Monday, March 1, 2010

Blind replenishment carefully addressed to the "water intoxication"!

Blind replenishment susceptible to "water intoxication."

Daily life, often hear statements such as: It is recommended to drink plenty of water, does a body good; daily pay more attention to complement the body's water, to health.

However, experts advise, everything should have a degree, water to drink more, but also "harm" the body when not careful, you may can cause "water intoxication."

 Drink plenty of water to fill his stomach dizziness + nausea

The weather heats up day by day, and many white-collar women are now an annual summer weight-loss program. To work at a large company is one of Miss Lee. As soon as possible in order to make its own weight down to 47 kilograms, Miss Lee has been half a month of dieting soon. Every time when she felt hungry to drink water fill their stomachs. Yesterday morning, Miss Lee also felt hungry, and in half an hour, she drank 78 cups of water, never thought there dizziness, nausea, slowed heartbeat and other symptoms, colleagues rushed her to the hospital.

Examined by a doctor, said after the body's electrolyte Miss Lee has been diluted with water very serious, and this may be her dizziness, nausea, reasons. Although the water can have a sense of fullness, but the feeling of hunger is not entirely from the stomach, if, as Miss Li, this drink is likely to "water intoxication" viewer is not aware may also occur coma, convulsions and other more serious symptoms

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