Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Festival, the most injured man 5 thing

Chinese New Year holidays five things most men wounded. Hope male friends pay attention.

1.Excessive drinking. Festivals, friends and family gathered together, it is inevitable Gongchoujiaocuo. Amount of drink, stimulate and sustain health. Excessive drinking, or even drunk, not only damage the liver Shang Wei, but also hurt the prostate. A large number of alcohol, can cause prostate congestion, caused by recurrence of chronic prostatitis, and even induced acute prostatitis. Will lead to erectile dysfunction. There Doggerel as evidence: a small revolution in wine every day, drunk, drinking bad physically to drink bad stomach, drink two couples to sleep ... ...

2.Sedentary. Festivals, the most loving male friends are playing cards, touch mahjong, as well as like the Internet. Some of the night, cards of up, but also holding back urine. Sedentary can cause pelvic blood reflux disorder, perineal nerve compression injury, there cool hemp lower limbs, lower abdomen and perineum bulge pain, testicular pain, etc., too long holding back urine, the bladder can cause neuronal damage, bladder neck and prostate congestion, induced prostatitis, caused by abnormal micturition reflex.

3.Over-eating. Poultry meat every family table is the Spring Festival, and every household Delicacies stacked Chen, meal diet is high in fat, high-protein, multi-salt. If not controlled, in addition to increased cardiovascular burden, it will also cause prostate abnormalities. At present studies have shown that: high-protein high fat diet was caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer, the main factors. Before the liberation of the Chinese people there are very few older men, benign prostatic hyperplasia. Now the incidence of benign prostatic hyperplasia in elderly men, and comparable to European and American countries, while the U.S. rate of prostate cancer in elderly men nearly 10%, and double-high diet.

4.Bath, sauna. Chinese New Year falls on the cold of winter, male friends like baths hall, sauna. Unmarried and non-reproductive males should not be baths and sauna. Gonads of the male testes important, because testicular aggravated by high temperatures, so long in vitro, it is suitable for the temperature 2 degrees lower than body temperature. Regular baths and sauna will cause testicular damage, can also cause death azoospermia.

5.Too frequent sex. Go out for too long, go home to reunite with his wife, the long-awaited win wedding. Some male friends may be several times the night clouds and rain, frequent sexual intercourse. The result would cause nerve fatigue and excessive pelvic congestion, there should not be extended (one-off sexual impotence), premature ejaculation and pelvic pain syndrome.

Although the Spring Festival is our major holidays, we should pay attention to caring for the body, not to indulge unchecked damage to the body

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