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10 disfigurement can not change bad habits

1. All day frown, fuss.
This makes the skin cells, lack of nutrition, minimalist face, dry skin, wrinkles, while also deepening the face of the "unhappy pattern." Wear a smile, a decade low. The importance of emotional stability, balance of endocrine and has a moderate tolerance is a very beautiful woman in mind, and in fact is not just a psychological impression.

2. Stay up all night.
Stay up all night is the enemy of the skin care, lack of sleep will lead to a variety of skin cells regulate the activities of disorders affecting the epidermal cell vitality. So every day at least 8 hours sleep, if below this level, you had better health indicators for their own re-estimation. The adequacy of sleep will be very easy on the skin surface is now, especially the delicate skin of the eye. And a sweet, good sense, you can eliminate skin fatigue, skin cells, regulatory activities in a normal, slow down the aging of the skin.

3. Regular exposure.
UV absorption of excessive bad lot, ranging from black skin thicker, heavy can cause skin cancer, but it certainly is also the culprit in premature aging of skin, one of the. Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin depth of the elastic fiber and collagen, resulting in loose facial skin becomes dull, there wrinkles. Therefore, to develop the use of high-quality sunscreen regularly.

4. Smoking, drinking.
Nicotine effects on skin blood vessels contract, so wrinkled skin of smokers than non-smokers, 10 years ahead of the arrival, so if you are a smoker, he will look more than 10 years of aging peers. The alcohol will reduce the amount of skin oils, the skin and dehydration, indirectly affecting the normal function of the skin.

5. Facial expressions is too rich.
Frequent squinting, frowning, laughing, curl one's lip, these movements and facial expressions will cause an increase in wrinkles, so it's best to minimize excessive facial movements and expressions.

6. Do not like to drink water.
Water is the source of life. Replenish skin enough moisture is the key to skin of the Road. If the intake is not enough water will lead to less than the amount of oil secretion, the skin can easily dehydrated, so have to force yourself to drink every day from 6 to 8 cups of water, but do not drink caffeine-rich drinks.

7. Do not like sports.
This can be bad. Appropriate amount of exercise can promote blood circulation and speed up the body, so that an appropriate body activities, relaxation, thus enhancing the lubrication of the skin, but also enable a large number of whole body sweat opportunity for the skin to achieve a healthy balance and greatly reduce the chance of aging skin. Therefore, to strengthen the training ah.

8. Remover not thorough enough.
This is most of us will commit mistakes. Alone can not be thoroughly cleaned Cleansing the skin. You should have regular deep-cleansing of the work so that our eyes can not see the dirt clogging the pores, affecting the skin to breathe properly.

9. Unaware of their skin, not selecting the right skin care.
Do you really understand their own skin do? Only truly understand their own skin in order to make the right choice. Might find an opportunity to be a skin test, learn more.

10. Close to bland food, stay away from vitamins.
Quickly stop doing so immediately! Bland food, such as spicy, fried, and for the skin like a time bomb, deep-fried food products, spicy food should be an appropriate reduction in endocrine balance of the skin will help to reduce acne and oily skin problems such as the emergence of an opportunity. The fruits and vegetables in the vitamin is good for the skin Moreover, fruits and vegetables is not only delicious, make us feel good, but also can be made into a natural facial mask, a good effect, but also a very delight of life thing. As soon as possible and reasonable allocation of your diet ah

Analysis of the 15 male private parts a little secret

Analysis of the 15 male private parts a little secret(2009-12-18 14:18:16)
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1. Usually a man would use the criteria to measure their manhood? Muscle, strength, or the length of the penis? In fact, Asians are also comparable to the penis, an erection after about 10 to 15 centimeters long. In fact, sexuality and the length of the penis is not associated with so-called "short and precise shot," Some of them looked very majestic, but the original look useless, so remember, "Do not Taoist short, Do-hyun has been so long."
2. There are many people in erection, the penis will have a little bent, but also the degree varies, and some will be bent upward downward, and some will be left or right, this is not anything different to be able or strange diseases, just do not cause discomfort or impede your sexual activity is normal.
3. The time of sperm production takes about 90-116 days, but can survive in the vagina or cervix 72 hours.
4. Penis are mostly composed by the cavernous outer cover layer of the epidermis, the time when the sexual excitement, it will cavernous congestion, so that the penis hardens, longer, thicker and used for sexual intercourse, and this is the so-called the "erection."
5. For some men, can be quite a long time that would be their dream goals, some people would use to straighten the length of time for comparison, in fact, quite the contrary, for too long will cause no Fuxiao Shou, because penile erection too long and not faded, not only will make you not enjoy sexual pleasure, but also make you feel miserable. Injection of drugs or suffering from impotence leukemia can cause this situation.

6. Do not an erection in order to extend the time to prevent him from ejaculation, while in the penis wear a rubber band or a drawstring and the like, which most likely will lead to blood clots, which led to the penis tissue necrosis.
7. In some cases, the penis if the impact will be severe breakage. When the penile fracture, it will send a great sound, and the blood will flow to the tissue around it, so will be very painful, preferably as soon as he was taken to hospital for treatment.
8. In fact, when few women in vaginal lubrication and he forced entry; action and is so intense, then not only will make the woman feel infinite pain, may also be caused by the foreskin laceration to his situation. Although this will be his foreskin recover, but too serious need to suture the wound.
9. There between you troubled by premature ejaculation? In fact, for about ten to twenty year-old young people, premature ejaculation, and not surprising, this may be his lack of experience, too much excitement, tension or anxiety caused the accident. Try to wear a condom; it can reduce the sensitivity of the penis, but to extend the time for making love to meet everyone's needs.
10. When his testicles inflamed penis out of white or yellow discharge, painful urination, discomfort or anal secretions thrill out from time to time, it should immediately cease sexual activity because of the above symptoms can show that he may be suffering from venereal disease, should immediately see a doctor.

11. Do not think they are Superman or sexual hunger and thirst, in fact, men in general about 2 years old when the sexual activity of any peak will be an average of one day up to seven times the number of times an erection!
12. A man has his G-point, try to ask module is located behind the testis of the perineum near the anus, when you gently touch the "sensitive areas", he would feel very comfortable Oh!
13. While wearing tight jeans or underwear may be a very fit will look better, but it is not good on the point. The temperature too high a result of testicular damage sperm production, multi-wear "big pants" let "him" breath of fresh air bar!
14. Therefore, although the testicles hang in vitro will be very easy to hurt, but because to maintain a lower temperature, in order to maintain the environment to produce sperm, the testis if the impact will be distorted or hinder the delivery of internal blood, resulting in testicular tissue necrosis.
15. More than 90 percent of impotence are caused by psychological factors in patients caused by only a small portion is due to physiological factors, including genital lesions, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, spinal injuries, drug abuse, alcoholism, surgery and the older and the like and so on ... ...

Men eternal youth of the "golden rule"

The study showed that: Under normal circumstances, the initial aging men aged 20 -22 years of age in physical development began when fully mature. However, without the need to feel depression and panic, expert studies confirm that a person's life is entirely possible to achieve 110-year-old, to anti-aging, men must understand their ages at different physiological features, targeted to take a variety of health-care approach.

20 years old -30 years: eat sweets, a small amount of alcohol consumption, smoking fewer cigarettes

This age group, men's body's metabolism begins to slow, sweet due to high calorie, easily converted into fat around the abdomen, it is better eat less or quit. Because of this age group is men pursue their careers, make friends in good time, usually entertainment and opportunities to drink more, so pay attention to drink less.

Wine can make a person increases the risk of liver cancer, oral cancer and throat cancer, the possibility of alcohol can make blood pressure, leading to heart disease or myocardial infarction. Excessive drinking will also affect the way the quality of sexual life, but a lot of alcohol is more harmful to human sperm damage.

Do not smoke cigarettes, smoking will make you an average reduction of 10-year life span. As smoking increases cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and respiratory disease risk, therefore, the best men in this age group smoking cessation, such as the moment can not quit, should eat carrots, onion and garlic, spinach and orange fruit more to eat fish, such as regular tea to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco. Always physically active, you can often doing the deep breathing, its benefits will manifest itself slowly. To slow down aging muscle, we should exercise.

However, the choice of sports is quite academic, and only those who like entertainment, sports, rather than high-intensity training can this be helpful, otherwise it will be counterproductive. These movements will not only promote the burning of excess body heat, but also to maintain normal metabolism. If at this time do not speed up time to exercise, physical fitness will drop 70 at the age of two-thirds.

This age group is the best time for families and careers. According to statistics, there are even those who marry early death rates than single, widowed and divorced were low. To select a good job they are most suitable, a suitable career has enormous impact on life expectancy.

30 years old -40 years of age: work and rest, to prevent the noise, a good skin care

Into the thirties, skin begins to relax, wrinkles around the eyes began to appear. At this time should be less exposed to the sun, often smearing creams to prevent dry skin.

Men in this age group is another problem faced by decreased hearing, which is working and living environment of the noise making. If you are a music enthusiast, less listening to some heavy metal music, the larger the noise on the job must wear earplugs.

The blood cholesterol level is increased with age, blocked blood vessels and low-density lipid material and also on the rise, but will help the waste discharge of high-density lipoprotein on the decline. Therefore, the diet appears to be particularly important, should not eat too much. To increase high-density lipoprotein levels, should eat more light food. To control the fat, the fat composition of energy intake per day should not exceed 30%, but not less than 15%.

Experts suggest that men in this age group should be set to prevent kidney disease, a daily drink 8 to 10 cups of water. 35 years old, the men of the belly bulge is easy to carry out sport fishing for three days, when 10 million can not be two days of drying nets.

Adult men everything go complicated, and emotional stress has a bearing on their food intake, if not on time quantitative meals and often hunger satiety, which may cause gastrointestinal damage and affect the emotions and sleep, while the poor will also affect the emotions and sleep eating to form a vicious cycle. In such cases, more than a sense of tired, naturally would affect the sexual life harmony.

