Monday, December 7, 2009

Skin detoxification of sleep mode automatically

Hyundai MM seem to have a lack of sleep, in fact, sleep on a person's body and beauty essential, it can be said that any cosmetics and food can not match the health effects of sleep on the skin great. Medical studies have shown that human epidermal cell metabolism of the most active time is from midnight to 2 am, and stay up all night is the most disfigured, because the overnight and will affect the rate of cell regeneration, leading to skin aging, the consequences of such horrors will have a direct reflected in the faces on the ladies. So, ladies who wish to maintain their facial skin is good, be sure to develop at 12 midnight before falling asleep habits.

Sleep Detox Schedule

21:00 ~ 23:00 immune system, detoxification

23:00 ~ 1:00 am liver detoxification (need sleep)

1:00 am ~ 3:00 colon detoxification

7:00 am ~ 9:00 the small intestine absorbs nutrients

Pressure, sometimes despite the already very tired, but that is how I can not sleep or not sleep at ease to do? Try to relax before going to bed and do the preparatory work to improve quality of sleep.

◆ Bath

Bedtime bath temperature will naturally rise, blood circulation is more smoother, speed and pressure of the blood line of promotion, so that the body's metabolism to speed up, so that every inch of skin to be completely relaxed.

Sweet bedtime, it is best to enjoy a bubble bath. In the tub put a tank of water, so that the charming aromatic fragrance to the nervous tension relaxation, mood along fine.

◆ bedtime mirror

In addition to carefully wash your face before going to bed and do some simple facial massage, there is a magic formula --- more than look in the mirror. Front of the mirror to make yourself repeatedly that the best expression, and then happy state of mind in sleep. Expression of beauty in your brain will be impressed, you will become a true "Sleeping Beauty."

◆ music, milk

After a full day of exposure during the day, the evening will be particularly tired skin. To use the time before going to bed, listening to music, so immersed in the music created by their own quiet, gentle mood, so that the spirit and soothe the skin have been music, and will increase the skin absorption of skin care products. In the morning, the skin just enough sleep through the night awake, put a Guzheng, bamboo flute playing of music, elegant, crisp, and then with the massage and maintenance action, can improve the skin cells, so cool.

Before going to bed drink a cup of hot milk, its wealth of calcium and tryptophan to relax the muscles. Milk contains two kinds of hypnotic substances, these two substances can be central nervous system or peripheral opiate receptor binding, so that the body produces comfort is conducive to falling asleep and the lifting of fatigue. Physically weak persons Erzhi neurasthenia and hypnotic effects are obvious

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