - by retreating to the other side is more love you

Very social wrist you can always easily with the boys / girls mix. However, this can easily be mistaken for you are a bother to bring the boy / girl, rather than contact with you really 唷. In fact, you should make good use of Click to retreat into the small means, in order to let your weaknesses into strengths 唷!

  D -

  D-type for you - do not deliberately to require that all Suiyuan

Very masculinity / femininity of you seem to hold too much for the love romantic paranoia 唷. This alone is enough to let the boy \ sub / girls Hello to you at arm's length. Do not ever want to talk about a Qiongyao Shi illusion of love, to see the reality of seizing the moment is the key to success 啦!


  E-type for you - take the initiative to pursue their own happiness

You have a gentle and quiet personality graceful charm. However, for the attitude of love is indeed a conservative too far. Do not only dare to your loved one is far from looking at the positive came up a little bit to try and speak, and sometimes take the initiative more effective than sit back and wait 唷

Adhere to seven major sports 1 week to lose weight 4 kg

Whether you are a kind of weight loss methods to lose weight to take the most healthy way, or Deshu movement. Sports not only a strong body, relieve the mind, but also allows you to continue to slim down and maintain slim figure.

Everyone to do sports, 1 week easily by four pounds, are a few simple movements oh. Movement can be a good act on the neuroendocrine system and restore its normal metabolic regulation, thus producing the stimulation of fat consumption, thus contributing to fat metabolism, reduce fat, increase gastric motility and blood circulation and so on. Therefore, we still take more exercise, do not rely on diet pills, exercise is the real beauty.

  1, reverse walking

How can a reverse walking to lose weight? The original structure of the human body to adapt only to move forward, if uncharacteristically, they pay a higher ﹑ more physical to walk, so consume more energy, so I can lose weight by. Some people say that step down to go a hundred paces than being useful for Oh, but the down time to go pay attention to safety, be careful fall!

  2, swimming

Enjoy your holidays swimming is a very good way to lose weight, the main swimming makes you thin very evenly, does not appear you do not want strong muscles, so that a more beautiful body, so that curve even more attractive. Are laborious walk in the water, then swim swim will definitely consume more calories. Therefore, the energy consumption of swimming compared with running large number of projects such as land, so weight loss becomes more apparent.

 3, take the stairs

When a walk to the park are generally stairs, you can travel more places, come home, you can take the layers of the stairs, less elevator. If you can insist on the stairs every day 10 minutes, in the stairs can burn a lot of fat, especially for hip and thigh fat burning even more pronounced on the exercise the body muscles is very beneficial. During exercise when the stairs. We must prevent the foot of Ta Kong, pay attention to safety.

  4, skipping to lose weight

This is very simple, a rope can be, the cost is also low, at home or the district can do, you can also do to the park. To step by step exercises, rope skipping speed and the length of time should be determined based on individual circumstances. A start time of 5-10 minutes for each exercise and then gradually extend the time, can not be too impatient. Skipping steps to eliminate buttocks, and thighs of excess fat.

 5, riding a bike to lose weight

After dinner, want to go outside to play about, but a bit far, how to do, riding a bicycle bar, you can also lose weight oh, while blowing cool breeze while watching the scenery was very pleasant way to lose weight. Riding a bike 40 minutes after the consumption of fat can be effectively, especially at the thigh and calf. If you need to cut the abdomen, can then adjust the riding position when riding intention of breathing, bending and compression abdomen, with sit-ups after exercise, can receive a good result.

 6, leg lift / stretching

This is suitable to do at home. At home watching TV, reading newspapers, reading magazines, do not sit quietly without moving, you can put your leg frame and legs almost in the high or slightly higher on the sofa, cabinets, or legs flat, deliberately to the direction of his toes to tilt, every day leg lift / stretching for 15 minutes, obviously feeling a lot of leg muscles to tighten.

7, frog jump

Shuangshoubaotou or hands behind his back circling and dancing, this movement of energy consumed by large, is tiresome. But the diet worked well, able to exercise muscles. Want to lose weight, it may often doing the leapfrog, just started to jump a bit slower, to prevent muscle soreness

Spring Festival, the most injured man 5 thing

Chinese New Year holidays five things most men wounded. Hope male friends pay attention.

1.Excessive drinking. Festivals, friends and family gathered together, it is inevitable Gongchoujiaocuo. Amount of drink, stimulate and sustain health. Excessive drinking, or even drunk, not only damage the liver Shang Wei, but also hurt the prostate. A large number of alcohol, can cause prostate congestion, caused by recurrence of chronic prostatitis, and even induced acute prostatitis. Will lead to erectile dysfunction. There Doggerel as evidence: a small revolution in wine every day, drunk, drinking bad physically to drink bad stomach, drink two couples to sleep ... ...

2.Sedentary. Festivals, the most loving male friends are playing cards, touch mahjong, as well as like the Internet. Some of the night, cards of up, but also holding back urine. Sedentary can cause pelvic blood reflux disorder, perineal nerve compression injury, there cool hemp lower limbs, lower abdomen and perineum bulge pain, testicular pain, etc., too long holding back urine, the bladder can cause neuronal damage, bladder neck and prostate congestion, induced prostatitis, caused by abnormal micturition reflex.