When the exhaustion and tension, it will probably shortness of breath, dizziness, mental and lax phenomenon, particularly those who are so physically weak. Therefore, in the diet should be conscious to eat more protein-rich food such as milk, eggs, etc., and a balanced intake of various nutrients in order to make the body well nourished and energetic.

40 -50 years: the activities of eyes, diligence investigation body, relax the muscles

During this period the most troublesome problem is decreased vision. Diabetes is the most common causes of blindness, it will gradually damage blood vessels, and even the eye. Therefore, regular eye check-ups go to the hospital. Likewise, there is such a risk in patients with various cardiovascular diseases. May wish to do some eye exercises in peacetime, you can gradually turn the eye up and down or left arm extended, thumb in the body to write eight words before his eyes follow the thumb movement. To spend 15 minutes a day to do these exercises can be effective in preventing presbyopia and cataracts.

Many men will feel that their sexual needs decreased, this is actually quite normal and will look to improve the quality of sex life up.

Busy working people nervous tension, using a simple muscle relaxation, in order to achieve whole body relaxation state. As follows: find a place to sit down, fast and taut muscular for 5 seconds, then slowly relax. Repeated muscle tighten and relax movement, from scratch, eyes to the toes, aching muscles can be carried out.

Changes in recent years do not go to the hospital's bad habits. Many men do not like to see a doctor, according to statistics, 80% of seriously ill patients admitted that he is a long time not to hospitals, a small mistake into a more serious illness, until heart disease, stroke and other diseases attack only had to go to the hospital and jeopardize the optimal treatment time.

Therefore, routine annual physical examination is the best way to stay healthy.

50 years old -60 years old: Note teeth, exercise muscles, multi-purpose brain

Try to eat less bread and butter, high-calorie food, because this age group often easier to flesh. The human immune system would be a great step backward, are more susceptible to various diseases, the body also needs more time to restore. This requires that people wish to use when choosing their food rich in vitamin C, E and carotene food mainly because they help regulate the balance of chemical reactions in vivo.

Oral health is also very important at this time often occur gingival recession. Face is also easy to Fa-Fu, double-chin, it may do some facial massage. Of course, the men in this age group is the most susceptible to defects of the human body to reduce muscle could easily cause difficulties in urination. Meanwhile, the main problem facing this period the body weight loss, and perhaps this is the holy grail for fat people, but this is not a good sign.

A decline in weight reduction comes from the body muscles, muscles in the human body is greater than the proportion of fat. In this age, weight loss is a dangerous signal of human aging. Shoulders and arms loose skin at the most powerful, the need for regular exercise muscles.

Men's height will decrease, about 1.5 cm reduction every 20 years or so. At the same time, the hair will gradually dim the luster, can be used nutrient-rich conditioner. However, never forget that exercise the brain, usually more than reading books, newspapers and magazines, doing the puzzles can be.

After the age of 60: to treat life, their strength and a healthy diet

Men in this age group, which look like significant changes will occur: skin is more rough, began to appear senile plaques of varying sizes; nose appear longer and wider, fleshy lobe. Reduction of sleep may not help in physical rehabilitation, people's memory will become increasingly worse. Natural aging legs and waist. Leg strength, once weakened, people easily fall, and even lead to life bedridden.

When doing physical exercise, adhere to a quarter of an hour a day, mainly to lower my eyes, straight action, and insist on a walk outdoors every day, doing the radio gymnastics. At this point the most important thing is to maintain an optimistic state of mind and good health, to prevent the appearance of change emotions, to remain calm state of mind, mood upbeat.

At the same time, in order to prevent the occurrence of various types of cancer should be more consumed with the anti-cancer effects of food, such as: fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly spinach, tomatoes, celery, apples, dates, citrus, pineapple, peas, bean sprouts, melons, carrots, etc. ; containing polysaccharides of plants, mushrooms, straw mushroom, edible fungus, white fungus, Hericium erinaceus, mushrooms, etc.; seafood as the best anti-cancer food, should eat sea cucumber, kelp, seaweed, Ha Bang, squid, squid, shrimp, jellyfish, abalone, etc., which are anti-cancer, anti-cancer effects; containing trace metal elements in the foods are: eggs, sesame seeds, liver, kidney, brewer's yeast, malt, water chestnuts, APF, caltrop, lily, yams, tea and so on.

Although the Food and Jieyou anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, but the daily consumption, excessive intake but will be completely balanced diet and not a partial eclipse, so to achieve the anti-cancer effect. To try to eat more fatty and fried foods, eat more vegetable oil, eat less animal fat, usually eat more garlic and fish, moderate drink red wine, these practices can lower cholesterol.

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Girl into a woman of 10 breakthrough

To reach the same destination from different starting point of departure, many roads leading to love. The feeling of love everyone the same, but the love of the place is vastly different routes leading to the level of love are not the same distance, summed up in about 10 starting point!


Each girl will not forget his first love, even peter out, but Qingdouchukai feelings and then weaving dreams of love so that you can never forget.


2 love hearts desire to encounter somewhere, perhaps a library, study room, a train or a tourist destination, then quickly started, and so quickly to an end. When, after many years of memories, you no-regrets, your face will be Yangqi mysterious smile - life can have a few romantic love!

Fell in love with bad boys.

"Men are not bad, a woman does not love," knowing that he is not for you, or love with him: follow him skip class, he taught you smoke, bring your car Biao, as well as memorable for the first time he was affectionately ... ... give you the feeling is always that word - to stimulate.

Fell in love with the old man.

He's like my father, but more than Papa tenderness; his wisdom, all your Fan Xinshi told him that he let a few words you Maosaidunkai; he has taste, very gentleman, very respect for women; more importantly, he was very rich, and will always be with him, he pays the bill. The old man to satisfy all your fantasies of men, but loved the old man seduce you after seeing the old man only vomiting feeling.

One-night stand.

No guilt, this story is that only you know that you still teen idol in the eyes of others. A refreshed for you, a sexy you, enjoying a simple pleasure. Not asked his occupation, age, constellation, income, morning after byebye, without the need to preserve memories. Play is the heart! Of course, this is very dangerous, it is recommended not to try.

Online dating.

In the virtual world, there are individuals in the spirit of loving you, you will say that forever lost for the stark reality of the situation, then talk into the night every night are boundless. In the spirit of being loved, as a woman, you feel very proud.


Secretly like, secretly concern, secretly looking up, always in search of his shadow, is actually self-love in weaving a dream.

Women chasing men.

Love is difficult to open his heart, it is better revealed to him directly, you may be successful, it may fail, but the important thing is that you, I feel love, boldly speak out, you will not miss the love.

Grab honey boyfriend's apartment.

Can only say that love is selfish, love is always important than friendship. Although she's your honey's apartment, but the love between them collapsed, and calls between you, and can not love it?

Lan Yan Hongyan change.

Lan Yan Hongyan change, buddy changed boyfriend, is the best type of love, he knows your strengths, but also inclusive of your shortcomings, he will always support you.

Treasures of the five men will be treated as a woman

For the women, some people will deserve Lianxiangxiyu, men will be regarded as a treasured creatures identify?

The first is:

Kiyotaka isolated heart Ruo-Bing Qing, as if that water is central lotus.

This woman, I think I have encountered no chance. Why? Because they do not, I can conquer the place. I do not like Xiangjingrubin, I like more direct and naked life. So comfortable and happy.


Mind alert, Variety's Angels. This woman I love, a pity that they made me feel scared. Because, I do not know what I appreciate and admire her, she was not already in the conquest of me ... ...

Although I do not care, or even like to be like their favorite woman to conquer, but if say, I never plug in my heart in her occupation of the banner, then I'd rather Gean sea. I like, I conquered.


This woman is very smart, they never asked too much. They believe in - life is not over their heads, a number of well-being would be more faster.

This woman is very rare, because most of the beautiful young woman, they all rose more than 1 million in the same dream life.

Unfortunately, that is so little woman. Some of these, in order to love and inner well-being, knowingly sell a lover.


  Confidante. For these women, a man she would have different interpretations. I only said that an interpretation of bar - for example, a man out ofAccident, Lying on the bed. If you see an expression of the two women howl, then this must be his wife. Because crying is the heart, tears of love; a woman just looked at his bedside and he holds with a faint smile and then gently left, then this was his confidante. Because she understands his heart!


Alone, smoking, drinking woman. This is a beautiful.

They depict alcohol anesthesia and wind around, you can be a temporary relief - in the alcohol and smoke and gradually walk in the body, the consciousness gradually blurred when the woman would think of a lot of love may be sweet fragments may be yes yes when the mournful breakup may be lingering passions reverie. This time a woman can be said to the United States to the till - a little delicate, a little more feminine, 1:00 Sensation, a little indulgence, a little wild ... ... In short, a matter of ecstasy but makes a beautiful mercy!

Said they were poignant because of its own smoking and drinking the fate of a woman mostly a tragedy. For them it all seems unreal are general - Teen girls, there would always dream of doing like the story of Cinderella; Qingdouchukai always look forward to when they will, and make a person love their slowly growing old together; when the When away from the love that they have gradually, but also foolishly thinking this is the happy. But years of relentlessly to write in their faces the traces of years, their bruised feelings in order to find that only when all are still in situ spin!

But when I came here, some people will Lianxiangxiyu. Please do not, because they also need is a quiet and calm and friendship, rather than the other

What are the fastest parts of the old woman?

What are the fastest parts of the old woman? This is to understand the problem, and only grasp the weaknesses, in order to effectively prevent or fight back. Do not worry you already have signs of aging is described in the article to start the correct maintenance of the aging part is still time to save!

The first: the eye --- the eye so that the aging signs of a woman exposed

Aging characteristics of one: Right now there are fine lines of the.

The beginning may be due to ill-maintenance caused by Gan Wen, slowly due to aging and the real into the small fine lines. Smile when the eye weeks to see significant relaxation, fine lines eyes and less and less vivid. Very raising someone else's eyes.

