Friday, December 25, 2009

Girl into a woman of 10 breakthrough

To reach the same destination from different starting point of departure, many roads leading to love. The feeling of love everyone the same, but the love of the place is vastly different routes leading to the level of love are not the same distance, summed up in about 10 starting point!


Each girl will not forget his first love, even peter out, but Qingdouchukai feelings and then weaving dreams of love so that you can never forget.


2 love hearts desire to encounter somewhere, perhaps a library, study room, a train or a tourist destination, then quickly started, and so quickly to an end. When, after many years of memories, you no-regrets, your face will be Yangqi mysterious smile - life can have a few romantic love!

Fell in love with bad boys.

"Men are not bad, a woman does not love," knowing that he is not for you, or love with him: follow him skip class, he taught you smoke, bring your car Biao, as well as memorable for the first time he was affectionately ... ... give you the feeling is always that word - to stimulate.

Fell in love with the old man.

He's like my father, but more than Papa tenderness; his wisdom, all your Fan Xinshi told him that he let a few words you Maosaidunkai; he has taste, very gentleman, very respect for women; more importantly, he was very rich, and will always be with him, he pays the bill. The old man to satisfy all your fantasies of men, but loved the old man seduce you after seeing the old man only vomiting feeling.

One-night stand.

No guilt, this story is that only you know that you still teen idol in the eyes of others. A refreshed for you, a sexy you, enjoying a simple pleasure. Not asked his occupation, age, constellation, income, morning after byebye, without the need to preserve memories. Play is the heart! Of course, this is very dangerous, it is recommended not to try.

Online dating.

In the virtual world, there are individuals in the spirit of loving you, you will say that forever lost for the stark reality of the situation, then talk into the night every night are boundless. In the spirit of being loved, as a woman, you feel very proud.


Secretly like, secretly concern, secretly looking up, always in search of his shadow, is actually self-love in weaving a dream.

Women chasing men.

Love is difficult to open his heart, it is better revealed to him directly, you may be successful, it may fail, but the important thing is that you, I feel love, boldly speak out, you will not miss the love.

Grab honey boyfriend's apartment.

Can only say that love is selfish, love is always important than friendship. Although she's your honey's apartment, but the love between them collapsed, and calls between you, and can not love it?

Lan Yan Hongyan change.

Lan Yan Hongyan change, buddy changed boyfriend, is the best type of love, he knows your strengths, but also inclusive of your shortcomings, he will always support you.

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