Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten of the most bad mood for a man woman

One, described themselves as "When I was in England," in fact only woman ever to the British Tourist

"Oh, you have this scarf can be Mai Guile, I was in England when the only authentic Scottish £ 10 for a scarf."

"How can study here, the atmosphere, Cambridge, UK, where it can be called a school atmosphere where I felt the air all the time it reveals a cultural atmosphere." "ShanghaiTheBrandToo expensive, and I was in England when buying a BY packet only 110 pounds. "... ...

You may not think this is a British citizen of Chinese, although she mouthful mouthful of "I'm in England" can be a matter of fact she and her relations with the United Kingdom during the Spring Festival, took part in a "tour the UK on the 8th," the tour, which also for two days on the plane.

Although she good at talking to you about the United Kingdom and the special cultural, architectural, social atmosphere ... ... but in fact she did not speak English, in the limited six-day tour in which she cursory turn full circle every day guide arrangement down Chinese restaurant in Chinatown to eat rice. But anyway, talk occasions she always "leading role", "I was in England when ... ..." "I was in Japan when ... ..." "My time in Thailand ... ...", well, hurry away from her bar , as she goes about her on this and your in Singapore, Malaysia, wonderful life.

  2, passing San Xun is still claiming to be "we girls" woman

"Girl" is about the most modern Chinese words, one of a lack of patent protection. 8-year-old girl was "our girls", 28-year-old "our girls", 38-year-old Zhu Er also would dare to claim you are prettily "We're girls." This is a "girl" gushing with feelings of the times, it was a "boy" could easily be eating tofu era. In a "bring together the" three generations of women claim to like "girl", we need not take too much notice of some of some Tingzhao bellies, his eyes full of creases men Youde Mandarin with pure Taiwanese accent to your talk: "We are boys ... ..." - Of course, if you press them too hard to be disheartened to find that if they are from Shanghai, but some counties, or another distant point in the home of the New Fourth Army Yancheng.

Over Sanxun still calmly claiming "we girls" need a little courage and a blatantly secular fight in the end with confidence. Should be pointed out that such a Family Resource Centers hardly coquetry, a woman is not afraid of coquetry. And stubbornly themselves for a long time classified as "girls" team of women, in fact, already far away from the fanciful, "The Age of Innocence."

  Third, obviously preferred radish legs of a woman wearing fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings in fact not nothing new gadgets, many years ago we have all kinds of foreign films from television or magazines have seen a symbol of that layerSexyOf the stockings. But then, in many hearts of Chinese women, wearing fishnet stockings woman in easy and non-decent woman linked.

Colored fishnet stockings full of this year, the streets of Shanghai. There is nothing wrong fishnet stockings, mature woman wearing it look Enchanting, innocent girl wearing it with skirts, but also own some innocent and naive. Pa Zhipa those radish legs, pigeon toed woman, totally knows how to properly dress to cover up their shortcomings. Yi-hsing, the trend, she also contain himself, Ji Houhou bought a set of fishnet stockings to his legs. Zhe Xiake good, should not have beautiful legs seem short, thick, plus it Mingyan blue, purple and rosy red grid ... ... hey, a return to high stakes longer Lao Taiye.

  4, only to give you a phone number, but never received a woman dial

A woman's cell phone is to make men feel the most desperate one of the things. There is such a kind woman, she tends to give you a phone number, not boot time is not quite common, but fatal when you call have to pass but it seems that no one ever answered.

Depressed Bar

The most depressed was a woman there are a thousand reasons to explain why they will not receive a mobile phone, a man picking up a friend's cell phone is not often dismissed as being "like a woman the same?!"

  5, always think you are a woman of her secret crush

Always been a man in his secret crush on another woman that she is a taste of what? Did not have to explain that, teeth knocked How many pieces How many pieces you swallow it, buddy. In a male-looking woman "Ten bad mood", there are quite a few are for men "defense no defense," or "want to argue has forgotten words," the. This is the woman's sublime of the office. "I frequently think you're in the Secret Love her" is such a standard version. Whether you're a woman could be the real feelings, she was "a muscle" in the end to enjoy the wings begin to imagine, in their own realm of freedom where soaring. You do not need to how how handsome, as long as the standard real-time exactly in line with her may be nominated, she felt that her crush on you just to their own needs.

Should be pointed out that such a woman in the eyes of men, mostly very general. Whenever people see a woman in front, oblivious to their own land and therefore do attitude, a very interesting question will always be in this man's mind: do not know Iraq the morning in the mirror to see which of the TIME a face? To be sure, and we actually see completely different.

Such a woman is fair to say no shortage of good points, but was somewhat "lacking splenetic."