Aging characteristics of two: eye due to relaxation caused by drooping eyes. This is really is the most pathetic. Because it gives the whole person-shaped eyes have changed.

General recommendations, there are eye problems, the usual with a fresh eye gel on the body. The appropriate time to fill out to give the eye on the water. Night owl on a little eye drops. The trouble of drinking green tea smoking point. Conditional on the film deposited with the green tea under the eyes of James Cotton. Can alleviate eye fatigue, eye problems will be less.

The second: Skin --- loose skin is a feature of the aging of the first

Aging characteristics of one: facial skin is clear, in fact, relaxation, flexibility is not enough, and there nasolabial folds. Look down along the nasolabial folds, and you'll see it as a sagging lines, sagging skin, while the whole face are the same as the fall. In short, there is no beauty at all.

Aging characteristic 2: the body from the skin easily dry dry skin, even in the summer are so.

Careful observation will find that the skin texture become very loose. Do not believe you can look at more than 30-year-old woman in the skin, very loose arm, especially those who know to eat every day and do not love sports. Do not maintain body and just dressed woman, is not intrinsically attractive.

Third: Chest ----- chest aging, often caused by bad habits

Some people like to tummy to sleep, tummy sleeping woman seriously affected Munakata is true. You have the heart to let your lover see you undress after the two great circle cake Mody.

When taking a bath, remember not to use the water will overheat the chest, long period of time has also led to sag. The best way is to either hot water or cold water. Then trouble you are using breast cream, Breast cream when lenient. Many such drugs have serious side-effects. Become a big chest is not the case. Was slowly raised great. And most people are born. Acquired 90% of the effort is futile. Breast maximum effect of essential oils is to make the chest Buzhi Yu sagging, but it will not let you from A into C.

There are also blind to lose weight, and reduced to the last start with a small chest, because the fast-gotten thinner, the body can not immediately adapt to the chest may be sagging. In short, the most beautiful either the innate, or else is smart.

TIPS: Online fried crazy papaya breast milk did not effect the actual oh ~ because papaya is a Fat Burn weight loss of fruit.

Fourth place: --- hip hip without exercise will reveal embarrassing aging curve

Relaxation is as horrendous as the buttocks and chest. Will not feel special, wearing jeans would be very difficult to see. Bed and exercise is not looking to do. I have a colleague to understand the time in the bath has been tempered Pi Pi. I think so. Have to do is to keep the hip muscle contraction. This should be a very long time before a little bit of effect - become tight grip real number. However, to truly achieve the effect of hip is a need to insist on doing every day hip movement.

Friendly Tip: take the Office of the MM who stools just sit and third, straighten your back, but also an effective way to create beautiful PP oh ~

Apart from the above four, there is the neck skin, and its maintenance should be started from the age of 20, initially painted some light should be cool, the ingredients simple product. After the age of 25 you can focus on wrinkle-free ingredients. The forehead wrinkles are sometimes not really an important symbol of aging, some people have more than 20-year-old forehead wrinkles, this is entirely a result of bad habits.

If the above questions you have. Will now begin to address bar. Quickly join the maintenance team, and now to save / prevention aging disaster, but also not too late!

Thought to be a woman than the fullness of the body

Woman with a pair of figures appears to be natural enemies, the number can be exposed to a woman's age, number of women able to crush the pride of self-righteous. However, in some cases, the number they are so intimate, it can the performance of China and the United States a woman's delicate head.

Truly understand the life of a woman should not evade the figures, when the mind of the charm of that string of characters, presented in front of a woman, a woman should be used to fill the number of fullness thoughts.

Numbers are afraid of women. They are just a code name only, a woman is on facial movement. If the woman turned a cold shoulder to those figures, they will come strongly to please you, sometimes the fate of this kind of thing. Women Do not believe the so-called fate, must have the right to refuse to believe that only their own rocky road, Do not want the difficulties encountered as a matter of course, your firm is an impregnable fortress.

2-year-old woman, is a tender and beautiful flowers, you can self-willed, you can make a man love you pay for your indulgence, but this time the woman will not do too much, you can do a little woman Zhicuojiugai , but can not put a man on a lifetime, because you are still a long road.

When the woman's age, more than three years old, do not continue to hang on the face of senseless comparisons, this time, woman is an exquisite novel writing, she is no longer a 2-year-old that year writing pompous prose. Appreciate their own the most beautiful woman. 3-year-old woman is a treasure, they enjoy life, but also know what they want. If you are a man, should start looking for such a woman to love, the three-year-old woman will be filtered emotion, only those sincere and lasting love, is their choice.

40-year-old woman to start outrightly life cumbersome, not to virtuous character with the simple superposition of the dress together, your beauty is internal and external display of integrating their combination. Do something to save those cosmetics, and the Huang Lianpo hat worn on their own heads, the occasional luxury is necessary. 40-year-old woman, to have their own circle of friends, your family is certainly very important, but you must be a more exciting world.

50-year-old woman should wear underwear more than a beautiful coat. The plump body of resources, rational and effective use of them. Do not worry himself too sexy, this is your charm other women age better than those offered the remains charming. 50-year-old woman give a man a sense of distance, the men were born a perfectionist, and they are undesirable sorry, but this woman but can create a beautiful landscape. Generated from the United States, saying that the little sentence right.

60-year-old woman is a symbol of luxury, give yourself some beautiful jewelry to wear these things belong to you, your beauty, no need for words to explain, you laugh is the world's most pleasant melody, your eyes is the ink blue sky, the most Ming-jie moonlight. At this time a woman a great degree of happiness in life has been bred out of a woman's sweet, do you like to do, to warm your little tricks to pass to future generations.

70-year-old woman is the most glorious time of life, when love you and those you love around you, when people around the life they gave you the most precious things in this world - love. At this time, women are the kind old lady that age is a child concealment in mind umbrella, is uppermost in the hearts of children, a good mother.

A woman is inherently used to love, loved the time Do not ask why, love is no reason, and enjoy the warmth of loved a woman is to do with this.

Women should not shy in front of their own men and women can be like a baby, you can play the fool can be angry, but not without their own ideas, love and be loved is the need to capture the wisdom, if you are still not a good plump woman, then you we should strive to be thinking of plump women, plump body may become bloated, but the fullness of thought, but always be proud of belonging to your charm

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Zaoshuizaoqi skin gradually turns white and tender

Up and shower the morning of the day, followed by water when the skin most easily. Many MM up for the morning worrying about running around in circles. We should know that one day count is the morning, the day replenishment of the account is in the morning Oh! Cultivate a good habit early morning skin care, which you do it?

Zaoshuizaoqi, Bieji Zhao painted repair products, do not over-oil absorption, it can change the fate of dry.

After penetration of skin care products we have to wait until another product if the coating is not fully penetrate skin care, and painted as usual, the product of the ingredients mixed together, moisturizing effect will disappear, will also cause the makeup easily.

Do not face the day with five excessive use of oil-paper surface oil-paper skin will lose the appropriate grease, but will make the skin more dry and only need to gently press is sufficient.

Remember before lunch makeup makeup the best time is before lunch, in the case of going out without makeup, make Tuozhuang part has been subjected to UV rays, followed by an important qualification has been too late.

Choose multi-functional skin care products recommended Laichuang who can multi-product, can save some time, but also the best reply to the skin condition, dry the problem will be fading away.

Is gradually waking up the morning of the skin should be Cleanser gentle face wash, so to moisturize dry skin. Woke up after winter, the skin will become dry and dry, so the morning skin care should focus on moisture and lock the water effects, the choice of ingredients including collagen and hyaluronic acid moisturizing products.

Morning, eyes will become swollen, it is recommended to enable the appliance efficiency swollen eye products to help speed up the blood circulation and tighten the bags under the eyes.

Rubbing out the front of the moisturizing mask to increase the water at the same time also led more paste makeup services.

All year round sun protection needs, in winter the sun painted 15-20 degrees, have been able to cope with daily necessities, often in outdoor workers, may be coated with 30 degrees of the sun.

Oily skin are available at the makeup before the T-zone spaces painted oil control products, which can make makeup keep longer

Which will lead to a woman's most so that men can not stand!

Recently someone asked me, his girlfriend said something or done something very boyfriend can not stand? This question was not answered, in fact, most of the men should all be described as good to get along, at least on the surface will be installed as easy to get along, but ... ... I must say that even if a man's patience again strong, or will there are so many girls to men beats, which do not Biao No ah ... ...

1, telephone Chaqin as recreation

According to three meals a day regarded as the normal volume of calls to you, it is likely that she would get up and call you, bedtime calls to you, call you in a good mood, bad mood calls to you, by bus calls to you, the toilet calls to you, SPA can also make calls to you, hit men to hear the phone ring on the pressure, they really do not know where's the so much, I could talk about?

The contents of a woman on the phone is usually "Where? Doing?" This very constructive dialogue opening, and then the "late resort to give you Oh," paved the way for the method of this very end, the length from one minute to the ranging from one hour, depending on individual's ability may be. In short, as long as you do not appear in front of, she would use their mobile phones "reminding" her existence.

2, shopping as a dating method

Such girls say they do not love sports, physical bad. Strange to say, as long as they like to go shopping incredibly physical, a man obviously did not go fast on two legs perception, and they could also keep dragging us to buy something to eat, buy something to eat ... ... one day is not Han Lei.

This girl also said that he is very weak and hate violence. Strange to say, every department store anniversary, when people feel that they may not see where the very soft and the crowd inside the charge forward, squeeze, push, pull, pull up ... ... what moves have come, but also a man when Her human shields to meet the tactical command of her struggling to move forward is simply to play football with the Mosha different.

3, some questions with continually reappears in

Do not know why this girl some questions with always the same as the LP Jumper constantly repeated, such as "I am not so fat?", "Do you love me?", "Today, I beautiful?", " This new dress good look good? "and so forth of the questions with the class.