3.Over-eating. Poultry meat every family table is the Spring Festival, and every household Delicacies stacked Chen, meal diet is high in fat, high-protein, multi-salt. If not controlled, in addition to increased cardiovascular burden, it will also cause prostate abnormalities. At present studies have shown that: high-protein high fat diet was caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer, the main factors. Before the liberation of the Chinese people there are very few older men, benign prostatic hyperplasia. Now the incidence of benign prostatic hyperplasia in elderly men, and comparable to European and American countries, while the U.S. rate of prostate cancer in elderly men nearly 10%, and double-high diet.

4.Bath, sauna. Chinese New Year falls on the cold of winter, male friends like baths hall, sauna. Unmarried and non-reproductive males should not be baths and sauna. Gonads of the male testes important, because testicular aggravated by high temperatures, so long in vitro, it is suitable for the temperature 2 degrees lower than body temperature. Regular baths and sauna will cause testicular damage, can also cause death azoospermia.

5.Too frequent sex. Go out for too long, go home to reunite with his wife, the long-awaited win wedding. Some male friends may be several times the night clouds and rain, frequent sexual intercourse. The result would cause nerve fatigue and excessive pelvic congestion, there should not be extended (one-off sexual impotence), premature ejaculation and pelvic pain syndrome.

Although the Spring Festival is our major holidays, we should pay attention to caring for the body, not to indulge unchecked damage to the body

Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 of the most classic anti-aging medicine

Chinese medicine has long been recognized to combat aging, "Huang Di Nei Jing" in anti-aging, there's brilliant expositions: "on the Gu Zhiren, its know who law was yin and yang, and in a few patients, food and drink with restraint, living a regular, non-jump for labor, and it could be shaped with God Ju, but to do Throughout his later years, is going a hundred degrees. "medicine is medicine to combat the disease, health, physical weapons. China's Earliest pharmacy monograph, "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", received containing 365 kinds of drugs, which are classified as "top grade" There are more than 100. Are classified as top grade Chinese medicine for the non-toxic, there is a strong physical effect of the "tonic." After a long practice, Chinese medicine has been the discovery of new anti-aging effect of Chinese medicine are (in this cursive called "Qingshenjianfei sickness"). Here, select the portion of Western and Chinese medicine proved to be anti-aging effects of traditional Chinese medicine a brief introduction.
◆ Polygonum multiflorum Song "Kai Bao Materia Medica," described it as "Jiufu long bones and tendons, benefits the essence of sickness not old." Modern research found that fleece-flower root can promote the growth of nerve cells, nerve weakness and other nervous system diseases the role of adjuvant therapy. And may regulate serum cholesterol, lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol metabolism in liver cell transformation and capability. Polygonum multiflorum also has good antioxidant activity.
◆ Astragalus Chinese that "this postnatal spleen." The spleen and stomach to send a representative Li Gao that astragalus "Yi vitality and fill triple burner," said Qing Huang Palace embroidered Astragalus as "qi Zhu drugs the most." Modern research found that Astragalus can not only expand coronary arteries, improving myocardial blood supply, improve immune function, and can delay the cell aging process.
◆ Ginseng "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" that Ginseng can "make up the five internal organs, security and spirit, will be soul, only Jingji, in addition to evil, eyesight fun puzzle. Jiufu Qingshenjianfei sickness." Modern research has found that it also has anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, liver protection, regulation of cardiovascular function, excited about the role of hematopoietic system functions. Huo, Jilin Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine books with ginseng fruit saponins on the 50-year-old people over the age of anti-aging research, confirmed that ginseng fruit saponins of "rejuvenating" effect.
◆ 37 famous doctor in Qing Dynasty, Zhao Xuemin, in his book "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "Ginseng qi first, the 37 blood first taste of the power is with the other", saying that 37 is "the most precious traditional Chinese medicine who . " Modern research found that 37 of the chemical composition, pharmacological effects and clinical application of ginseng similar. Its content of ginsenosides than ginseng. 37 can expand blood vessels, reducing vascular resistance, increase cardiac output, slowing heart rate, reducing myocardial oxygen consumption and capillary permeability, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease than the ginseng has an obvious advantage.
◆ hitting five plus "Compendium of Materia Medica," described it as "Jiufu Qingshenjianfei resistant to the old", "I would rather have a five plus, without Jin Man car." Modern research has found that hitting five additions and anti-aging, anti-fatigue (its anti-fatigue activity than ginsenosides also strong), strong effects, but also regulate the nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system function, and there is a certain anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and anti - effect on cancer risk.
◆ Lingzhi "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" that Ganoderma lucidum can "Bugan gas, an soul", "long food, Qingshenjianfei not old, sickness immortal." Modern research has confirmed that Ganoderma lucidum on the nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system function has a regulatory role, with immune regulation, clear free radicals, balance the metabolism and other functions, directly affect human aging process.
◆ medlar "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic," said the medlar "Jiufu Kennedy bones, Qingshenjianfei not old, cold and heat resistance." "Materia Medica words," praise of the "so air can be filled, blood can fill, Yang Ke-sheng, Yin can be long." Wolfberry similar ginseng "adapt as is" the role of anti-atherosclerosis and can reduce blood sugar, such as the promotion of the role of new liver cells and serve as a strengthening of the physique, the efficacy of anti-aging.
◆ Rhodiola Rhodiola is not in the ancient records of Chinese Materia Medica, is only found in modern anti-aging rookie. It is helpful as strength, heat, detoxification, hemostasis, Ning God puzzle effect. Modern pharmacological and clinical study found that rhodiola ginseng tonic similar role, be able to anti-hypoxia, anti-cold, anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, anti-virus, inhibit cancer cell growth, improve work efficiency, slow down aging body.
◆ Gynostemma Gynostemma for the Cucurbitaceae plants, not seen in ancient herbal medicine in its name. Japanese scientists found that the composition of a variety of components with some of the same structure of ginsenosides, in recent years found that Gynostemma has anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-cancer, regulating endocrine function, can improve the resilience of the human body and immune system, lowering cholesterol and transaminase, prevention of cancer, inhibit ulcer, ease the tension, sedation, analgesia.
◆ Royal Jelly Royal Jelly is a bee product of the treasure, rich in nutrients, can promote protein synthesis, promote cell growth, enhance the body's metabolism, enhance the tissue regeneration capacity. At the same time, because of its rich in superoxide dismutase and vitamin C, E, is a rare anti-aging medicine.

