Friday, December 25, 2009

Treasures of the five men will be treated as a woman

For the women, some people will deserve Lianxiangxiyu, men will be regarded as a treasured creatures identify?

The first is:

Kiyotaka isolated heart Ruo-Bing Qing, as if that water is central lotus.

This woman, I think I have encountered no chance. Why? Because they do not, I can conquer the place. I do not like Xiangjingrubin, I like more direct and naked life. So comfortable and happy.


Mind alert, Variety's Angels. This woman I love, a pity that they made me feel scared. Because, I do not know what I appreciate and admire her, she was not already in the conquest of me ... ...

Although I do not care, or even like to be like their favorite woman to conquer, but if say, I never plug in my heart in her occupation of the banner, then I'd rather Gean sea. I like, I conquered.


This woman is very smart, they never asked too much. They believe in - life is not over their heads, a number of well-being would be more faster.

This woman is very rare, because most of the beautiful young woman, they all rose more than 1 million in the same dream life.

Unfortunately, that is so little woman. Some of these, in order to love and inner well-being, knowingly sell a lover.


  Confidante. For these women, a man she would have different interpretations. I only said that an interpretation of bar - for example, a man out ofAccident, Lying on the bed. If you see an expression of the two women howl, then this must be his wife. Because crying is the heart, tears of love; a woman just looked at his bedside and he holds with a faint smile and then gently left, then this was his confidante. Because she understands his heart!


Alone, smoking, drinking woman. This is a beautiful.

They depict alcohol anesthesia and wind around, you can be a temporary relief - in the alcohol and smoke and gradually walk in the body, the consciousness gradually blurred when the woman would think of a lot of love may be sweet fragments may be yes yes when the mournful breakup may be lingering passions reverie. This time a woman can be said to the United States to the till - a little delicate, a little more feminine, 1:00 Sensation, a little indulgence, a little wild ... ... In short, a matter of ecstasy but makes a beautiful mercy!

Said they were poignant because of its own smoking and drinking the fate of a woman mostly a tragedy. For them it all seems unreal are general - Teen girls, there would always dream of doing like the story of Cinderella; Qingdouchukai always look forward to when they will, and make a person love their slowly growing old together; when the When away from the love that they have gradually, but also foolishly thinking this is the happy. But years of relentlessly to write in their faces the traces of years, their bruised feelings in order to find that only when all are still in situ spin!

But when I came here, some people will Lianxiangxiyu. Please do not, because they also need is a quiet and calm and friendship, rather than the other

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