Men are not unhappy to answer these questions, but continued with the same answer to answer the same question, for who would feel tired, if the answer is not the standard answer would have been severely criticized Daotou smelly, and sometimes even being asked in a short time On several occasions, how can people not crazy?

4, has been installed lovely nauseating as interesting

Such girls have a thing in common with you will keep talking all the time, "Diego the word" appears, say "My husband, this a good hot bowl Hao Tang," This sentence, from their mouth and speak out on the full-aliasing of the are likely to become the "arch arch, hot bowl of all things hot show tonight Oh," halo!

Or, they will be uncertain in the low 20 degrees head down, and then the eyes stretch 0.2cm, then languishing up look at you and a replica of the entire network of the United States since the elevation of young girls taking pictures, to be honest look at this picture on the Web like, in real life is not nice to see that the majority of men are so uncomfortable watching to see will definitely Hunshen bar!

5, when the Aladdin's lamp is also limited

Such girls are to men as Aladdin's lamp, as long as he wish enough. She used men would do everything for her would be to buy the things she wanted to give him, will take her to eat something to eat. However, he is your boyfriend, husband, not to apply for footman, plumbers, or drivers to work, but not every man's father is Li Ka-shing, who of course, no way to satisfy any of your needs, no way to keep to achieve all your wishes.

Men love a woman should be, but also there's a limit Caixing. Women do not want to be queen is estimated that the views of many men, but not necessarily a man everybody wanted to be butler ah!

Ten men, silent way to express love

A busy day working life, people tend to ignore the surrounding those very important people in your affection. If you are a start is not sincere, when you realize this point of time, there had passed a few years. If your relationship has become dull or if you are like wishful thinking on your friends, here are some ways to help you express your love to them.

1, listen to each other

And others, chat, talk about news or the internet and chat with friends, these are very easy. When your lover want to talk to you, you should actively listen, stop what you have at hand, to focus on here. She would like to express the meaning to listen to, understand her concern and worry about things, or she really like. To do some nod or eye contact that you are to focus on here.

2 in preparation for an unexpected gift

Are you sure gave you the gift of love sent off, for example, on their birthday, Christmas or special occasions such as Valentine's Day of the category.

But you get one day off in the usual gifts? For the recipient, and gifts are concerned, an unexpected gift from the heart to bring the most happiness. However, this gift without spending too much. For example, send their favorite chocolates, a bouquet of small flowers, or you know they like a book ... ... and so on these, not take much money, you will find this is also a saying "I love you" well way.

3, take the initiative to do household chores

For most people, a very popular gift is to help to do household chores. If your lover always cleaning, then you can go to for her clean the kitchen, give her a surprise. If you are often nagging "Suffocation", then do not ask anything directly to clean up. You will slowly discover, there are many small ways that make some people are comfortable the day off and let each other know their place in your heart.

4, doing a special dinner meal

If Friday night was to eat take-away, why not give ourselves to provide a hands-on opportunities? Prepare meal for your lover a special dinner, you do not look for any special interface, it is not necessary to be on Valentine's Day or any other anniversary. Including her favorite things to eat, take a few minutes tidy up the table, put a little music. I guarantee you will remember this evening for a long time, even in peacetime sitting on the sofa so common things, you will remember.

5, in the unusual places to stay Zhang note

Perhaps your life has become very busy, so you find very little of your schedule arranged for you and your spouse or a child together time. Why not try to stay in some places, Zhang note, give them a surprise. We may all know, the mothers stay in the bag inside a small print of your child, you can also start from here, or you can try in the kettle edge, in the refrigerator door, in the pillow, in the computer screen Chang left a note and so on. Perhaps you could be among a "competitive" small games, competitions who posted the most hidden places!

6, write poems

A spread so far to say "I love you" way is to write a love poem.

You do not need to be Shakespeare, just looking for sincere but the original way to express your love. Try not to use that vulgar word, be sure to write some interesting things for you, for example, she laughs, her look.

7, hug

Body language implies a huge energy, just a hug can make a person who loved his face showing a sweet smile. Whether your loved one to sit on the sofa spooned let your child sleep safely in your arms and give him / her is a hug and the warmth of his / her affection the most perfect way.

8, hand

When the relationship has become more comfortable and familiar with the future, such as hugging and hand is that we tend to ignore things. In the shopping when you try to Qianzhu lover's hand, or in the table holding her hand. Such physical contact will make you a more intimate feeling. To discuss in your argument, or a difficult problem is that this is particularly important. When your lover in a bad mood when depressed, hold her hand for her support of the physical performance.

9, to the shoulder or foot massage

Pressure of life, most people have had the experience of muscle soreness. To your wife to do some shoulders, back or foot massage, let her feel your love. This is equivalent to telling her that her physical health and comfort is very important to you, and this is also an enhanced physical fitness and promote feelings of a good solution.

10, dress myself

The initial stages of development in the relationship, you will do his best to make himself look good. Of course, you are familiar with, you may not care about you, and dirty clothes, size, and inappropriate, or have a hole in T-shirts ... ... these you may no longer feel offended. But occasionally dress itself up, it makes you re-ignite when you just started dating the kind of excitement.

I am convinced that there are many ways to express your love, do not need to say "I love you" words. You have any good ideas? What is your spouse used way to express their love?

Five strokes for a woman away from the aging

Eat eat = 7 into the heart 10 years younger,


Eating less can often get dramatic results. The United States, an experiment shows that 30% of the mice to reduce food intake each day comes as the result is actually a 30% extension of life. Even more incredible is that the heart of a Thin Man fat people younger than 10 to 15 years. Other relevant information, limiting calorie intake than the common people who significantly improved insulin levels, DNA was also reduced signs of damage. Scientists believe that control of food intake can reduce high blood sugar brought to the destruction of the organization and reduce the incidence of inflammation and a reduction in free radicals (caused by aging of the culprit).


Sugar far the most encouraging people to an old


High-sugar foods are often rich in soluble sugars, can cause blood sugar rapidly in the short rise, long-term effect will lead to the occurrence of diabetes, and this disease will accelerate the aging process, so that the body's other organs occur more quickly问题. So, we had better get back in the habit of people to vegetarian-based up. But pay attention to eat potatoes, because potatoes can make a person's risk of diabetes increased by 30%. Whole wheat and brown rice, as well as Italy crushed dried pasta and wheat are the better choice.


Let love vegetables and fish mouth


Day of different types of vegetables and eat as much as possible, because without that you should also know. In addition, the attention of people like seafood, and do not think any of seafood are good, we need in fact only the rich fish contains? Fatty acids, it can prevent heart disease in sudden death, reduce depression, Alzheimer's, bone hyperplasia, as well as visual acuity subside. Fatty acids in salmon, sardines, trout abundant. Good fatty acids in some nuts such as walnuts inside, as well as corn oil, castor oil and olive oil are also very rich. Eat less fried food, margarine, and other unhealthy fatty acids.


Eat curry Paul Young


Curcumin, one of them contained in a yellow curry, spicy elements, but also a potential chemical anti-aging agent. In India, this substance is often used for dressing wounds. In East Asia, the widespread use of curry. This is why East Asian people suffering from various cancers, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease is relatively low causes. If you do not like the taste of rice in India, it added that the best guarantee of 500mg to 1000mg per day of curcumin.


Double Vitamin D


If you add a vitamin insisted that experts recommend that you add vitamin D. Vitamin D produced by light from the skin, but as people age, this process is gradually weakened. Currently about half of the vitamin D is lacking. This problem can lead to osteoporosis, hardening of the arteries and a variety of cancers. There is no any kind of vitamin can be a general lack of such a wide range of places, unless you can eat lots of fish to supplement

Made the world hate the woman Shayang?

China is a country rich in Jour. Whether film or a novel real life, always see groups of women shedding tears, pulling the nose, said, "You heartless ... ...." Chinese women, seems to have been used to locate become a "wounded."

Take a look around, that is often some Jour.

The couple quarrel, no matter who is who justified unreasonable, she must be crying to Xilihuala: "Why is always hurt me?!"

Disagreements with co-workers, she must come back to a worried frown complaining: "Why do they all bully me?!"

A little bit small, she could think to play to the limit; a little Xu contradictions, she exaggerated to infinity. In short, a thousand words merged into one sentence: the world will all bear me!

This woman, everyone afraid. Hide those around her, afraid that she would someday a sensitive nerve, but also vent their anger to themselves; boyfriend was afraid of her, a happy heart love good, Gan Mafei be confused that we do not jolly; her husband to marry her, and then always regret This is the collapse of the wife, so that my home has become not a temperature!

This woman is stupid is stupid, but also selfish. Their excessive desire for love, never want to be around anyone, like, like parents love their children love her, her boyfriend should be praised if she treasures her husband to love her, such as beads, friends, colleagues have to pet her, such as women.

Often, for such a girl, with a total say on the one: you think you are? Gum gee yuk yip do really think he is? !

Of course, if you are really a daughter of the emperor's daughter's richest man, then good, do not you ask around since there will be a large number of a large number of good profit to come to curry favor to please you. But if you're not, just an extraordinary ordinary Brownies, then please learn to lay down their hearts, or a shelf.

One does not know how to give love, only know how to enjoy the love of a woman, there is the embryonic form of the Jour. Because her heart is a bottomless pit, others no amount of care is also filled her heart of greed! A woman, in their day feeling hurt at the same time, surrounded by love, but also gradually from her gone. People are the same, no one likes to give itself bring happiness to people, men especially, if a woman only to make him feel tired and frustrated, of course, he would be farther away from her, and then a bit further ... ...

Jour word on the twenty-first century, is very out of touch. To move forward a few tens of centuries, the status of the old society, women had no income there is no life without the initiative, in a weak position, or extenuating. But who are the same as a woman can work outside the home can pursue what you want in life, why he insists on its own to suffer so much to say? ! The world has never been sympathetic to the weak, the poor do not think you meet people around to win the love and affection, wanted to be a strong woman, keep in mind that the grief for themselves, just be reserved for their own ... ...