Healthy 8 magic number

Imagine your life over what the lack of a digital concept? That would be a chaotic world, whether your cell phone number, your wages, or your home Loumen numbers, which are all expressed in figures, and even your health can also be manifested through the number!
One of my doctor friend to help me summed up the eight health-related magic numbers, they are not complex, but also, and in our daily life is inseparable from the stakeholders, and remember them, you will simply have a healthy body!
  1 / 5: a Kiwi can provide you with the energy needed per day.
Kiwifruit contain not only rich in vitamins, but also rare in other fruits contain nutrients - folic acid, carotene, calcium, progesterone, amino acids, natural inositol. Its calcium content is Apple's 17 times the vitamin C content was the orange 2 times. Among the "fruit nutrition pyramid" top-level. Right, Ms. Amy, the kiwi is the most suitable weight loss food. Although the nutrient-rich, but because it is low in calories and only 45 calories; and the unique dietary fiber not only promote digestion and absorption, but can also give rise to a sense of fullness. The cellulose content of kiwifruit quite rich, rich fruit fiber to increase the prime rate of decomposition of fatty acids to avoid excess fat so that the legs thicker. It contains abundant vitamin C, also can serve as a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-mutagenic substances to the skin whitening. In addition, the skin can also complement the loss of water after exposure and restore skin elasticity. Nutritionists believe that as long as a kiwi fruit a day, can provide the energy needed for one day, 1 / 5. Therefore, the kiwi is a balance between weight loss and nutrition, the best choice.
  1: Do you eat eggs every day figures.
To eat an egg a day, and eat together, and rice. An egg containing the body of 8 essential amino acids and rich in vitamins. M in the absence of a substance called methionine, while the eggs there is no shortage of the substance. Both a food, will make people better absorb rice protein, control of dietary calories, which is the Japanese longevity it.
  2: Do you eat pizza every week the number of times.
More recently, an Italian expert studies have shown that people who regularly eat pizza pharyngeal cancer, the probability was lower than the average person 34% was 59% lower probability of esophageal cancer. The news is not so large pizza lovers ecstatic: In the future we can more confidently to eat special to eat. But wait a minute, we are talking about is not the kind of thick, filled with meat, pizza, research using the traditional Italian pizza: there's a thin crust, a large number of tomato sauce, and some cheese. The researchers believe that pizza in the anti-cancer material mainly from lycopene in tomatoes, and pizza in the olive oil is also very beneficial to the body.
  2.5: Do you eat fruits and vegetables each day the number of。
Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, essential daily choice. If you think 2.5 portions of fruit or vegetable this concept is too vague, then we are in a different way of measurement to the point: You have a point to eat in a restaurant salad - that is the lowest standards. However, fruits and vegetables have their own characteristics, can not completely replace each other that they can not eat fruits, do not eat vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease and the probability of certain cancers, and they are best suited to the characteristics of the girls is: do not let your weight gain. But it's important to remember: Do not seasoned tomato sauce and French fries are also used as vegetables, they can not count the oh.
  3: daily cooking fuel consumption
3 tablespoons vegetable oil is cooking oil a day limit, it is best not to use excessive, but the best edible vegetable oil or vegetable oil, unsaturated fats such smooth skin, slender shape to shape, to maintain cardiovascular health boost. Also, remember that smoke poses serious threat to the body, the culprit of many diseases, so be sure to remember to open cooking range hood.
  4 PM: you go out and exercise time.
This is your best biological time physical exercise! At 4 pm to 8 pm, the human functional ability - muscle speed, strength and endurance are at a relatively best condition, when physical strength, physical reaction to sensitivity and adaptability have reached a peak rate of increase in heart rate and blood pressure the most stable, At this point more favorable exercise on health, will perform more efficiently, but also can reduce the probability of injury.
  5: The daily intake of protein food group.
Meat 50 grams per day, of course, is better lean; fish, 50 grams (except for bone weight); 200 grams of tofu or soy products; eggs, 1; 1 cup milk or milk powder. Best to eat fish than meat, because fish can contain new cells, nucleic acids. Not only that, fish also contains the blood clean in a more smooth flow of the EPA, can prevent myocardial infarction, will enable people to better absorption of animal protein. This kind of plant proteins with low-fat meal in a high-fat animal protein, or vegetable protein with a small amount of animal protein meal approach, not only economical, but also the relative reduction in animal fats and cholesterol has been recognized as a "fit and Cooking model. "
  6: use every day type of seasoning.
Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and other major condiment, as the daily cooking condiments are indispensable, they have to make each delicious dishes to increase, improve appetite, reduce oily, detoxification sterilization, Shujinhuoxue, protection of vitamin C, reduced the loss of water-soluble vitamins, the body to maintain osmotic pressure and blood acid-base balance, maintaining nerve and muscle to external stimulation of the rapid reaction capability, as well as regulating physiological and different functions such as beauty and fitness. Chinese people use salt generally high doses can be increased with the amount of vinegar, mustard, pepper and other spices to make vegetables taste-enriched, to prevent too much salt.
  15: You should laugh every day the least number of times.
Health experts tell us: a good laugh just like physical exercise, like, you can enhance the operational capacity of the respiratory and circulatory system, and for your heart and blood pressure as well as the immune system is also very good. Laughter can effectively suppress depressive hormone production, and then people feel happy to produce a hormone genes. According to the survey, good mood and even help you resist the cold, and even experts say that a laugh is worth 30 minutes of physical exercise.
  24: Every day, the number of sit-ups should be done.
Is not very surprised? Only 24 times? Rather than the 100 or 200 (when we set teeth whim trying to achieve)? "Do one hundred, or even more sit-ups is a huge waste of time, it will not make your stomach becomes more flat." Tom Seabourne, "abdominal exercise" an author of the book, said: "In fact, excessive movement of the abdomen, no good, it may lead to back injury, because a large number of repetitive movements give the spine the pressure and burden too heavy. "expert advice is: every other day, doing sit-ups three groups, each 8 times. However, we must always have done. In other words, you have to concentrate to the abdominal muscles, slowly up and lie down, so that results can really play.
  60: You should sleep time per night.
The extra sleep time - just 60 minutes! - It enables your reaction force by 25%. Your attention will be more focused, more pleasant mood, but also can reduce the probability of an accident. Perhaps you will say, how do I know I do not need more sleep? In fact almost everyone needs. In one experiment, subjects who were allowed to enjoy to sleep, a result, they almost better than their usual sleep time sleep for an hour. If you need every morning alarm clock to wake you, that you need more sleep, signals.
  60: You need sunlight a day's time.
Yes, or 60 minutes, this is the daily duration of sunshine you need. Studies have shown that at least one hour a day to enjoy sunshine all day to stay indoors than people who is more happy, more dynamic. Sunlight is especially important for women because hormonal changes in our bodies will affect our emotions, such as a variety of pre-menstrual symptoms make us depressed. Sunlight can be rid of those depressing emotions, because it increases the blood brain levels of serotonin secretion, which serotonin, and now the most commonly used anti-depressant drug Prozac is the same chemical composition. So do not overlook the role of the sun, even in cloudy days, you got the sunshine outdoors is also a room 20 times. Therefore, even if the work to a busy and do not forget to enjoy an hour of sunshine each day, so the sun off your depression.
  100: your daily need to reduce the number of calories。
For those who weight is very stable, but also for those who want to lose weight, this is good news - a small intake of 100 calories a day can give you a year, reduced by 10 pounds. More importantly, the reduction of 100 calories is actually pieces of a very easy thing to do: just need to eat 25 small piece of chocolate candy or two is enough, even less is enough to put points mayonnaise allows you to reduce 100 calories. In fact, sometimes be so difficult to lose weight did not imagine that, right?
Health day key figures
Apart from the above doctor friends of mine quietly told me that the health of figures, I also find you to a more specific key figures, namely, every day, you should do things:
A synthesis of vitamin. Daily doses of a comprehensive vitamin nutritional supplements can help you balance.
2 Calcium. In the morning and evening each taking a 500 mg of calcium. But remember not to take a two, it does no good for your bones because your body can not absorb so much calcium at once.
2 close contact with the toothbrush. Sooner or later, brush your teeth, just a few minutes, you can let you away from the pain of dental caries.
5 cups of water. All along, we always said people need eight glasses of water a day, but recent studies have shown that for a healthy women, five cups of water a day is enough to meet the body's needs. Of course, if you frequently engage in physical exercise, then they need to drink some.
5 meals. Of course, 3-ton meals a day is enough to provide the energy the body needs, but often eat some small snacks, into a light meal can make your blood sugar more stable, but can also prevent your meal to eat into the fullness.
15SPF of sunscreen. UV-intrusive, but never leave.
30-minute aerobics. The best are doing every day, but also every other day to do 20 minutes of strength training

