Sunday, December 6, 2009

Female breast pain, which may indicate disease

Many patients with breast pain, due to unable to find causes of morbidity, they think they got a "breast cancer", and thus the back of the ideological baggage. In fact, the cause of women's breast pain are many.

In recent years, scholars study found that cervical spondylosis can also be caused by refractory breast pain, is attributable to cervical degeneration, cervical nerve root is good enough result. This pain, mostly chronic, and is unilateral. The extent and neck pain is often related to the location and with the other proportional to cervical nerve root involvement. In addition to breast pain, tenderness there pectoralis major conflict, as well as neck, pillow, Jianbi pain and discomfort, nerve root involvement dominated area muscles, sensory changes, and so the general symptoms of cervical spondylosis. X-ray films are often the signs of degenerative diseases, such as bone spurs and narrow intervertebral space, in order to sixth, seventh cervical vertebra involvement of the Ministry of the most common. The breast itself have no abnormal findings.

  There is another six types of breast pain:

Women in different periods of time due to physiological changes caused by temporary breast pain, medically known as the "physiological breast pain." There are six common types:

Adolescent breast tenderness

The first girl breast pain, usually occurs 9-13 years of age. When girls start developing breasts, first nipple uplift, breast tissue under the nipple of approximately pea-to bean-shaped big round 5 sclerosis, there is a slight pain. After menarche, with the young mature breasts will go away.

Premenstrual breast tenderness

More than half of women, menstrual cramps before breast fullness, hair hard, tenderness; In severe cases, affected by a slight vibration or impact of breast pain can be painful, the original sense of granular or nodular more apparent. This is due to premenstrual estrogen levels increase, breast hyperplasia, breast edema caused by intergovernmental organizations. Menstrual cramps, the above changes may be lost.

Pregnancy breast tenderness

Some women, after 40 days of pregnancy, due to placenta, villi secrete large amounts of estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, so that breast hyperplasia, breast increase breast tenderness resulting in weight from the sustainable throughout the pregnancy without treatment.

Post-natal breast tenderness

You can often occur 3-7 days post-partum breasts puffiness, induration, pain. This is mainly breast lymph node retention, venous filling and interstitial edema and poor caused by mammary duct. Control Methods: Maternal breast-feeding as soon as possible. When there is sclerosis and massage the breast before the heat or induration; can also be used to attract breast pump breast milk to promote ductal patency.

Breast tenderness after abortion

Post-abortion, some women complained of breast tenderness, and can reach mass. This is due to the sudden interruption of pregnancy, the body was experiencing decline in hormone levels, so that just suddenly stop the growth of breast development, causing breast lumps and breast pain.

Breast tenderness after sex life

This is when the sex life related to changes in breast physiology. Sexual indifference, or sex life disharmony are due to reach sexual satisfaction, breast congestion, swollen it is unlikely that fade, or does not subside completely, breast tenderness, persistent congestive heart will. Therefore, women should pay attention to a good sex life, asexual orgasm, or sexual apathy should go for medical treatment

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