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5 kinds of woman too much for most so that men

They are beautiful and gentle, intellectual lovely, all the good external, so that all men attracted to whom indulge. At the same time, they are selfish, frivolous, cruel, ruthless, all the inherent cold, and keep a man biting chilling. Ladies and gentlemen, you are following the case of some type around them, and advised Monarch "with Pro-yuan envy of fish, it is better retreat to make the net" because of your beautiful Eve, was originally sent to earth to heaven internship "Little Witch", they are wrapped in Angel's coat, but do casual "Little Witch" in strength. Therefore, once fell in love with them, this may be the beginning of your purgatory ... ...

  Kiki's No. 1 anti-index: 30%

Objective attitude wavering uncertain - no hope of marriage

Comparison of such a woman a headache - she is not does not love you, not even love was not enough, just that she loved their own. Therefore, men want to marry as soon as possible, such women is not your first choice.


In fact, the reasons for a woman to refuse marriage registration were mostly waiting for a better target. Many male and female contacts for many years, but also very serious, but one that he would marry his girlfriend began evasive, telephone number, and dates are gradually reduced and finally they break off the relationship. These are abandoned to the last man could not understand why they have been cast off. In fact, the reasons for a woman to refuse marriage registration were mostly waiting for a better target. This is nothing wrong with love not to buy things, assess the two lang syne, and ultimately the need of that marriage certificate.

 Witch 2, anti-index: 50%

Never complain about non-stop to meet - pressure accompanied by

Significant feature of their chatter, never satisfied, and when you wanted her eyes, her appetite and objectives of the soon moved to the next one. So, do not drive you to do so again Dangdie mother again, a thankless task.


A woman on the men's dissatisfaction with, of course, does not mean that she is right, even some of the quarreling, nagging a never-ending. This will not improve relations not only continue, but will become more worse. An even more outrageous is that such comparisons are a woman will put you into more and more crazy psychological position, exhausted, finally its not a little sense of accomplishment. Dating is to happiness, in order to co-operate together two people loving, not a party in order to meet unreasonable demands and pay forever.

 Witch 3 Anti-index: 70%

The ever-changing elusive - Tender Trap

Such women are the standard cute, they smile blossoming, meticulous, determination and courage, spotted an absolute Walk the Line. Super-class of personal charm, definitely makes you fascinated by the loss of principle. Her whole body exudes fragrant Ruoyouruowu deadly, when impressed with the performance of like bright fireworks, uh, gas, such as Portland soon as you have the first self-Jiao Chen cakes a half, no wonder love her to unable to extricate themselves. But you must also be aware that sometimes she does not belong to you.


The reason why they are rich in thousands of changes, loving rolled into one evil, is to own the footer, bringing together thousands of women the most beautiful image and character: sports, elegant type, avant-garde type, the cause of type, bold, cool , frank, and indulgence, and shy, and countless walls.

Her first was for parents温良恭俭让's daughters, which is the foundation of all good relationships, and then like to have added a cup of clear coffee by adding a partner as caring and words and deeds - this is the attitude of her children; she faced her husband's time -- the big bed in their own wild and unrestrained, like all the rest of the time when the original never married; her boss is always convincing, fluent psyche worship, so obey orders that she not only feel joy, and also superior comfort for her admiration.

Finally, Do not you think she is a person, she would also add an eye of a person, and that is her lover: she is his ambiguous on a flower, a touch of mystery and Long Zhao layer distance. And you, in addition to love her and hate her the pain between the walk, then no way out.

Witch 4 anti-index: 90%

An eye-dazzling - internal injury risks

Here's "glamorous," not the "Pink Lady" where Yan S-shaped lips crush, she shows a woman in your in moments of weakness, where necessary, the state. They are just right of the stick people, customs million species of hurt people. Men warm spring breezes, let them go, like a butterfly glue spider's web, deep web not knowing the situation, ignore the spillover happiness at the same time, you are unable to extricate themselves, once lost her, you will be disastrous internal injuries. But she could be happy for worry-free, write off.


Is a woman in the glamorous woman, she should highlight all the good characteristics as a woman, of course, is to Huazhizhaozhan coquettish Such is Life, and Tanxiaoziruo lively sense of humor is more icing on the cake, if they know how to forbear playing hard tim ... back ... if she gave up a tree , as well as the forest to her Yaochong; if she gave up a small stream, the entire ocean will warm to her Ben Lai. Glamorous life of a man whom the pursuit of endless beautiful goal, she lost only our chains, to win the whole world.

Witch 5, anti-index: 100%

Vulnerable to the attack tempered into a steel - too difficult to control

Anti-index for the 100% is the true sense of the "bad woman" - one's face-mei, heart children hard, start with steady Accurate for men has a super-class sensitivity and appreciation of - was widely vulnerable to the attack, birds Chaofeng, tempered into a steel "bad woman." If you have deep tenderness of her case, it must remain sober, "the murder" was invisible is their field of expertise. Do not think of how to manage her, unless he is genuinely in love, or nervous you take the wrong. Otherwise, quenching thirst with poison is perhaps the final outcome.


Remember the movie "Hero" on the back and forth saying: a mind free from the sword, is the real sword; war depths is actually the word for peace. Also tells you that they come to conquer a man's journey to this Dan Rather, at heart, a love-hate has no entanglement. Men can have jobs, salary, status, like her can have. This is half of the world are men, half belong to her, her life is not attached to any one of the opposite sex. In addition, she also has a fatal beauty, Roumei deep-rooted styles. If you want to with dual-homed dual-habitat, you have to temper themselves, to create its own, and even hesitate to reinvent themselves, to pay for her love and much of the last in order to gain equality. However, in order for this equality, you have to put your profile.

She will always be extremely principled: They own their own money and open forever keep their own money system, have their own circle of friends, business social networking, you can always say no to you out loud. Require you to have a say in the use of condoms, to protect their right to not have children and so on

What are things that girls who attract men?

Many boys like to talk about girls, who likes to talk about their ideal girl type, while the girls, such as the spring flowers in full bloom, 100 Mei Zi, 10000 flowers are blooming, and Qun-fang fight jealousy, but also for boys dizzying. Of course, different types of girls chasing boys naturally have different likes. However, whether the girls can understand, the modern girl who likes boys usually What things?

 A relatively simple beautiful girl.

Boys in general are very trust their own eyes, if eyes appear able to attract a beautiful girl his eye will certainly be deeply attracted to a beautiful girl and the boys, if left to give the first impression of pleasant and relaxed and happy, it will hazy and attached to inspire the love of boys, and perhaps this will inspire the boy's extraordinary Dan Qi and become the eyes of a boy is always a princess.

 Second, conversation wise wisdom of girls.

If the girl is wise performance, allow the boy to change the most girls are cold "Ice Beauty" view, enabling the wisdom of the conversation to attract someone else's vision, then, a conversation wisdom, and wisdom, girl, the smart clever conversation, neither overbearing nor servile wisdom, it is easy for a man to produce a good impression and was completely sincere admiration.

 Third, a bright personality sunshine girl.

Boys like girls, easy-going personality and outgoing personality, be able to have a common language and similar hobbies, friends can have fairly good grasp of the standards and social restrained scale, be able to personalize their own side of the sun to bring and infection around the friends of colleagues. This girl is will become the focus of attention will give the boys around them are willing to become a bee around you round and round.

 Fourth, knowledge of the rich connotation of girls.

And old age as "a woman's only virtue to be ignorant" standard to measure the women's different from most of modern society demands girls have relatively rich in content and relatively open modern knowledge, and similarly, the boy rarely willing to marry a chest large non-brain girl to go home, after all, most of the boys favorite is still the rich connotations of the ability to meet society girl.

  5, intellectual enlightenment sophisticated girl.

There is tolerance and enlightenment ways of the world of girls has been generally welcomed girls. Boys like your favorite girls concerned about them, during the break to stay with their own Yueshuixiaoxiao girls, with numerous people able to foot their own following facial girls, friends can have scale to safeguard the image of the girl her boyfriend, in the They can be a little world "as" point girl.

  6, love life, health of girls.

Girls who love life, health, the goal of all boys, but also to all prospective mothers were particularly liked the type of Italy. Because they love life family-oriented, positive and optimistic attitude to life, personal behavior Huodataiduo, health benefit to future generations. Thus, boys especially like those with physical and personality are very healthy girl.

 7, honor elders, filial girl.

Today's children are mostly self-centered, if we can think of someone else, or everything can often empathy girl is definitely the type of popular boys prefer, especially with the traditional virtues of Chinese women and girls can be filial respect their elders, but also a boy dream objects.

  8, capacity decent temperament girl.

In his career to a certain degree of working ability, competent their work, as long as not a "workaholic", and properly handle the relationship between work and life that can properly handle the relationship between families and units, indicating that she has a different coordination capabilities, such as girls, some boys are also keen to pursue the object.

 9, love home Gu ordinary girl.

Feng Wan girl is prohibitive for the vast majority of boys, especially those played with a girl even at home without looking back, or weak family values, a girl, but also to avoid the vast majority of boys, and much of the object. Even at home it does not matter a girl, you do not even think about counting on her to be able to love this family, love their family members, and even well-managed and all the family.

10, thrift holding filial family good girl.

Girls do not necessarily have to be very pretty, but it must be good-hearted, there must be the heart of humanity. Well-born or the wealthy homes of course, the boy's good fortune, but if an evil woman will bring a lifetime of pain to the boy. Therefore, the ability of the kind-hearted girl Qinjianchijia bring happiness to the family feeling.

Of course, the boys who like things a lot of girls, while girls to attract boys, there are many things, the key lies in both men and women should have a positive attitude towards life, there must be good for the heart of humanity, there must be a physical or mental health. As long as the heart is good, everything else will become more and more beautiful.

Drinking within 3 to support redeployment of white soup whitening freckle

Real beauty, will always be emitted from the inside out; beautiful white, always thoroughly from the inside to the outside slightly ruddy.

