Monday, February 22, 2010

Why does love leads people to the most memorable?

Taiwan singer Rene Liu There is a song called "Later", which captured the hearts of many people. In this song, Rene Liu, with her sensual voice gently telling a story about first love. What is the reason to make such a magical love it?

 Distance from the wonderful experience of

When a person good-bye to childhood innocence, they entered puberty. The remarkable feature of adolescent sexual consciousness bud as well as produce the opposite sex mystery, longing and love psychology. At this time quietly among the young men and women love to compare a pure and simple, in a kind of "Ying-Ying of water, the tenderness may not" language ethereal realm, for them, love is still a far cry from the " Guests from afar. "

Mysterious sense of distance, the men and women for entry into adolescence is no doubt that is a hidden block.

This time, If there are any family members or teachers, dominant interference, more easily arouse their sense of resistance. The distance and this wonderful experience, in later life it difficult to re-felt. This is the first reason for an unforgettable first love.

Encounter "Dream Lover"

Young men and women into adolescence, usually for their own fiction of a "dream lover" and create an abstract ideal object, will be formed in the mind of a choice of a partner "model." This model may be very specific, and sometimes based on a real human models, sometimes to a few people came together. And, will be according to this "perfect heterosexual model", in life to find in a crowd to explore. Unconsciously, and finally one day, that moment finally manages to come from the vast crowd, found a familiar face, you can not help but exclaim: "Good familiar ah!" In front of her (him) with the own mind, wonderful aesthetic ideal match took place. Heterosexual love is the shift from the abstract sense of reality start.

But love is, more often fruitless, from memory, the person will become a person who can never be replaced, even compared with others has become a standard. And this is the first that was not the real people, but it was our own idols of a standard.

"Lease Marconi effect" caused by

Of course, there is an important reason for an unforgettable first love.

A psychological term "Lease Marconi effect." Western psychologists have done a deed Marconi many interesting experiments and found that most people that have been completed, and there is easy to forget what the outcome, while interrupted, unfinished, things are always below the target memory is still fresh. This phenomenon is known as the "Lease Marconi effect."

This psychological phenomenon can cite many. For example, you have to answer the exam in math 100 questions, of which 99 have been completed with a very good question, that is, a problem that the rest of your stumped, and did not complete, is not the answer. Bell rings, you are out of the examination room after the examination paper, with the students right answer, and that 99 questions are correct results, and that has not completed a question, the students tell you the answer. Since then, it has not completed a deep and long-standing question by you to remember, while the 99 questions you have been thrown Cloud Nine.

Has not been the outcome of the first love is a "failure to complete the" incident. Unsuccessful thus is our first love obsession of an important reason for

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