Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guard against hidden in the side of the carcinogen

The study results show that cancer is reversible long term "project", a poor diet can cause cancer-prone. Several former high incidence of cancer of the liver cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, with a variety of poor diet and lifestyle are closely related.

Liver killer: aflatoxin

Aflatoxin is caused by stomach cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, the culprit, it is by the moldy grain, peanuts, director of produce out of the Aspergillus flavus. Epidemiological survey found that liver cancer, mainly in the warm, moist, easy to breed in areas Aspergillus flavus, in particular the consumption of corn, peanuts and more areas. Aflatoxins are produced by the yellow mold mycotoxins, is the chemical carcinogens found in one of the strongest material, the main damage to the liver and has a strong carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic effects, at present, the International Cancer Center Aflatoxin has been designated as carcinogenic agents.

Stomach killer: nitrite

Nitrite can lead to esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, which exists in preserved foods. Pickles, bacon, pickled cabbage all contain nitrite. Nitrosamines are nitrate reduction to nitrite and then the product of a combination with amines, and nitrate and nitrite are widely found in pickled cabbage, pickled vegetables, salted fish, bacon, smoked foods.

Contain more nitrate in vegetables, place the cooked too long, in the bacterial enzyme, the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite, and stomach from the product of protein decomposition phase, the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines. People eat these leftovers, the easy to induce gastric cancer.

In addition, the adjustment of anti-cancer diet with other methods: low-salt diet can reduce the intake of nitrate and nitrite. And eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which are rich in vitamin C can inhibit the binding of nitrite and amine.

Lung killer: kitchen grease

When the oil burn 150 degrees Celsius, which will be generated glycerol acrolein main component of soot, which has a strong spicy flavor, on the nose, eyes, throat, mucous membranes have a stronger stimulation, can cause rhinitis, sore throat, trachea Yandeng respiratory diseases. In addition, cooking fumes contain a carcinogen called benzopyrene, benzopyrene, can cause chromosome damage human cells, long-term inhalation can induce lung cancer tissue.

Colon Killer: fried foods, high fat diet

The Ministry of Health has recently announced that the proposed high temperature as much as possible to avoid eating processed after a long period starchy foods such as fried potato chips and French fries and a variety of fried foods. , Of which high levels of acrylamide, and acrylamide is a carcinogen.

Cancer diet

Tea scale: tea scale contain cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic and other harmful metals and some carcinogens, such as nitrite, can cause kidney, liver, gastrointestinal lesions occur in other organs.

Some rotten fruit: fruit rot, the microorganisms in the metabolic process will produce a variety of harmful substances, in particular, to accelerate the breeding of fungus. Some fungi have a carcinogenic effect, through the fruit from decay and rot is not part of the spread. So, although in addition to decay and to the rest of the fruit still can not eat.

Food wrapped in a newspaper: the ink contains toxic substances called PCBs, pesticides with its chemical structure similar. If the food wrapped in a newspaper, it will soak into the food, and then enter the body with the food. Storage of PCBs in humans of 0.5 to 2 grams of lead to poisoning. Light were red and swollen eyelids, palms sweating, the body from the red knots; severe nausea and vomiting, abnormal liver function, muscle aches, coughing, and even death.

Moldy rice, peanuts and corn: contains aflatoxin, is the world recognized the strong carcinogen, likely to cause liver cancer and esophageal cancer. Some people think that more will be able to wash a few times or pasteurized to remove toxic substances, in fact, once aflatoxin contamination of food, it is difficult to completely remove the.

Alkaline food MSG: MSG basic food will become a case of glutamate, disodium, loss of flavor; when it is heated to 120 ℃, it will become a carcinogen sodium pyroglutamate. Thus, in a soda and alkali should not put MSG in food; soup, vegetables should be put in the pot before the MSG, avoid prolonged boiling.

Charred fish and meat: fat fish and meat incomplete combustion, will produce a large number of V-methyl derivatives of ammonia, which is a strength of more than a carcinogen aflatoxin.

Rotten cabbage: decay and not through the cabbage in salted, contain carcinogenic nitrite.

BBQ Food: BBQ food all are prone to cancer-causing ability of a very strong material - benzopyrene, and fried foods that repeated use of oil, produced by the same substances.

Grazed with toilet paper or towels fruit: many of the disinfection of toilet paper is not complete, to carry E. coli, pathogenic purulent bacteria, fungi, hepatitis B virus and other health effects.

The paint coating on the chopsticks: chopsticks use paint is still very common, but many people do not know that the paint contains lead, benzene and other chemicals, often with the paint peeling off is we eat into the body, causing a certain degree of health hazards.

Tablecloth toxic substances: Many hotels in the tables were covered with thin plastic tablecloths are made from PVC, toxic free radicals, through the dishes into the body through food, leading to chronic poisoning. So, when eating out, do not put the chopsticks covered with plastic film directly on the desktop.

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