100 Tips for living a healthier you

How would people should live a healthier, happier? It is everyone wants to know. To this end, "The Times" invite 10 experts in different fields, each expert made 10 recommendations of life. This 100 life "Tips" represents the latest scientific research and lifestyle trends, with a strong guiding significance.
Body Maintenance
1, long happily married and living together: Statistical data show that single men, a long-term harmonious family relationships than those of men to face more danger.
2, daily doses of high-quality deep sea fish oil (cod liver, flax seed, etc.) capsules. There is evidence that this can help increase intelligence, reduce heart rate, may also help prevent Alzheimer's disease.
3, Do not smoke. This is indeed a cliché, but it is to avoid sick or dead the best way, if you side still smoke, while also repeatedly expressed concern about personal health, which has no meaning.
4, pay attention to food labels. The more you understand the food ingredients and its impact on their health effects, manufacturers have to pay more attention to ensuring food security.
5, regular physical activity, but do not go too far. We must remember that with age, body joints the cartilage will become increasingly vulnerable.
6, there must be faith. Growing body of evidence shows that those who believe in a firm would be even lower blood pressure, life expectancy longer.
7, it is necessary for their normal physical condition and well aware of the non-normal conditions. Doctors think that people of their own if a sudden change or timely respond to any discomfort, they will benefit from the Philippine shallow. Once the felt symptoms, they should immediately consult a doctor.
8, in accordance with doctor's orders. More than half of patients do not follow doctors prescribe medication on time. Research shows that thousands of people died so long-term or long treatment.
9, pay attention to conservation of teeth. Pain not only would undermine the people's quality of life, according to the latest research shows that those who usually ignore dental health, their life expectancy is even shorter.
10, remember we have to be moderate. If you eat three cream cake, you certainly will get a corresponding "return." And vice versa.
Sex Collection
11, to choose gentle, passionate words of praise partner's sexual performance. Never before in the gentle talking about a negative topic.
12, do not take a partner's genitalia, secondary sexual characteristics or sexual performance of a joke, no matter how friendly the starting point, or just find it interesting. In this regard can not open any joke.
13, not straight to the point will be its own unlimited sexual fantasies to come clean. Is best expressed through the mouth of a third party, like in the南希弗莱迪book "My Secret Garden" and see it, will pave the way for other topics brought.
14, and give their feelings frankly tell each other. Some partners do not like to express my gratitude to each other - making love are not social welfare activities - when you feel good, please tell each other their true feelings.
15, a new guise. Do not always in a position, should try different positions, so as to enjoy more moments.
16, condoms, spermicides can cause the subconscious uneasy? From the long-term consideration, the two sides is best to carry out a one-time health checks.
17, telepathy is not what people's strengths, so the potential neglect their own inner happiness body, should be their own true feelings to tell a partner. In the sexually reticent and will not be any good, frank, expected to disclose their wonderful feeling, do not hide their feelings.
18, shoes. God does not require a man must do this, a woman must do that. The same is true in bed, multi-position stand on the other side think.
19, well-planned. Ready to try your skills listed in the future one day, to arrange a two-person appointments. Sent in advance to each other suggests that the more love the fire burn more wang.
20, sex fresh. Not to busy with work, children or family life and the loss of sexual pleasure. They live in a month once a hotel. First drink champagne, and then shower together, you can indulge in the last two world.
Brain Gymnastics
21, open eyes. The surrounding scenery, characters, can see everything is eyes. Efforts to these people, goods it down after the test yourself on how memory.
22, to focus attention. No matter with whom, or to see what things should be concentrated.
23, listen and ask questions. Will you hear all the information organized and reach a conclusion.
24, to establish good relationships. To around themselves to create a network of relationships. Interpersonal network uses a very broad, both can be used to discuss with others, can also act as a spur of their own and challenge effect, help to discover new things, explore new vision.
25 things optimistic. Research shows that optimists live longer. Even if the cup is usually half-empty state, you have to see the glass half-full.
26, daring to explore. Best studied under from painting to paragliding, from sailing to singing a variety of activities to enrich their own experience,.
27, meditation meditation. After attending a working meeting with the lover or just go boating and when that happens, you can sit down and think about themselves of which were learned?
28, setting goals for himself. Guarantee that at least every week in the effort, perhaps you just learned a poem, perhaps you just guessed a puzzle.
29, life to break the stereotypes. Avoid always repeated the same boring thing, not step by step way of life.
