Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super-eight hours a day Dairu Zhao high probability of disease

Fellow female breasts adds a unique feminine charm, breasts also make a lot of people tortured. We call it tall and straight, to its fullness, to its sexy, to its beautiful shape, but unfortunately only in the moment of breast disease, women think people ask themselves a question, but for the breast, we are not too harsh?

Dai Xiongzhao more than 8 hours a day more susceptible to breast cancer

Survey found that 80% of the world of women wearing improper bras every day. Fabric, cup heart, shoulder strap, the chest strap, steel wire, back hook, adjust the ring, tied article about protecting wings, decorative flowers, thread, lace ... ... almost every woman every day use of bras, each days to go into the above said, a small part of those dense walked. Do not wear bras more comfortable at ease, but for beauty, can not wear - than some people Dongdao Zi, it is nothing to wear bras.

However, clinical findings: more than 8 hours a day Dai Xiongzhao women suffering from breast disease, twice as likely as others. Hospital breast clinic to incomplete statistics, 25 to-45 year-old woman was found in one in every four individuals with varying degrees of breast disease. Anxious breast cancer incidence is on the rise. Among them, the blame can not shirk bra, in particular the survey found that 80% of women wearing improper bras without knowing it.

Three reasons to breast "relaxed"

1, comfortable.

2, lower risk of breast disease.

3, C cup the following need not worry. Asian women more than 60% were A or B cup. In addition to fitness required to wear a sports Bra hours, the problem is usually not worry about sagging breasts.

Do not wear bras of the four periods

Sleep: At bedtime to breast freedom. 8 hours of sleep to the sweet breasts eight hours the chance of blood flow is a binding one-day basic breast conservation. Weekend: Let her hang out the most comfortable way. Experts suggest that one day a week for at least bare-breasted on the breast health benefits.

Vacation: No more reason the role of time is also a free breast. No Bra bundled together with the spirit of the body will lead to relax.

Spring and Autumn Winter: summer clothes, so you have to wear thin, then the remaining three seasons can give you your breasts still free.

Wearing right bra

For most women, or a bra to wear, the problem is the key to choosing the right size and model. Understanding of their size: the next bra size bra cup size and the combination of the code, the code for the upper and lower cup bra is poor, such as the difference of about 10cm for the A cup, 12.5cm for B cup, 15cm, C cup, and so on. If your on a Bust 83 cm, Bust under 74 cm, then the correct size for you is 75A.

Bra of the "supply": a woman's bra per month in two sizes: menstruation before and after each set of menstruation. Because of hormonal changes makes this organ the size, even in the same month will also shrink.

Bra update cycle: expert recommends that a woman every three months the amount of bodies on the need to re-order according to their body shape changes in the appropriate concern and preparation of new bra. Even the usually well-care, the average life expectancy of a bra should not be more than 10 months. Updated regularly to protect the health imperative

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