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Decryption can take a deep breath and a few big advantage for longevity!

In one breath can be so physically and mentally, but most people only used the lung 1 / 3

Life can not do without breathing. People are doing every minute of breathing exercise, but you may not breathe correctly. British study showed that more than 90% of the adults there will not be consciously regulate breathing. According to experts, China's Respiratory statistics, more than half of the city people breathe incorrectly, a short-sighted not only many people breathing oxygen the brain, easily tired, but also likely to cause many diseases!

An average of two human lung Football

"Breath is the life of mankind's most important one of the activities." Breathe both lung ventilation, which also covers the transportation of gas in the blood and exchange. "People generally understood breathing, multi-fingered respiratory movement, that is, there is rhythm to the thorax to expand and contract to complete the inhale and exhale. This is for the body to provide oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, to ensure the normal operation of life."

Pulmonary gas exchange in the body outside the main site, although the small size, but the alveolar wall area of about 70 square meters. United Kingdom a yoga master has pointed out that the average person's lungs as big as two football, but many people because of shortness of breath too, so that when the air no time to go lower lobe, resulting in a small amount of ventilation, so most people use only the lungs in life 1 / 3.

A simple one call a smoke, in fact, there are a variety of ways, mainly divided into abdominal breathing and Xiongshihuxi.

Since modern sedentary office, lack of exercise, many people travel a short and shallow breathing, only Xiongshihuxi. Capital Institute of Physical Education swimming coach Wang Zheng pointed out that this breathing pattern for each ventilation is very small, in the normal breathing frequency, ventilation inadequate, the body of carbon dioxide will accumulate, leading to brain hypoxia, dizziness, fatigue symptoms. "In order to better play to the potential for respiratory, people should consciously add Take a deep breath to avoid breathing fast and shallow." Zheng said.

Although people are often unaware of their breathing, but this "breath" about people's physical and psychological condition was able to breathe is equivalent to the vitality, but also update and metabolic power. "Breath of the way is way of life. For example, hot-tempered character who will not be stable breathing." He found from teaching, and many modern breathing becomes shallow short weakness, reduced blood oxygen content, coupled with on a diet imbalance, lack of exercise, all kinds of chronic diseases ensued. If we can correct breathing habits, develop good breathing quality, "can have a passport into the physical and mental health."

Several major benefits of deep breathing

So, do deep breathing abdominal What benefits? First of all, take a deep breath to control respiratory disease. Common respiratory diseases include chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and so on. The lungs of these patients are in inflexible, and expansion of the state, affecting lung capacity. Carried out a deep breath, can gradually increase the muscle contraction force, is conducive to the chest, lungs to effectively expand and enhance intercostal muscle activity, can be gradually restore its flexibility and vital capacity, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment and remission of disease.

Second, take a deep breath can also control high blood pressure. This is the Japanese Self-Governing Medical Professor Satoshi Kitamura a deep breath and blood pressure testing method, its principle is a human pulmonary alveolar pouch known as tilting, about 300 million. Under normal breathing, only 80% -90% of them can fully work, and the remaining lung is a waste of the state. If the use of deep breathing, you can make the rest of the lung to work. When using deep breathing, when the chest is located in the upper lung alveoli open; and in the abdominal deep breathing, the pulmonary alveolar also opened lower. The work of all the alveoli are produced prostaglandins, but also by deep breathing can make in the work of the original 80% -90% of the alveolar produce more prostaglandins than the original. In this way, more of prostaglandins into the blood vessels so that blood vessels expand, blood pressure reduction. Early in the evening three times a day, every 10 minutes there is effect.

Again, take a deep breath can help people decompression to alleviate the insomnia symptoms. When people take the initiative to adjust the depth and frequency of breathing, can effectively relax taut nerves, relieve anxiety and mood. Some because of stress caused by neck pain when breathing through yoga practice, pain would be diminished. Insomnia, breathing people who can also be used to help sleep. By reducing respiratory rhythm, gentle breathing, can reduce insomnia symptoms.

The most important is that deep breathing can promote health and longevity. Hill, an American scholar in the "obtain from the breath of vitality," a paper points out: "There is controlled deep breathing exercises, will enable the brain to eliminate fatigue as quickly as possible, you can regulate the nervous system, makes it easy comfortable. Take a deep breath The reason there is such a big role in giving the normal inhale and exhale each time the gas volume was only 400 ml -500 ml, while most do a breathing men can reach 3500 milliliters, 2500 milliliters of women can be achieved, equivalent to 8 times the normally aspirated, so that access to a large number of life of energy. "

How do I learn how to correctly breathe

How can I learn how to correctly breathe it? The most crucial two points Lu Yifan pointed out that it is necessary to ease the suction, that is, when the suction should be uniformly slow, take a deep as possible, so that gas can be filled with alveolar; The second is to force vomit, spit clean, so as to be All waste removed from the body to protect the exchange of gas more. Breath of the most scientific method: "suck --- stop (breath-hold 10-20 seconds) --- call" breathing form, can enhance the excitability of the parasympathetic, but also can increase the number of bowel is conducive to digestion and absorption of to healthy longevity.

Advocated breathing method, based on deep, abdominal breathing, based on gradually make the lung, ribs, diaphragm and other muscle groups while breathing and movement to the most significant, so that the air is full of the lungs "all breathing." "At first, though to be deliberate practice with the ultimate goal is integration into the life, a variety of postures and movements have to do with breathing." Lung Tsuen-hsiu says that this will be better able to master the power and rhythm of the body and improve efficiency. Such as using breathing climbing mountains, the mountains are less likely to occur and headache symptoms; golf swing can be scrolls farther away. This breathing method, on a bus, walk, work space, or the front of the park trees can practice. In particular, when faced with an unexpected negative situations, breathing better and timely adjust the physical, mental, emotional stability.

Fresh outdoor air can also be more consciously take a deep breath. Wang Zheng said, breathing a specific method is gradually moving from the first nostril breathing, suction process, the thorax on the mention, abdomen will gradually muster, and then continue to inhale, so that the entire lung full of air, and then some ribs was inflated, the chest will expand. This process usually takes 5-10 seconds, and then hold your breath for 5-10 seconds, pause 2-3 seconds later to start a new one's breath, repeated practice will become a correct breathing method.

Long-standing physical exercise, breathing can also be improved. Such as swimming is good for the lung capacity of up to 5000-7000 ml; far greater than the ordinary people of the 3000-4000 ml; long-distance running on the most significant increase in maximal oxygen uptake; push-ups can enhance the capacity of the muscles around the chest wall to increase respiratory muscle strength

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