Sunday, February 28, 2010

When the effects of exercise to lose weight the best?

How kind of difficult to lose weight successfully, even if the weight training camps in the devil-like efforts, finally slim down, yet, once let down, weight quickly reinstated the status quo ante, and even more emphasis on As to the original weight.

As there is no overweight people to lose weight, it may more difficult, because, long the person without excessive body weight, mostly lean organizations, the energy to maintain daily physical activity is also required for the basic heat with the consumption of a balanced state. When human activities, the heat will probably be consumed before the body burn carbohydrates, namely sugar, then will turn to fat and protein, while the protein off than fat are not easily used as a fuel for the body heat. Did not meet criteria for overweight people, due to body fat percentage was not high, so weight loss is certainly not easy, but also may cause excessive weight light and affect health.

 Do some exercise before dinner:

More than most people would eat dinner a little more rich, to comfort to the hard work day; plus lunch and dinner is often a barrier between the long time, under the instigation of hunger, will eat more common. After dinner, most people will sit down and watch television, read on the bath to sleep, the result? Eat things in the heat consumption, low physical activity, almost all the weight into a store, and so long down, strange if it is not fat!

Suggesting here that you came home from work the first thing is to do first point of moderate exercise and then eat, so you can adjust the appetite. If you are a family bus can also be a stop or two stops early and get off to brisk walking and then walking home in a way so as to achieve the purpose of moderate exercise.

  Shi Yao exercise before meals to do better?

Pulse number of the maximum pulse count of about 70%, maintaining 10-15 minutes. "Hurry" is the best exercise before meals.

In order to avoid blood sugar before meals, exercise will be too low to cause syncope, around 3:30 p.m. each day must eat some dim sum "is about calorie control in between 150-250 calories".

 Bedtime exercise can speed up weight loss

Why is bedtime exercise can produce a good effect? This is because the movement of heat generated by combustion of the role will not be restored as soon as the end of the exercise is not exercise the heat consumption. Generally speaking, within a few hours after exercise in the heat consumption will be higher than those without pre-exercise an hour a few cards to dozens of cards. Think about it two hours after eating dinner Sports 30 minutes, and then a bath, then bed, then even to sleep, and she still continues to lose weight, wow! This is a wonderful thing ah

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