Monday, December 7, 2009

The healthiest sleeping position of the Weina Ban?

Each of us should sleep every day, sleeping posture is also strange. Many people think that as long as comfortable to sleep on the trip, and should not be too concerned about sleeping position. Broadly divided into four kinds of people sleeping position, select the sleeping position to vary. Especially for people with high blood pressure, heart disease and certain diseases of the stomach and liver are more pay attention to choose the right sleeping position, otherwise it will not only affect the sleep quality, but also aggravate the disease. Then you should choose what kind of sleeping position do?

  1. Sit: It is understood that 60% of the people to choose supine sleeping position, which is the best doctor recommended sleeping position, the general public. Advantage of the body organs is not an organ of oppression. The disadvantage is that easily lead to tongue to fall, blocking breathing. Not suited to the crowd is snoring and respiratory problems.

2. Prone: 5% of the people to choose prone, tummy to sleep. He noted that people who use this sleeping position would feel safe to sleep, but also contribute to the discharge of oral foreign body; the same time, those who benefit lumbar defects. The disadvantage is that oppression heart and lungs, affecting breathing, suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis were not easy to choose prone.

3. Left lying: Doctors believe that this sleeping position, easy to get someone to sleep over and over again, resulting in instability in sleep. Moreover, since the human heart is located in the left side of the body, lying on the left side of the heart will be oppressed, so it is a very healthy sleeping position. The disadvantage is that oppression heart, stomach, especially for people with stomach problems, acute liver disease, gallstones in patients with difficult to use the left side of lying.

4. Right lateral: 25% of the people toward the right side when sleeping. The advantage of not oppress the heart, sleep, have a sense of stability. The disadvantage is that the right side of the lungs affecting movement, not suitable for patients with emphysema.

Comments: The most healthy sleeping position is the highest quality sleep, sleeping position, but also associated with long-term personal habits. But there is one golden rule is to first of all to ensure that falling asleep, or because the choice of sleeping position that is Yinyefeisi of insomnia!

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