Saturday, February 20, 2010

Adhere to seven major sports 1 week to lose weight 4 kg

Whether you are a kind of weight loss methods to lose weight to take the most healthy way, or Deshu movement. Sports not only a strong body, relieve the mind, but also allows you to continue to slim down and maintain slim figure.

Everyone to do sports, 1 week easily by four pounds, are a few simple movements oh. Movement can be a good act on the neuroendocrine system and restore its normal metabolic regulation, thus producing the stimulation of fat consumption, thus contributing to fat metabolism, reduce fat, increase gastric motility and blood circulation and so on. Therefore, we still take more exercise, do not rely on diet pills, exercise is the real beauty.

  1, reverse walking

How can a reverse walking to lose weight? The original structure of the human body to adapt only to move forward, if uncharacteristically, they pay a higher ﹑ more physical to walk, so consume more energy, so I can lose weight by. Some people say that step down to go a hundred paces than being useful for Oh, but the down time to go pay attention to safety, be careful fall!

  2, swimming

Enjoy your holidays swimming is a very good way to lose weight, the main swimming makes you thin very evenly, does not appear you do not want strong muscles, so that a more beautiful body, so that curve even more attractive. Are laborious walk in the water, then swim swim will definitely consume more calories. Therefore, the energy consumption of swimming compared with running large number of projects such as land, so weight loss becomes more apparent.

 3, take the stairs

When a walk to the park are generally stairs, you can travel more places, come home, you can take the layers of the stairs, less elevator. If you can insist on the stairs every day 10 minutes, in the stairs can burn a lot of fat, especially for hip and thigh fat burning even more pronounced on the exercise the body muscles is very beneficial. During exercise when the stairs. We must prevent the foot of Ta Kong, pay attention to safety.

  4, skipping to lose weight

This is very simple, a rope can be, the cost is also low, at home or the district can do, you can also do to the park. To step by step exercises, rope skipping speed and the length of time should be determined based on individual circumstances. A start time of 5-10 minutes for each exercise and then gradually extend the time, can not be too impatient. Skipping steps to eliminate buttocks, and thighs of excess fat.

 5, riding a bike to lose weight

After dinner, want to go outside to play about, but a bit far, how to do, riding a bicycle bar, you can also lose weight oh, while blowing cool breeze while watching the scenery was very pleasant way to lose weight. Riding a bike 40 minutes after the consumption of fat can be effectively, especially at the thigh and calf. If you need to cut the abdomen, can then adjust the riding position when riding intention of breathing, bending and compression abdomen, with sit-ups after exercise, can receive a good result.

 6, leg lift / stretching

This is suitable to do at home. At home watching TV, reading newspapers, reading magazines, do not sit quietly without moving, you can put your leg frame and legs almost in the high or slightly higher on the sofa, cabinets, or legs flat, deliberately to the direction of his toes to tilt, every day leg lift / stretching for 15 minutes, obviously feeling a lot of leg muscles to tighten.

7, frog jump

Shuangshoubaotou or hands behind his back circling and dancing, this movement of energy consumed by large, is tiresome. But the diet worked well, able to exercise muscles. Want to lose weight, it may often doing the leapfrog, just started to jump a bit slower, to prevent muscle soreness

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