Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inventory to ease the pressure vent France 10 Fashion

1, vent methods - cartoons, toys

Fashion critics say that a person of the most lovely place is his innocence, so now is one of the play of young fashion.

Reading adult cartoons, adult toys visiting the museum have also become fashionable. In Beijing, Shanghai has also appeared in both the sale of the site one can also try all kinds of toys, adult toy museum, and many people here, hands-on your head, happily spend their time.

2, vent Method - Racing

Favorite car and favorite car the overwhelming majority of men do not believe that go take a look at auto show where the men and women in proportion (except of course, beautiful models);, of course, there are some brave fashion girl has a strong interest in the car, so they always is desperate to speed up the run down. Was driving the car club will enable Aijuyizu real stimulus to keep the speed and extreme challenges, simultaneously there was a safety, to enjoy a variety of fashion in the 21st century.

3, vent methods - reverse-time

One of Empress Wu's domineering embodiment Dahir flowers for her inverse pm. Today, "reverse time" is not difficult for humans has been in winter and eating watermelon has become a easy task, but the summer ice in the real market has also become fashionable to have a go. The new indoor skating rink could be open all year round, free from the Earth's climate warming, the South can also be true of people to enjoy the summer in the ice field.

4, vent methods - travel abroad

Swelling of the purse and put the more the longer the holiday for many Chinese people have the opportunity to go abroad to play, the newspapers have now introduced various types of foreign travel hotline. Of course, the first to cool a back or those who are willing to come up with a lot of money, the young white-collar workers, after the return of holding a lot of photos to share with friends is really fun.

5, vent Method - dance

The prevalence of dance culture in China, Europe and the United States may be related to the outbreak, but also with young people and innovative personality and preferences of the life of the hot. People who can enjoy the style of most of the dance hall beat violently from fashionable Western culture. Pushed open the door into the room big chunks then threw herself into eyes bright colors, loud music played so loudly that the sound of human eardrum, a vitality suddenly jumping out. Here you can do, as the ad said, "just do it", to mobilize the body's cells, wildly dancing, so that my High up.

6, vent Method - Net

Many urban men and women obsessed with "net", staying at home can also do list of the world. Although the Internet has many people worried about the virus, online shopping will not dare to hope, but there are always people think online chat online world is an exciting one to two family to stay to get to know a lot of netizens, but also has a very obsessed with online dating. Of course, countless other with a lesson that the best online, "she / he" met, just maybe, "she / he" is a man / woman.

7, vent Method - cafes, restaurants

Fashionable men and women never give up the pursuit of high-grade, even if do not know, but also to create a taste with others to raise their own worth. Have mushroomed in the streets around the coffee shops and restaurants just to satisfy the vanity of such people. Or 35 friends, or a person to drink, leisurely chatting, exceptionally comfortable. Cafes and restaurants or the high-end or unique decoration, both people enjoy high-quality coffee and tea culture, but also meet the people's vision, hearing, smell, people in the modern and some classical to spend a romantic atmosphere a long time.

8, vent Method - Extreme Sports

GGMM for the love of adventure, the conquest of fear is one of the greatest gains. Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain climbing adventure ... ... one after another performance in extreme sports is that they themselves enjoy their own display another stage. Whenever peaked, that go beyond self-pleasure is a kind of unforgettable fun, the game received a certificate that the brave is also a testament to their own. Extreme sports like Wang Shuo's novel "Play is the heartbeat," to occupy the same broad entertainment in the fashion market.

9, vent Method - clubbing

One of the modern fashion for men and women clubbing, while those that are both novel interesting features can also bar people hands-on people especially echocardiography. Just started Taoba, cloth bar, and now the printing and dyeing it, blowing himself a glass bar ... ... the whole of a small brewery moved into the bar for customers to personally participate in and enjoy a cup of fresh brewed beer in the beer manufacturing process to Each one brings into the guests here a novel world.

10, vent methods - fencing, boxing

Aggressiveness, as if a man's nature reveals: aggressive, like a wild woman's expression. Would like to look at both the power and prestige, but also can not override the social order, had just settled in the city's bars and fencing to the city boxing really brutal men and women who provide an excellent space to display their fists. By training, has done as the action star physique and skill, round everyone a childhood dream, but also the same as the warrior vent their grievances, and perhaps this is boxing and fencing hall bar where men and women to attract aggressive.

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