To achieve this effect alone can not do wipe coated painting, may transfer from the inside, such as drink three white soup.

Chinese medicine holds that people's skin and organs function Yue Chak closely related or not. If the viscera lesions, blood does not, and then rough skin, facial hygiene spot. With white peony, Atractylodes, White Poria Sammi-based medicine to reconcile three white soup is from blood, regulating the function of the five organs, thereby whitening freckle.

TGP sweet, sour, slightly cold, there is nourishing the role of looking chlorosis can be treated, facial pigmentation, dull; Atractylodes and warm, sweet, bitter, anti-aging efficacy; White Poria Sweet, Dan nature, can freckle whitening. Modern pharmacological studies have also confirmed the role of the above-mentioned cosmetic medicine: TGP scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation effect; Atractylodes, White Poria can enhance immune function, dilation of blood vessels, which belong to the beauty of the product. In addition, the three white soup comes with licorice in its nature, sweet, with moisturizing deodorant effect, can be used for chapped skin, and so on.

Practices: water Jiantang day, a small bowl. If you find it troublesome, you can also self-Tea. Take Baizhu, peony root, white Poria each 150 grams of licorice 75 g, respectively, research into a coarse powder, mix evenly into 30 packets in a day, take a bag brew with boiling water, when the Chahe. Taking period, the best to eat less spicy. As the drug taste of peace, and most people can take.

A woman's most simple skin whitening method

The skin in addition to sunscreen, but also need whitening, the following recipe for no harm to try a few introductions:

Winter Guazai Ren 15g, orange peel 6g, peach 12g, mixed research into Ximo, meal with rice soup tone clothes, three times a day, and even served a few months, the face will become white and tender and smooth.

Winter Mulberry fried gravy bottling Shouzhu back, every day morning, pour the juice with a glass face in the water wash of people, often washing the face can light soft.

Dried roses to soak in hot water to make it cool and then drop a few drops of olive oil on the used paint eyelid, the skin will stick to smooth and moisturize.

Drying-off skin erythema point, milk paint was drying on her face and location, make the skin shrink, and then lemon Fumian smaller spots after a week, and then smashed cucumber Gefen and after participation in an appropriate amount of honey paint several times, spots can be removed.

With traditional Chinese medicine ginkgo, grass fruit of all 22, plus one or two black beans, and research into smaller dividend of 30 copies of the morning every day to take a stirred into the water wash, and then rub on the cream, continuing the use of ~ months, the skin will become white and tender.

Apricot peel, slippery surface, light powder of equal parts, Yan Mo steam even for a moment, remove the Garonne brain and a little musk, and then mixing into a paste with egg white, wash your face every morning to get up after the medication smear a few months later, appearance will become pale smooth, bright, such as the Peach Blossom Spring.

What kind of woman a man's favorite flavor?

So a woman must be feminine. Feminine is a woman's fundamental attributes, feminine is a woman's charm lies. Women had no feminine, like loss of scented flowers, the moon lost Seiki. Woman flavored, one-third may be increased to seven parts beautiful; woman tasteless, is reduced to one-third of seventh are beautiful. Femininity for a woman yearning to make a man intoxicated. Men, without exception, a woman will love flavored; woman to conquer a man, not woman's beauty, but because of her femininity.

1. Certainly not in the library, canteen, casual way to look at handsome men, but not casually with what a handsome guy accosted and asked people what the phone number.

2. Each day she would get up very early for him to the cafeteria before classes Mai Fan. Sunday, more importantly, to feel him Haohaodishui not too early to look for him an appointment.

3. Every week, she will be to "go to which park to play," racked their brains. To find a suitable leisure very feminine rendezvous.

4. Want to eat anything, only to consider his taste. On his preferences, I was always thoughtful, and never will be only of his favorite things.

5. Everyday for him to dress. Jiaoren a glance comfortable on the cool heart, it posted a heart!

6. Everyday for him to lose weight. Always worried that he will say that they too fat? Too fat? Special ugly?

7. The constant fear that he would be knocked vinegar bottles, and the former buddies will not go out to eat with ramen, or coffee.

8. For his sake, never mixed with the Internet chat forum or something. So as to avoid bad case of online friends put him worried sick!

9. All day thinking about him: he is now doing? He is now and who is speaking? But never asked him to also "is not thinking about her all the time", "anywhere, anytime to keep me know that she was."

10. Every day for him to clean clothes. Wanted him to wear fresh Shuang-ching's. Also often complain that he did not love clean.

11. Every few days to him to wash your hair, clipping the nails. The side of his shampoo, but also while nagging non-stop!

12. And the street with him when he must check whether the burnished leather shoes. If one does not light, it flew flashed tool, then rub the brush again, until her nose sweating up! 13. Every day, she will not provoke a "World War III." If, even, occasionally - as "the language of small-scale small-PK", she would be timely "reconciliation"! A maximum of only symbolically threw a small plastic cup minimum, rather than glass.

14. Every time, "Valentine's Day," "Christmas" like a holiday, she would give him a small gift, not always something he had given her.

15. Each semester, she would give him to buy a stylish clothing, allowing him to front of their classmates, become "people die like a dog", and like a "Asian Hunks"!

16. When she was angry, never ran back to the women's dormitory. But also smiling, "cat" You look at it, say: "disgusting!" Rather than ferociously say: "Good-bye!"

Femininity, a man often makes mention of terms, what is feminine, and perhaps the term referred to the performance of the men most directly is hazy in the "sniffed" that feeling.

 You know the real "feminine" do?

Of course, worldly woman who is bound to wander in between the ladies and the bitch. Shrew is naturally no one wants to do, but make an elegant woman, a taste of a woman, it is a beautiful dream of every woman the same thing. Apart from that, men are also calling for ladies return the number of men for a woman to lose flavor and gentle sigh.

So, what is feminine? To describe a specific place, really not easy. May be a gentle eyes, and perhaps an elegant posture, perhaps a shallow smile, perhaps a hint of greetings, perhaps a silent concern, perhaps a thoughtful move, perhaps a good relief and support, may be a rational response, perhaps inadvertently revealed his taste, perhaps Chuluanbujing the quiet state of mind, and perhaps laugh at life, of being indifferent to feelings ... ... a different perspective and have different knowledge and understanding. So from my personal stylist has been engaged in a woman's right to understand and analyze the external wear aside from a fashion designer's perspective and understanding of the true beauty of a woman - feminine.

A woman's taste is the connotation of a woman, a woman's charm. Women have taste, a beautiful two-thirds may be increased to seven points, and a woman no taste, nice to land on one-third of seven parts.

A woman can be not beautiful, but can not do without taste; a woman can be tolerant, but not rough; woman to be maternal, but not verbose; a woman could do without highly educated, but can not do without knowledge; a woman could do without the money, but can not do without self-esteem; a woman can be there is no strength, but can not do without good; a woman can be no authority, but can not do without morality; only know how to constantly improve their own amendments to the woman in order to grow old gracefully.

Come from a woman's taste, sense of love of learning has always been a woman "has" flavor, a hint of long-lasting fragrance. Here to study, not only refers to book knowledge, the same refers to the means to earn a living, survival skills, adapt to social, family, work and life development of the skills. A woman has a wealth of knowledge in the following will become good, since knowledge gave her heritage, cultivate her sentiments, so that she became gentle, considerate. "Tea is also why intoxicating liquor, the book Nengxiang I do not have to spend," thus, she is a woman does not have the kind of taste in general.

The relationship between beauty and taste are not directly proportional. Pretty does not mean there is taste, does not mean there is charm. Is distributed out of taste, and in leisurely inadvertently appear quietly to sneak into your line of sight, respectively, after the lingering sound curl, unforgettable feeling. Is to achieve a kind of calm in the fondly, is traversed Napian Hawthorn, remained a lingering! Taste can override the connotation of beauty, but beauty is not a substitute for taste. Taste can even break this cruel age limit. Do not you see, some hair and a woman is still a lot of flavor frost is still so beautiful, and some women, though young and beautiful, but placed the same in any place it is difficult to show a personality and elegant charm

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And eggs with fresh food is hazardous to health

Eggs, chicken eggs Phasianidae animals, also known as chicken eggs, chicken, sweet natured, has a Ziyin Runzao, Yang Xin soothe the nerves, nourishing and preventing miscarriage, longevity achievements. Egg is a popular favorite foods, fresh eggs contained in the nutrient-rich and comprehensive, nutritionists called "complete protein model", had been hailed as the "ideal nutritional library."

The main nutrients are:
1. Protein: eggs, rich in quality protein per 100 grams of egg-containing 12.7 grams of protein, the protein contained two eggs, roughly equivalent to 150 grams of fish or lean meat protein. Egg protein digestibility of the milk, pork, beef and rice are the highest. Fresh egg-containing protein, the main protein of eggs (in egg white middle) and the yolk proteins (mainly in the egg yolk). Of its amino acid composition and most close to human tissue proteins, so a very high absorption rate up to 99.7%.

2. Fat: Each egg contains 100 grams of fat 11.6 grams, mostly concentrated in the egg yolk, and unsaturated fatty acids for more milk fat was melt-like, easily absorbed.

3. Amino acids: methionine are particularly abundant in eggs, while the grains and pulses, is the absence of such essential amino acids, so the eggs mixed with grain or beans for consumption, can improve the bioavailability of the latter two.

4. Other micro-nutrients: eggs, there are other important micronutrients, such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron in particular, egg yolk up to 7 mg / 100 g; egg is very rich in phosphorus, but the relative lack of calcium, Therefore, the consumption of milk and egg together can complement each other nutrition. Egg vitamin A, B is also very rich.

In recent years, nutritionists and medical scientists at home and abroad on the egg nutritional value and health function has six new understanding:

● Jiannaoyizhi in egg yolk lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol, and yolk hormone, and physical development of the nervous system has a great effect. Phosphatidylcholine digested by the body, may release choline, choline improves memory in all age groups.

