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Healthy 8 magic number

Imagine your life over what the lack of a digital concept? That would be a chaotic world, whether your cell phone number, your wages, or your home Loumen numbers, which are all expressed in figures, and even your health can also be manifested through the number!
One of my doctor friend to help me summed up the eight health-related magic numbers, they are not complex, but also, and in our daily life is inseparable from the stakeholders, and remember them, you will simply have a healthy body!
  1 / 5: a Kiwi can provide you with the energy needed per day.
Kiwifruit contain not only rich in vitamins, but also rare in other fruits contain nutrients - folic acid, carotene, calcium, progesterone, amino acids, natural inositol. Its calcium content is Apple's 17 times the vitamin C content was the orange 2 times. Among the "fruit nutrition pyramid" top-level. Right, Ms. Amy, the kiwi is the most suitable weight loss food. Although the nutrient-rich, but because it is low in calories and only 45 calories; and the unique dietary fiber not only promote digestion and absorption, but can also give rise to a sense of fullness. The cellulose content of kiwifruit quite rich, rich fruit fiber to increase the prime rate of decomposition of fatty acids to avoid excess fat so that the legs thicker. It contains abundant vitamin C, also can serve as a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-mutagenic substances to the skin whitening. In addition, the skin can also complement the loss of water after exposure and restore skin elasticity. Nutritionists believe that as long as a kiwi fruit a day, can provide the energy needed for one day, 1 / 5. Therefore, the kiwi is a balance between weight loss and nutrition, the best choice.
  1: Do you eat eggs every day figures.
To eat an egg a day, and eat together, and rice. An egg containing the body of 8 essential amino acids and rich in vitamins. M in the absence of a substance called methionine, while the eggs there is no shortage of the substance. Both a food, will make people better absorb rice protein, control of dietary calories, which is the Japanese longevity it.
  2: Do you eat pizza every week the number of times.
More recently, an Italian expert studies have shown that people who regularly eat pizza pharyngeal cancer, the probability was lower than the average person 34% was 59% lower probability of esophageal cancer. The news is not so large pizza lovers ecstatic: In the future we can more confidently to eat special to eat. But wait a minute, we are talking about is not the kind of thick, filled with meat, pizza, research using the traditional Italian pizza: there's a thin crust, a large number of tomato sauce, and some cheese. The researchers believe that pizza in the anti-cancer material mainly from lycopene in tomatoes, and pizza in the olive oil is also very beneficial to the body.
  2.5: Do you eat fruits and vegetables each day the number of。
Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, essential daily choice. If you think 2.5 portions of fruit or vegetable this concept is too vague, then we are in a different way of measurement to the point: You have a point to eat in a restaurant salad - that is the lowest standards. However, fruits and vegetables have their own characteristics, can not completely replace each other that they can not eat fruits, do not eat vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease and the probability of certain cancers, and they are best suited to the characteristics of the girls is: do not let your weight gain. But it's important to remember: Do not seasoned tomato sauce and French fries are also used as vegetables, they can not count the oh.
  3: daily cooking fuel consumption
3 tablespoons vegetable oil is cooking oil a day limit, it is best not to use excessive, but the best edible vegetable oil or vegetable oil, unsaturated fats such smooth skin, slender shape to shape, to maintain cardiovascular health boost. Also, remember that smoke poses serious threat to the body, the culprit of many diseases, so be sure to remember to open cooking range hood.
  4 PM: you go out and exercise time.
This is your best biological time physical exercise! At 4 pm to 8 pm, the human functional ability - muscle speed, strength and endurance are at a relatively best condition, when physical strength, physical reaction to sensitivity and adaptability have reached a peak rate of increase in heart rate and blood pressure the most stable, At this point more favorable exercise on health, will perform more efficiently, but also can reduce the probability of injury.
  5: The daily intake of protein food group.
Meat 50 grams per day, of course, is better lean; fish, 50 grams (except for bone weight); 200 grams of tofu or soy products; eggs, 1; 1 cup milk or milk powder. Best to eat fish than meat, because fish can contain new cells, nucleic acids. Not only that, fish also contains the blood clean in a more smooth flow of the EPA, can prevent myocardial infarction, will enable people to better absorption of animal protein. This kind of plant proteins with low-fat meal in a high-fat animal protein, or vegetable protein with a small amount of animal protein meal approach, not only economical, but also the relative reduction in animal fats and cholesterol has been recognized as a "fit and Cooking model. "
  6: use every day type of seasoning.
Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and other major condiment, as the daily cooking condiments are indispensable, they have to make each delicious dishes to increase, improve appetite, reduce oily, detoxification sterilization, Shujinhuoxue, protection of vitamin C, reduced the loss of water-soluble vitamins, the body to maintain osmotic pressure and blood acid-base balance, maintaining nerve and muscle to external stimulation of the rapid reaction capability, as well as regulating physiological and different functions such as beauty and fitness. Chinese people use salt generally high doses can be increased with the amount of vinegar, mustard, pepper and other spices to make vegetables taste-enriched, to prevent too much salt.
  15: You should laugh every day the least number of times.
Health experts tell us: a good laugh just like physical exercise, like, you can enhance the operational capacity of the respiratory and circulatory system, and for your heart and blood pressure as well as the immune system is also very good. Laughter can effectively suppress depressive hormone production, and then people feel happy to produce a hormone genes. According to the survey, good mood and even help you resist the cold, and even experts say that a laugh is worth 30 minutes of physical exercise.
  24: Every day, the number of sit-ups should be done.
Is not very surprised? Only 24 times? Rather than the 100 or 200 (when we set teeth whim trying to achieve)? "Do one hundred, or even more sit-ups is a huge waste of time, it will not make your stomach becomes more flat." Tom Seabourne, "abdominal exercise" an author of the book, said: "In fact, excessive movement of the abdomen, no good, it may lead to back injury, because a large number of repetitive movements give the spine the pressure and burden too heavy. "expert advice is: every other day, doing sit-ups three groups, each 8 times. However, we must always have done. In other words, you have to concentrate to the abdominal muscles, slowly up and lie down, so that results can really play.
  60: You should sleep time per night.
The extra sleep time - just 60 minutes! - It enables your reaction force by 25%. Your attention will be more focused, more pleasant mood, but also can reduce the probability of an accident. Perhaps you will say, how do I know I do not need more sleep? In fact almost everyone needs. In one experiment, subjects who were allowed to enjoy to sleep, a result, they almost better than their usual sleep time sleep for an hour. If you need every morning alarm clock to wake you, that you need more sleep, signals.
  60: You need sunlight a day's time.
Yes, or 60 minutes, this is the daily duration of sunshine you need. Studies have shown that at least one hour a day to enjoy sunshine all day to stay indoors than people who is more happy, more dynamic. Sunlight is especially important for women because hormonal changes in our bodies will affect our emotions, such as a variety of pre-menstrual symptoms make us depressed. Sunlight can be rid of those depressing emotions, because it increases the blood brain levels of serotonin secretion, which serotonin, and now the most commonly used anti-depressant drug Prozac is the same chemical composition. So do not overlook the role of the sun, even in cloudy days, you got the sunshine outdoors is also a room 20 times. Therefore, even if the work to a busy and do not forget to enjoy an hour of sunshine each day, so the sun off your depression.
  100: your daily need to reduce the number of calories。
For those who weight is very stable, but also for those who want to lose weight, this is good news - a small intake of 100 calories a day can give you a year, reduced by 10 pounds. More importantly, the reduction of 100 calories is actually pieces of a very easy thing to do: just need to eat 25 small piece of chocolate candy or two is enough, even less is enough to put points mayonnaise allows you to reduce 100 calories. In fact, sometimes be so difficult to lose weight did not imagine that, right?
Health day key figures
Apart from the above doctor friends of mine quietly told me that the health of figures, I also find you to a more specific key figures, namely, every day, you should do things:
A synthesis of vitamin. Daily doses of a comprehensive vitamin nutritional supplements can help you balance.
2 Calcium. In the morning and evening each taking a 500 mg of calcium. But remember not to take a two, it does no good for your bones because your body can not absorb so much calcium at once.
2 close contact with the toothbrush. Sooner or later, brush your teeth, just a few minutes, you can let you away from the pain of dental caries.
5 cups of water. All along, we always said people need eight glasses of water a day, but recent studies have shown that for a healthy women, five cups of water a day is enough to meet the body's needs. Of course, if you frequently engage in physical exercise, then they need to drink some.
5 meals. Of course, 3-ton meals a day is enough to provide the energy the body needs, but often eat some small snacks, into a light meal can make your blood sugar more stable, but can also prevent your meal to eat into the fullness.
15SPF of sunscreen. UV-intrusive, but never leave.
30-minute aerobics. The best are doing every day, but also every other day to do 20 minutes of strength training

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