30, challenging their imagination. When you mind there are certain ideas, then, you have to move on its reverse side to consider and see what would be the inspiration.
Environmental Awareness
31, cleaning refrigerators, reduce engine running time in order to save energy and save money to achieve the double effect.
32, the thermostat down 1 degree. You will not notice before and after the temperature down, but you can save 10% would have heating costs, but also to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
33, purchase of environmentally friendly furniture. This refers not only to buy your furniture will not release harmful gases, but also think about the furniture you buy is not the product of destroying virgin forest.
34, the washing machine filled and then activate the button to save energy and water.
35, by filling out the questionnaire at home the way of energy conservation of energy, because energy questionnaire lists a number of cost savings, efficient use of energy and practical measures.
36, the use of re-filling of cleaning products, call fixed-line telephone, select your nearest store, so save the container, energy conservation.
37, household plant can effectively play its "plant power." Chlorophytum, palm trees, white flowers, and chrysanthemum, and so combined indoor pollution in the absorption effect is remarkable.
38, using a water-saving Wei.
39, the junk mail for recycling.
40, regularly monitors the water meter.
Doctor note
41, Do not go rushing to a little sick to the emergency room number, somewhat waste of resources.
42, advanced appointments only 10 minutes, but you have to be late for 15 minutes. When you are told, has no immediate arrangements for your treatment, do not make a weary and surprised expression.
43, do not use their own do not understand the medical terminology; "chronic" does not mean that "serious" - not all can be called a migraine headache.
44, have not heard before the doctor's first suggestion, do not rush to ask the second, we must patiently listen.
45, refrain from taking on the doctors described their own medicines, such as "is the kind of light blue, egg-shaped", it is best to remember name of the drug.
46, refrain from holding a doctor's prescription drugs, his mouth went on to take traditional Chinese medicine therapies are safe.
47, do not insist that because he was "dazzled," to conclude that their high blood pressure.
48, office colleagues in a cold, you should say to him, "You look pale, we should see a doctor."
49, do not wait until the doctor finished prescription, you only said to him, his allergy to penicillin.
50, refrain from the principle of land tonic. If you always suspect that the lack of what the body should first go to the hospital inspections.
Marriage Guidelines
51, treated with courtesy. A close relationship does not mean you can be rude; "please", "thank you", "I'm sorry" and other terms are all polite and friendly performance.
52, have their own private space, keep a warm and mutually respect each other's interests. Own happiness were pinned on the person who is actually artificially increase the burden on individuals.
53, when you want to partner said, "I want you to do something time", remember not to say, "You should ..."
54, husband and wife gentle, do not just care about the romantic moment, excluding serious consequences: for example, unless it is in the economic conditions permit, and when you want a child, otherwise we must take appropriate contraceptive measures.
55, from time to time holding hands in public. Although only a small movement, but bit by bit into showing in the infinite love and romance.
56, each conversation, we must patiently and carefully listen to each other, not just muddle through: to be in-depth understanding of each other's content and meaning of words.
57, Tomohito of the heart is equally important with the loyalty and trustworthiness, but also not the same, loyalty is an essential requirement of monogamy, but forgiveness is not commonly used, but possess the qualities to be back.
58, you can not change the partner's behavior, unless you change their behavior to make their own response.
59, a person must accept his love for all, including all the shortcomings, people director, have also been not long ago, to mutual tolerance, mutual respect and mutual love.
60, breath fresh. Only in the case of a partner to eat garlic, you can eat.
Consumption of calories
Here is someone who weighs 68 kg, 30-minute workout in the process, the consumption of calories, as for reference, you know how to sharpen the:
61, Running - 525 calories
62, play football - 292 calories
63, swimming (50 yards per minute rate) - 315 calories
64, weight training (including a brief resume training) - 382 calories
65, handball - 345 calories
66, basketball - 330 calories
67, jumping - 428 calories
68, Squash - 308 calories
69, cycling (4.6 minutes to ride 1.6 kilometers / 1 mile distance) - 300 calories
70, cross-country skiing - 495 calories
Note: This would depend on the level of an individual's health is determined by the intensity of training, if perhaps not have to adhere to 30 minutes.
Their children's health
71, although our goal is to promote the whole family insist on a healthy diet, but a small chigger inevitable minor illnesses. As the growing needs of the child's diet and adults are different, require special treatment.
72, once the child began to take shape three meals a day eating habits, it should also require them to eat fruits and vegetables quantitative, which is applicable to everyone.
73, children of all ages should be a great deal of exercise. Together with their parents exercise, or see the child for both parents to exercise an incentive for teenagers in terms of the same.