● protect the liver and egg proteins in liver tissue injury of the repair. Egg yolk lecithin can promote the regeneration of liver cells. Also increase the amount of human plasma proteins, enhance the body's metabolic functions and immune function.

● Control atherosclerosis U.S. nutritionists and health professionals to use eggs to combat atherosclerosis, was an unexpected amazing results from their eggs, nuts, liver extract lecithin, every day suffering from cardiovascular patients to eat 4 ~ 6 tablespoons. 3 months later, the patient's serum cholesterol decreased significantly, to obtain satisfactory results.

● Prevention of Cancer eggs contain more vitamin B2, vitamin B2 can be broken down and oxidized in the human body carcinogens. Of trace elements in eggs, such as selenium and zinc, also have anti-cancer effect. Human cancer mortality in the world based on the analysis, it was discovered that cancer mortality is inversely proportional to the intake of selenium.

● Anti-aging eggs contain almost all of the human body needs nutrients, a lot of experience in one of the longevity of the elderly live longer is to eat an egg every day. Chinese folklore of the many health-medicated diet are also inseparable from the eggs. For example, the fleece-flower root boiled eggs, boiled eggs, porcine brain, eggs, porridge and so on. If the eggs processed into salted egg, the calcium will be increased significantly by 55 mg each hectogram to 512 mg, or about 10 times the fresh eggs, especially suitable for those who want to calcium.

● maintenance of skin, the United States contains more eggs rich in iron. 100 grams of egg yolk iron 150 mg. Iron in human blood and in blood from the transport of oxygen and nutrients role. Fan Chu's face ruddy beauty, can not do without iron. If the iron deficiency may lead to iron-deficiency anemia, chlorosis, people's face, the skin has lost its luster of beauty. This shows that the egg is indeed an important food to maintain the skin, one of the United States.

Eggs should not be the same with what foods to eat?

● eggs, milk and milk contains lactose, lactose, galactose and glucose is a dimer, in which galactose is its nutrition lies. Eggs contain many proteins, broken down into amino acids, amino acid absorption of energy (small intestine wall active transport). At this point, blood glucose can be used less, will be oxidized galactose energy supply. Some sort of egg and milk proteins in certain nutrients react with each other, so that decline in nutritional value, so should not the same food.

● eggs, milk and milk hygiene contains trypsin inhibitor that can inhibit the protease activity of the human body, affecting the protein in the human body's digestion and absorption, where the egg contains a sticky egg white protein, soy milk can be the same combination of trypsin, so that the protein been hampered by the decomposition, thereby reducing the body's absorption of protein.

● eggs and sugar in many places there are to eat sugar Tongzhu poached habits. In fact, the eggs and sugar Tongzhu will lead to the formation of egg protein in Fructose-based amino acid lysine conjugates. This substance can not easily be absorbed by the body, will have adverse effects on health.

People's misunderstanding of eggs

Eat eggs will lead to increased cholesterol

Indeed, over each egg yolk contains 200 milligrams of cholesterol, which accounted for the total recommended daily intake of cholesterol, 2 / 3. Therefore, many people have been terrified of this data, and the egg yolk in the daily diet in addition refused. In fact, there is no scientific research can prove that eating eggs and more eggs than those who ate fewer higher risk of heart disease. To date, approximately 120,000 men and women examined the eating habits, and, after many years of follow-up of authoritative studies have shown that: an average of one egg a day to eat healthy men and women eating an egg or the same week compared to people who do not eat , the incidence of heart attack or stroke risk did not increase. These data clearly tells us: eggs, the high cholesterol and high cholesterol in our bodies is not directly linked. Because egg yolk contains rich lecithin, is a powerful emulsifier, cholesterol and fat particles can become very fine and smoothly through the vessel wall by cell fully utilized, thereby reducing blood cholesterol. And egg yolk lecithin choline released after digestion into the blood and thus synthesis of acetylcholine, is a major neurotransmitter substances, can improve brain function, enhance memory. So, not just because of their high cholesterol content, while the predicted probability of their risk of heart disease will have a negative impact

Relationship between husband and wife can guess from the facial

Of men and women are a round face:
Too close to each other due to the lack of patience parted easily understood. Can not be added due to differences in phase can not see each other's beauty.

Men and women have a square face:
Is also a lack of understanding can not complement each other and become estranged. M "A" literally, female "with" literally: This man can not afford to legislation, bones are not hard, henpecked, work, fear of leadership; a woman but it is very formidable at home, give orders, work is also kept their word.

Male face, female has a round face:
A man has the stamina, both inside and outside easily dominated; woman caring, able to meet with her husband, housework is also the line is a good wife and mother.

Male has a round face, the woman's face:
Men like to enjoy; wife hard on the husband and wife from the role of nanny.

M "A" literally, female has a round face:
Mr. Lord easy stingy like picky, the total with a woman behind; Mrs. vain, very grandiose.

Men and a round face, female triangular face:
Husbands lively, open and aboveboard; wife attentive, just to make up more than her husband's lively, for her husband when the staff.

Both men and women are thin and small:
With each other as a vine on the two bitter gourd, they can not show two-posed by life, can only be bleak for.

Both men and women, "Shen" Face the word:
Mr. Lord's feelings is very rich, his wife was also thoughtful care. Can be described as Qifengduishou will be met only good, well-matched, so bead joint wall together.

Men's mouth is small, plump lips woman:
Men seem petty, there is no future, with his wife in charge of the family, perform household, family life can still flies Youziyouwei, happiness and contentment.

Both men and women are big eyes:
Both sides are chasing vanity, vanity, waste of life, are more Gaode eventually broke up.

Men and women are little eyes:
Each other are plain and hardworking way, without the use of money does not spend money, the two petty to go together, but a little can save a little money.

Male big eyes, small eyes, female:
Mr. They are very generous, I am pleased to waste, good dinners, but more or less under the control of his wife, and will not run out of money.

Male small eyes, women with big eyes:
Men introverted, thoughts carefully,好想issues; woman outgoing, sociable, greedy playing.

Both the lower lip are thin:
Husband and wife feeling like a friend in general. If it has a thin upper lip, then both sides are selfish person.

Thin lips of men and women lip thickness:
The vitality of men and weak vitality woman wang, so the two among the woman is the man to look after us.

Both men and women face width:
The duo's ability to work are strong. Also know how life squandered, but it will use money to two per person. Both chin are fine: each other very nervous, prone to crash, arguing and fighting and the like often occurs, leading to two final split.

Men jaw width, chin, thin woman:
Strong ability to work man at work can be an officer, woman to do things carefully, to housekeeping so clear refreshing cool, clean.

Chin, thin man, woman chin width:
Mr. Lord good fault-finding, got a little older, and sometimes like to wear flowers clothes; wife there is masculine, but stubborn.

They are round the chin:
The duo have good social, beats. Therefore, create a feeling of life, friends and more in his later years is also very happy.

Round chin men and women chin Party:
Kim is like two gears forever He Bulong general, the most prone to conflict, the two arguments is almost commonplace.

Men chin side, a woman round the chin:
Husband's work is dedicated, always got to come home late at night, so my wife comments, it is not considerate. The two quarrel, almost commonplace. Both of the cheekbones are prominent: a steel, an iron. Two mutually exclusive, each side of the grounds, sooner or later break up.

Plump nose male and female tip of the nose:
Men can earn money, work smoothly; woman can spend money and spend more than half of the husband earn is also a small one.

Male nose concave, convex female Er:
Female character strong, and aggressive; men are willing to make concessions, two non-Xiang AnMatter.

Orgasm can kill cold germs early

Most people think that when he was suffering from common cold or the flu, the best to stay away from married life in order to avoid too close contact with flu might spread to the other side.

However, experts from Switzerland, has recently proposed another new method for treating the common cold, that the passion between husband and wife kiss and harmonious sex life, but also a good way to kill flu germs.

Scientists through a set of experiments found that both men and women sexual life would not only have a positive impact the various body systems, but also enhance the immune system, can help the body from various diseases of the annoyance.

This is mainly due to white blood cells and other phagocytic cells play a role. Sex life, once the phagocytic cells found in a different body, it will penetrate into, and self "off" so that the number of cells is increasing rapidly. In particular, after orgasm, and their number increased to nearly twice the usual. The new increase in phagocytic cells are active, can more quickly find and destroy harmful bacteria on human health.

Still, some experts point out that this new approach is only applicable to the early cold. If you have experienced serious flu symptoms such as fever, severe cough, headache, generalized muscle pain, etc., they should be more rest, try to avoid sex life

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Is that really true: Do you like the quality of chest fullness man MM. . . .

1, poor: a love chest fullness MM men are often poor. People say that the Chinese people because of the reasons for natural disasters, in essence, hunger planted memories. The impoverished, and is still a poor man's memory of a deeper hunger, so the large milk has natural proximity. This is the performance of childhood malnutrition, which is the performance of the parents condemned to hell, this is not a child fed with formula milk manifested in actuality, the performance of poverty and low self-esteem.

Second, superficial: a love chest fullness MM men are often superficial. They can not as a whole, in-depth understanding of a good business. They can only grasp the symptoms, as well as appearances go to their pursuit. They often only taken note of the surface characteristics of a woman with breasts, so that the characteristics of the more obvious the better. Little do they know a woman should enjoy the overall beauty of the body as a whole, including all of the beauty, temperament, culture, taste and so on.

3, vulgar: a love chest fullness of MM is often vulgar man. They do not know the civilized world, "United States" What is the concept, they usually only have meat, do not know Ling. They acted rude, and the spirit of tacky taste. It is such a man polluted the cultural market, resulting in a large milk palace of gold shape appeared. Let the world think that the Chinese people's aesthetic is "milking is beautiful" so vulgar.