  6, Lao Shina "one step" to buy a piece of something to not make excuses for a woman

Others have opened Poussin, this woman said: I am ready to buy a Passat in the second half, in one step. Others have opened Santana 2000, this woman said: I am ready to buy a Passat in the second half, in one step. People have chosen in the surrounding Beverly, Sail, POLO, she still say: I am ready to buy a Passat in the second half, in one step. Before and after the whole process has been two years, the estimated can hold a two-year no problem.

This woman, in love with vanity vanity but no capital, so covet some of the mouth of the "cool." But she flatly refused to recognize his own vanity, so only in the case of buying nothing known to buy this buy that, buy you do not have to buy shorts, and be able to "step" in a variety of things.

  7, in fact, do not want to tell you what, but they are like the woman with you Niwai

Have such a woman, in fact, how kind of how you do not want to, but the partial love with you Niwai. This woman always felt that they have conquered all the man's superhuman strength, and intend to always confirmed in real life 11.

Such a woman you can not say whether she was there to what is morally flawed, but at least she often let a man into a kind of inexplicable "scandal" in the. Then, around an outcry in the media, women kick the tires, get out, which makes a man disgraced, Yunshanwuzhao.

The lack of real courage to put into a relationship is probably the common problem of these women, they just pay lip service, always at the development stage of new products, but did not really put into production. Such a woman's most interesting places in her body language clearly suggested earlier, when a man took over the color Ling Zi, and she will in turn rebuked you "rogue!" Such a woman's most angry is that she let a man in all the time within the control of all remote control devices, than she likes flirting rather than authoritarian interaction. Such women so that men, very bad mood.

  8, and friends together to pearl tea house, they are not elements of a woman a glass of ice water

Forget who is the first time described the plot of a way to: two girls sitting in Tea House Lane, "Running Out of Time," one called a cup of pearl milk tea, another grace to say: Give my cup of ice water. Then a girl called pearl milk tea on the spot face became pale and, knowing the outcome had been.

The first person who wrote this episode is a genius, and the second immediately imitate the writing this plot is that talent, while the third, fourth ... ... are a Jackass. As for the still at any one occasion is posturing to say "Give me cup of ice water," I am afraid, can only bring help laughing a.

To the tea house, the natural product to product, where the tea, even for Longjing, Maofeng not interested, at least you can point a cup of pearl milk tea, lavender tea, first, that they do not on the vulgar decent, good and bad is the YouziyouweiDrinks. Fear that the hearts of distinct pairs of pearl milk tea love was a very tough battle, but in order according to gushing with feelings fiction posing as noble and elegant woman.

  9, for the husband (boyfriend) insufferably arrogant woman

Most men are willing to hesitate to pull brothers, a warmhearted, concrete expression in men tend to hate in the public right husbands or boyfriends insufferably arrogant woman. On what basis what basis? To know that we completely take care of men Qiangyanuhuo the image of the entire population of gender ah. You gnaw on the unknown on the inside Naozhuonaozhuo nose on the face of the tread it.

In general, the insufferable arrogance of men for three reasons: one, previously suffered oppression, and now stand up strong sense; two men did their own thing I'm sorry, from time to time out to stroll a stroll,得理不饶人; 3, it is purely vexatious .

The first case, please keep in mind the woman Taiping Li Zi Cheng Hong and chuangwang historical lessons of failure, others then how can you have a successful revolution, how it? Definitely not. Second, moral woman take precedence, but the immoral things are often tempted to "exposure", you basking basking in him does not matter, and red crown as the roots of anger, and cross the next one mind "must qualify", and such a time , you woman "Sipiao" He also nothing to fear. Things will be broken. The third, unforgivable.

  10, like the door of Starbucks and others, to demonstrate that they taste a woman

Starbucks is now the urban petty bourgeoisie, one of the key word of life, goes the Chinese saying goes: not at home, just as Starbucks; is not Starbucks, on the way to the Starbucks.

I relied on a typical two-point line is worth showing off

Closer to home, there is such a class of women, just touch the petty bourgeoisie life, fur, and were dating, she will be very accurately tell you such and such a road Starbucks door waiting for her, certain commercial low-level Starbucks, the same select a city landmark, She is absolutely Starbucks "supporters", and not waiting in the certain way about you "* Master wonton shop" in the door.

Was even more peculiar is that Starbucks exists only as a city landmark, she does not enter inside the product coffee, maybe, etc. to the Little Sisters, the two turned away turned into the alley next to the cheap lipstick shop. But next time, she was about the door of Starbucks. Starbucks has become a bridgehead had shown her own taste, its approach similar to the gardens of Suzhou's "by King." WithNewsThe words of overripe sector is called "a borrowed boat."

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