74, vaccination is to protect the child shall not be an important measure to serious illness. But usually the prevention of disease is also very important.
75, infants and children at different developmental stages of serious illness or other problems have to accept checks. To do this right child health is very important.
76, if the child really sick, when to trust their own instincts, to have confidence in their own judgments - you sure know their children.
77, if the child is sick, we must carefully consult doctors and nurses to seek suitable for the child's treatment.
78, children are temporary sexual problems are common. At this point, we must communicate with a partner, find the program suited to their children, then solve the problem, most problems can be solved properly.
79, should not have unrealistic hopes of its own forcing kids to avoid increasing the pressure on the child.
80, always must be ready for first-aid box, which will help you to deal with emergency issues.
To overcome the following issues
81, if you suffer from fear and try to reach some kind of rare or endangered animal terror. We must remember that fear of known things, than to fear of the unknown things that much easier.
82, if you are unable to concentrate, always losing things, such as Ironing iron on at the time of its original place while they buckle down to action anything else at this time, as long as they follow a simple principle can: pick up the iron, back to work.
83, if you act in "deviant", usually out of disgust communication, time, find an opportunity at the ball dancing the dance, in the future, and then someone said you unusual, you can take a retort.
84, if you made a nightmare, a dream you know there are people telling him consider again and again prior to the deep. Not to say that to maintain "silence is golden", but this at least is a kind of philosophy.
85, if you are always angry for some trivial matters intolerable, calm down, think about it carefully. Do you always think that many things are not fair and impartial?
86, if you are always slips of the tongue, does not matter, no need to try to cover up. Slip of the tongue in general would you most want to say the words to express.
87, if you feel your nerve disease troubles, on the release bar. Should be positive and optimistic face it, do not despair.
88, if your neurasthenia is getting worse, we must ask for help. To find a psychiatrist. But who to turn to then? Of course, looking good in!
89, to find a good therapist, first try to use an oral presentation, if a friend had received this treatment, ask him "where medical people." If not, only to find general doctor.
90, "unconscious" needs a little friction to appear, therefore, we must remember that you are not going to find a new therapist, where a close friend, of course, will not have "common destiny", and if this does not work for you immediately to choose the other 1.
Health threats
91, "Cell Phone Elbow disease" - the victims fear that they are suffering from a stroke, but the University of Chicago, Rush, John Fernando Sri Lanka said that holding the phone a long time of oppression elbow ulnar nerve, which can seriously weaken the power of hands.
92, "Christ cancer" - Maastricht University researchers warn that often went to church may be a result of inhalation of devout believers church incense contracted cancer, because incense contains high levels of carcinogenic substances .
93, Diary of mad disease - Glasgow Caledonian University study that adhere to the habit of writing diary will increase the risk of headaches and anxiety. In addition, while meditating while writing will have a sad feeling, if you always read repeatedly record your daily experience of pain and adventure, this created the situation worse.
94, winner of the sadness - Cardiff researchers have pointed out that the winning team's fans are more likely than the losers after the game when a 24-hour celebration will be under attack.
95, you never can not remember the ATM card number it? University of Melbourne, Australia, neuropsychological emphasized that this is not forgetful, it is only because you have too strong conservation awareness that has caused a temporary oblivion.
96, Playtex (famous Italian underwear brand) dangerous - according to British "plastic surgery magazine" report for the love of men bra solution will probably scratched finger. 40% of men have been linked to dangerous grip bra experience.
97, "the body was confused" - Keta De (Cotard) syndrome, which refers to the patient's own sense of internal organs or body parts and the external realities of the world has changed, in part does not exist, serious patients will believe their own and the external world no longer exists. A patient recently reported that, in order to prove themselves no longer alive, he has repeatedly tried to commit suicide.
98, "Terminal terminal disease" - According to a research institute a 10-year study, said people who live near the airport, the probability of suicide is twice as common people, the probability of accidental death higher than the average person 60 %.
99, nostril taboo - to go out to avoid engaging in risky activities in the tropical regions of the small river in the wash. According to the Hong Kong Medical Journal said that the river might be in the leech crawl into the nostrils, causing permanent nosebleed.
100, "News depressed disease" - from the TV announcement will enable you to demonstrate the clinical frustration. Nottingham Trent University claim that just 15 minutes long TV can make you notice the spirit of chaos and turmoil