4, is simple: a love chest fullness of MM is often a simple man. Their life mission and the pursuit of life are extremely simple, the kind with food and clothing for the life goals people. Their minds are simple "stimulus-response" system. Subconscious simply agreed that it will be able to feed the offspring of milk. We know that "big breasts are often simple-minded woman," the so-called like-minded, simple-minded men and women are mutually attractive.

5, atavistic: a love chest fullness MM men often atavistic. Is well known that the primary role of breast feeding future generations. In ancient times, a woman with large milk to feed offspring, often at higher risk. Because at that time of food deprivation, cold. But at the moment such a harsh environment that no longer exists, high-quality men, can often afford to buy 1000 yuan a can of milk powder. While those who are still pursuing big men in milk, there is an atavistic tendencies.

6, old-fashioned: a love chest fullness of MM are often old-fashioned man. High-grade fashionable people all know that the models are tall figure of small milk. Cai Xiao-He Lu sharp angle is the most beautiful, whether it is Rainie Yang, Li Yuchun, or are representative of this style. But like the milk man's pursuit of large objects, in my imagination where the individual is a bloated dirty women engaged in non-mental, or a popular online XX sister.

7, decadent: a love chest fullness MM men tend to decay. Li Ao in his books repeatedly and clearly stated their preference for a small milk, like the kind of "adorned a small milk", why because "adorned the small milk," a symbol of youth, a symbol of our most beautiful part of human life. Therefore, men tend to like small milk and love of young love from the heart a statement. The man who is basically like the big milk decadent and backward and decadent.

To sum up, like the poor man chest fullness MM, shallow, vulgar, simple, throwback, old-fashioned, decadent, they are often not high quality ...

My view:
This article can only be "Joking" only a matter of fact, people have their own minds like the standard, regardless of the starting point, as long as he loved the best we can have an "inclusive" of the heart to accept him, do not comment on his!

Women's underwear, reveal her love knot

Puzzled type: black lace panties A film actress is the basic equipment, as the most inspired men's underwear Cikuan the original impulse, so that men can not resist sexual temptation, so a woman wearing a black lace underwear, the subconscious hope to conquer men, flirt with passion, love passion sex bold way, and even looking forward to taste the thrill of betrayal, favorite to become the focus of attention Oh man!

Healthy: white cotton underwear. This type of a woman belonging to the bright and lively, pleasant children, like the pursuit of the sun-like life, high self-expectations, and strive to practice their own goals. For the other half of the request, hope he is being reckless free and easy, and vigorous man, eager to have a sub-practical stability of sex, more needs to be clutching his thick body feeling!

Lovely type: printing patterns underwear. This type of woman is a relatively weak-minded little woman, for love or sex are all looking forward to holding further hurt the psychological fear, hesitant to try, all things are go beyond that, very conservative and self-restraint. However, if the experience is very active and strong partner, you may have detonated a warm response, but afterwards they regret remorse endless!

The romantic type: pink underwear department. Also pleasing is the gentle and sweet woman shared the performance of this type of sex is full of romantic fantasy and shy conservative modesty like the gentle words of love and sweet kisses and look forward to handsome Prince Charming come with their own romantic enjoyment of all.

Active type: Chromic Department of underwear. This type of woman does not consciously subconscious like to take the initiative and look forward to leading the other into his heart or body, just, and generous is the common feature of such a woman could not tolerate a male chauvinist style.

Prosaic type: large relaxation of the underwear. This type of woman for sex has long been the lack of mystery, right partner is unlikely that he should in a romantic atmosphere or a savory smell of the place, even though occasionally a very pleasant, but the lack of romantic feeling. This type of woman because of their appearance easily become too lazy to dress up very casually

Science and the details of the use of condoms 14

1. Each sex before they are condoms with a new gum. Each condom can only be used once, do not be secondary use.

2. Condoms have different specifications, should be based on the size of the penis during erection select the appropriate type, such as too much off the General Assembly in the vagina, the small break so that semen is squeezed into the vagina.

3. Should review the product before use date and validity period expired condoms has changed, easy to break down, unfit for use.

4. Condoms must be stored in a cool, dry and non-contact with acid, alkali, oil environment. If contact with the above conditions to become sticky, hair brittle, even in the shelf-life period should not be used.

5. To be torn by hand carefully separate sealed bags to avoid the use of scissors a class weapon. So as to allow condom breakage.

6. Must be put before the start of sexual intercourse. Some people like to wear during sexual intercourse again, so that contraception is very dangerous.

7. Wear a condom glans deflated before pinch the top for the storage of semen with a small balloon to prevent the air bag in the case of thermal expansion, prompting the semen to the penis during ejaculation overflow.

8. Condoms should not be started in advance, but should be in the erection of the penis from the glans part of the head start advantage of the opportunity down.

9. Remove the condom while the fingers could not have access to semen and vaginal secretions, so sex is no longer their hands after touching female organs, must immediately wash their hands with soap and water in the mobile underwater.

10. To ensure condom to trap the entire penis.

11. Condoms can only use water-based lubricant. Vaseline, liquid paraffin, paint on face oil, cooking oil, etc. can be brittle in the short term to increase condom and accelerate its breakdown.

12. Condoms found in using the hole or detachment, only replace the condom is still unsafe, should immediately stop sexual intercourse, the use of disinfectants, cleaning the genitals.

13. After ejaculation the penis should be weak before the finger holding down the bottom of a condom along with the penis out.

14. Remove the condom must not let the semen flow, or to make contact with condoms, vaginal secretions outside the body. Used condoms should be thrown into the trash into plastic bags.

Sedentary obesity and other factors can lead to lung function decline in the human body

No exercise, no sweat, sedentary young people become accustomed to the shallow breathing, the lungs of garbage is difficult to drain the brain long-term chronic hypoxia.

Status of the Chinese people continued to decline in vital capacity


We all love the eyes the heart, gastrointestinal, liver or cervical spine, has neglected the most vital organs - lungs. Do not breathe can not tolerate even a minute or two, but ignored the lung capacity of the "depression" - vital capacity decline in turn a blind eye. Decline in vital capacity, said the body oxygen uptake capacity and poor exhaust emissions will lead to, such as headache, dizziness, chest tightness, apathetic, lack of concentration, memory, insomnia and other white-collar sub-health population common problem.

By the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education published in 2000 National Physique monitoring results, with 15 years ago, compared to 40-69 year-old man fell to 3347.2 milliliters lung capacity by 2441.3 milliliters of women decreased from 2362.3 milliliters to 1761.6 milliliters, respectively, down 28% and 26%. 2005 National Physique monitoring results indicate that male and female lung capacity Juncheng further downward trend.

Experts point out that often feel shortness of breath, shortness of breath, chest tightness, or even hyperventilation, these are the appearance of lung function decline.

Alert sedentary, obese, "waste" of your lungs

Many of Respiratory Medicine, lashed out at today's unhealthy lifestyle experts led to lung function, "disuse", although no one study of obesity, sedentary and the relationship between the decline in vital capacity, but "from the truth is you can talk down to."

People born before the breathing method used in the most scientific, baby automatically take advantage of the human body's largest and most efficient breathing muscle - so deep, diaphragmatic breathing, but with age, gradually being generated by the chest muscle activity of short-unscientific breathing replaced. Most people every minute for 10 ~ 16 times shallow breathing, shallow breathing are lower than those of the actual capacity of the lung, so that degradation of lung function unconsciously.

Shallow breathing, only the upper portion of the lung alveoli at work, accounting for four-fifths of the middle and lower lung lobe of the lung is in the "rest." Over many years so, the middle and lower lobes are not tempered and easy to make the aging lung, respiratory function is poor, can not satisfy the various tissues and organs of oxygen demand, decreased body resistance, susceptible to respiratory diseases, especially in winter, the elderly prone to cold Ougan pneumonia. Degenerative lung disorders, abuse of older persons in the lower lobes, which is a long-term result of shallow breathing and lower lobes, "disuse" has a close relationship.

Vital capacity began to decline from 30 years of age, people often do not feel, he called for doing something like ECG and blood pressure, routine physical examination should be added to pulmonary function tests. Because 1 / 3 of lung function decline in patients with no obvious symptoms, when the decline of activity, should check lung function, particularly in smokers and reduce the activity of products should be inspected.

Proposed deep breath five minutes a day

U.S. doctors call for adults to learn the baby's breathing, breathing deep and slow Shiyou, ups and downs in the abdomen also. Xia Xi Cheng suggested that the Office of the mental sitting, it is best to cultivate a daily 5-minute timed deep breathing habits.

In fact, China's traditional Chinese medicine have long been saying to breathe navel, and deep breathing is the same meaning. Is to make deep breathing, the belly has to go contract, breath, the belly has to go to relax, lower abdomen of the Gudang to be able to join with abdominal and chest movements.

Exercise pulmonary function, can do 3 to 5 times a week, each 30 minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling. If there is no time for exercise, you can doing the breathing exercises. Breathing exercises could have been one of the measures the treatment of COPD patients, pulmonary function of poor people can learn.

 The specific practice of breathing exercises are:

Take a deep breath before doing a few quick short deep breath, exhaled gas deposition to the lungs, do deep breathing exercise. Take a deep breath when the smoke filled the air and then hold your breath (not long), stop a moment and then exhale slowly, so that the oxygen into the blood. From time to time to do a day 5 to 10 minutes. If the feeling of hypoxia (such as chest tightness, dizziness, vague aches and fatigue), they can do so at any time. Take a deep breath when the principle of natural comfort, do not deliberately force, if the body does not feel that we should immediately stop. Take a deep breath to do a long time, the best do not always want to breathe in the mind means to be able to achieve natural breathing state.

In 2005 a second national physique monitoring (vital capacity / ml)

Age Male Female

20 ~ 24 3656.2 2415.9

25 ~ 29 3687.8 2421.8

30 ~ 34 3593.9 2377.7

35 ~ 39 3492.6 2333.8

40 ~ 44 3329.1 2253.2

45 ~ 49 3187.7 2156.6

50 ~ 54 3022.5 2034.5

55 ~ 59 2885.4 1949.4