Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ups and downs will lead to disease, excessive

Chinese medicine, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and the body's internal organs, respectively, corresponding to each of its role. Gomi amount, a tonic effect on the five internal organs; if excessive, it will upset the body balance, damage organs, lead to disease.

"Pengzu She gave birth to sexual theory", said: "shall not be partial delay flavors, acid and more injured spleen, lung injury and more bitter, acrid and more liver injury, more than willing to renal injury, salt and more sad." In turn, that is, bad stomach people, the best eat less acid; hepatic blood who is not busy, eat less spicy; kidney of the people can not eat sweet; heart problems, salty food must be brought under control.

Acid and more injured spleen. Acid could Bugan, but too much sour food can cause liver side wins, g stomach, leading to the spleen and stomach disorders. Spleen governs the muscles, the Chinese in the lips, so eating too much sour stuff, lip gloss will be lost, and turned out. Proposed meal easy to indigestion, and there is stool thin, low voices and other deficiency symptoms, eating sour food.

More than willing to renal injury. Sweetness can Spleen, but it will cause too much sweet temper side wins, grams of cutting kidney. As the main bone of kidney essence, the Chinese in the hair, so sweet to eat more will make dull hair, hair loss. Often weak waist, tinnitus and deafness of the people, many with symptoms of kidney essence virtual, it is recommended not to eat sweets.

Suffer more lung injury. Bitter taste can fill the heart, too much food will suffer grams cutting the lungs. So when we eat too much into the bitter things, it will damage the lung function. Lung skin and hair, hard to eat more, withered skin, hair will fall off. Easy to cough, expectoration of people, mostly for the performance of lung qi, to try to control the bitter taste of food intake.

Xin more liver injury. Eating something too spicy can cause lung side wins, grams of cutting the liver. The liver stores the blood, Zhu Jin, spicy to eat more, will lead to reduced elasticity of tendons, blood can not reach the nail, it will brittle and easy to crack. Therefore, often appear dizzy, looking minimalist, blurred vision and other symptoms of liver blood deficiency, should eat less spicy.

Salty and more sad. Can kidney salty, but will eat more grams of cutting the heart, damage the heart function. Heart blood, salty to eat more, it will inhibit hair growth in blood, the blood pool, and his face black. Therefore, often palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain and other symptoms of heart qi, to eat less salt

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