Seven strokes: to become a woman to seize a man's heart

Many women often complain about with other people, why her husband did not attach importance to their own, why her husband like to see those beautiful women on the streets, why her husband do not want to go home from work, why they are not able to attract enough husband. All these problems do not know how many women troubled.

Women have complained that the man asking for too much, he not only ask you to get the living room, Entering the kitchen, but also ask you to humor, smart, elegant, lovely face of it, they should be able to seize her husband's heart is really a good woman difficulty,. Today happened to see a "happy woman HAPPY buy", the book, which is a strange name, called "Kids his mother" netizens to use cartoons to express the state of their lives, a book, and in just a few hours watching the All the contents, let me how to do a new era with the charm of a woman all of a sudden new understanding, just here to share with you.

1, to humor

This author is a full-opportunity woman, a few years just on the Prodigal Taobao more than 1 million, her witty language used to explain the course of her follow suit, and her husband's dialogue is often disclosed in the humor in tact, so that her husband obediently willing to be captured and kept the deposit money to pay her for her lost treasure inside.

Second, try to change

Many women before marriage youthful, married Huang Lianpo reduced the ranks of the willing, no man likes a dirty woman, more than to change its image and try a variety of fashionable elements, even if your husband does not boast your mouth, and my heart will be to maintain the freshness of your time, while the author of the book is well versed in this art.

Third, open-minded attitude

There is a saying in this book I was very impressed: a woman born a man to spend the money, you do not have to take him to another woman flowers, tone of voice trouble another woman, or I Come! A look at a particular thought is open Zhu Er, not the kind of looked at her husband every day, are not allowed near other people's women, men, you are more stingy, Yuekan tight, he will run faster.

Fourth, learn to get along with

Coexistence between men and women is a steep learning curve, needs its own multi-attitude adjustment, multi-patient the other side, just like book authors point out: a woman should be a magnet, rather than a rope, tied him less attracted him.

5, to be a little woman

The book looks by loud noise like a character straight, Taidalielie personalities, in fact, after reading you will find that she is simply provoke a little compassion for a man woman, a typical会撒娇, will self-willed, would be high-handed, will be sensible of the little woman Such a woman's most colorful and most men like to move.

6, the family atmosphere of harmony

Each one is a family who want to have a mind to its own safe harbor, if your husband would go home and always felt that the smoke is thick, or bench him to do, or mother-and daughter waiting for him to resolve the contradictions between the is feared that he would prefer a few days of hotel accommodation. Learn by using a lighthearted, lively way to deal with family members with each individual relationship.

7, to self-confidence

Must have self-confidence. Do not always think that with age men are not interested in you will also try to try to fashion clothing, loud laughing, making new friends, of exquisite makeup, women over the age of 30 after more rely on personal charisma to infect humans, then the conditions for the development of such charm that there should be self-confident.

Institute of the above points, you will find the charm of a new era make a woman have not been difficult, but surely you get in return is to make you feel pleasantly surprised, have been infatuated with the taste of her husband I believe that no woman unwilling to try. Go, with "his kids mother" to do with the charm of a new era of women

Three kinds of bad habits make you more tired, more rest

Day holiday, many people feel that to work, study the pressure suddenly much smaller, can not wait to go to work to change the law during the habits, sleep until noon, get up and casually eating fast food after the act as "brunch" and then are fully air-conditioned Internet access, one sitting in the day. Experts remind that this irregular rhythm of life is likely to lead to "the more rest the more tired."

  At noon, get up and go to bed

During working hours is always 67 o'clock get up, of course, play beautiful rare vacation and then sleep, anyway, do not have to go to work, sleep until 11:00 and then get up have no problem.

Expert Comment:

Of nature to human beings during the day activities organized time, stay up all night sleep until noon, and after the effect is equal to his or her entire clock literally dragged next several hours, anti natural opposite direction, of course, in poor health.

In accordance with the biological cycle, every morning is 0-3 deep sleep time, sleep is the best time. No one should delay the golden three hours sleep. This means that people have to sleep in between 22:00-22:30, and then 0-3 points in the morning in a deep sleep state. Many people entering the deep sleep, the afflicted by terrible, hear breaking sound. That's why the 3 hours in the morning the highest incidence of important reasons.

Medical studies have shown that strong period of growth hormone secretion, metabolism of human epidermal cells are the most active time in the morning between 0-3 points. This time do not sleep, right in the period of growth and development of children, is a suppression of body growth, behavior; this time do not sleep, will affect the speed of cell regeneration, leading to skin aging. This will be a direct reflection of the consequences of terror in the faces on the ladies. The kids want to grow any taller, ladies who wish to maintain their facial skin is good, we must be sure to cultivate the habit of falling asleep at about 22:30, the best point at 0-3 in the morning a state of deep sleep. As the old saying, "Chou Shi roof three inches shorter," which is used to describe 1-3 o'clock at midnight, Wanlaijuji, nature quiet, even the eaves are lazily nutation silver in the "sleep" and people should be so.

  Breakfast Lunch combined

Holiday, and is not at work also to the canteen for dinner, and he is too lazy to cook. Simply putting a breakfast and lunch together called the fast-food takeout, and then fail, they eat snacks, top belly.

Expert Comment:

Breakfast and lunch, "ID cards", when the appetite often than usual. Stomach empty for nearly half a day to take over immediately after such a large task, it is possible to deal with, however, there stomach pain, abdominal distension and other discomfort. In the hungry so long after the body's absorption of nutrients will be more "fierce", and the nutritional content of fast food and snacks tend to be less balanced, with high-fat, high sugar majority.

  Air-conditioned rooms online to pass the time

Outside, many people went out on a sweat, not as good as at home, blowing air-conditioning, Internet, watching TV more relaxing.

Expert Comment:

Has been a long time sitting at work, if the holidays are all day to sit on the cervical unhealthy. Air-conditioned room air ventilation for a long time to stay inside the right heart and brain blood vessels is not good. As the sweat can body of waste and toxins out in vitro, in the comfortable environment of constant temperature to be too long and is not conducive to the body's metabolism, but also the body's ability to adapt over time will decline