Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a woman What kind of man?

If you want to let a woman always likes to be a man, then you have to learn to "72 change!" Sometimes, you really had no clear idea what kind of man a woman.

First, is the man who likes to go home early, or late to go home like a man? Heard a woman Pa Jimo, the most do not like their men to return home late. That the "jealously guarding its availability," the taste of bad experience, man ah man, you go home soon! Women, men really need to go home as early as Mody? Not really. Heard that nowadays in Japan, the things men fear most is the early home. Early to go home, do not socialize on their own behalf, no social, no status, no skill, a woman's most despise. As a result, men afraid to go home early, after work, or eating dinner, stroll the streets have nothing to go, or which will simply hide in mixed-breaking shop where dozing is required. Until late at night, it is almost time before pull themselves together, put on a ruddy looks like a go home.

Pa Jimo old woman, but also afraid of men unpromising.

Second, is like the obedient men, or is like the disobedient men? Heard that a woman like a man when his own kids to see, like the coax his men, like their own men, like everywhere like a child's toe, tell you what, you do. Women, men really need obedient Mody? Not really. There is a man next door is an outstanding obedient man. He had never been his wife what to say, he would listen to anything, like a gentle lamb until a few months old. However, his docile of men could not get a good retribution Han, his wife was not because of his docile and excitement and satisfaction. Instead, he has quite a few objections to his wife whenever they attacked verbally by sarcasm. We asked her about this man, what is wrong, and she complained that: a good ass, no one point own minds!

Old men do not obey, when a woman wants a man obedient, words can be heard when the men and women but not too assertive of men.

Third, is a gentle man who likes it, or like the violent men? Heard that many women want to find a gentle and considerate man. Gentle man, always hurt my wife, always concerned about the wife, it is indeed a woman of great blessings. So, gentle man a woman really much welcomed by Mody? I do not think so. Some time ago, an old classmate Kusangzhuolian said, finished, everything is finished. What is finished? I began to wonder what he was talking nonsense, and later learned that he was wearing his wife "green hat" the! It turned out that his wife suspected he was too gentle, being insipid, then look on the one driver. That driver is in fact not a good thing Han, violent temper, for his girlfriend as fast as changing clothes have been "notorious outside" of. However, she happens hooked on such a man, she said, a man brutally some, some wild only strong enough!

You see, men only know that gentle nor comfortable bar. A woman's "taste" has been the occurrence of certain qualitative changed.

Fourth, is like the rich man, or is it like to have money to men? Heard a woman's favorite vision of love. To love a woman it means, no money man could love, and money men is more cute, "Love is even more" Well! Wen's remarks, the world's poor are somewhat smug in men. However, I think, or do not get too excited. If you're really a money man, you really want to find a so-called "love", it is difficult. This year, only the wealthy can I recognize you are a God: If no money, who recognize you? Women Hande happy, saying that money is valuable for men who really cute, you had better put into action her, her eyes still aimed at the wealthy men as early as shine. However, the woman got really rich men, it seems that is not necessarily happy. She also began to complain about the rich men who are like clouds, just a few days to stay in their own side, as people's hearts ah, but I do not know if there will be much to myself

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