Thursday, February 4, 2010

May not know that cooking should not be 10

Judging Healthy Cooking TIPS ---- frying oil temperature should be controlled when the number of? Is it really "more oil is not bad food"? "Smoky" in the end have any effect on the person? Seemingly simple homely kitchen, in fact, the family's diet is related to the safety, health and nutrition.
1, it is premature salt pork: the main component of salt, sodium chloride, easy to make meat protein coagulation occurs, so that Meat Loaf reduce meat deterioration hard, and difficult to burn bad.

2, the pan should not be burned overtaking supply: Regular consumption of burned overtaking supply of deep-fried dishes, easy to produce low-acid stomach or gastric ulcer, if not treated in time will become cancerous.

3, meat, bone cooking bogey add cold water: meat, bone contains large amounts of protein and fat, cook the sudden increase in cold water, the temperature poly soup ran down protein and fat that is rapidly solidified, meat, bone gap is also Shrink-ran instead of convergence will become rotten. And meat, bones their flavor will be affected.

4, no cooking of the soy should not eat: soy beans contain a trypsin would hinder the activities of the body material. People eat that were not fully cooked soybeans, the soybean protein is difficult to digest and absorb, and even diarrhea. While the consumption of undercooked soybeans Zhulan burn, it will not go wrong.

5, burning eggs should not be put MSG: egg itself contains the same ingredients with the MSG glutamic acid. Therefore, the scrambled eggs without the need came alive again in MSG, MSG will destroy eggs, natural flavor, of course, is a waste.

6, and the pH of food should not be put MSG: Acidic foods heated to high temperatures at the same time put MSG, monosodium glutamate (glutamic acid) will be the loss of water become pyroglutamic acid disodium, although non-toxic, but no flavor a little. In alkaline foods, when the solution is in alkaline condition, monosodium glutamate (MSG) will be converted into glutamic acid, disodium is no flavor of the.

7, repeated deep-fried in the oil unfit for human consumption: repeatedly bombed the oil off its heat utilization, and only about one third of the general grease. The unsaturated fats in cooking oil heated, but also produces a variety of harmful polymers, this material allows the body growth retardation, enlargement of the liver. Moreover, such oil, vitamins and fatty acids have been destroyed.

8, frozen meat should not be thawed in the heat: The meat on the stove next to the boiling water thawed meat tissues due to water can not be quickly absorbed by cells out, it can not restore its original quality, when the temperature of frozen pork will also form the surface of dura mater, thus affecting the internal temperature of meat, spread to the breeding opportunities caused by bacteria in the meat are perishable. The best frozen thawed at room temperature under a natural.

9, eating eggplant should not remove the skin: Vitamin P is useful to the human body as a vitamin, in all of our vegetables, eggplant contains vitamin P in the highest. The eggplant in the place where the highest concentration of vitamin P in its purple skin and flesh linked, and are therefore eating eggplant should be eaten with skin, but not peeled.

10, Al-Fe cooking utensils should not be mixed: the soft aluminum than iron products, such as the frying pan is an iron, the spade is aluminum, soft aluminum shovel will soon wear into the frying, the people over the next food and more aluminum to the body is very unfavorabl

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