Friday, December 18, 2009

Is that really true: Do you like the quality of chest fullness man MM. . . .

1, poor: a love chest fullness MM men are often poor. People say that the Chinese people because of the reasons for natural disasters, in essence, hunger planted memories. The impoverished, and is still a poor man's memory of a deeper hunger, so the large milk has natural proximity. This is the performance of childhood malnutrition, which is the performance of the parents condemned to hell, this is not a child fed with formula milk manifested in actuality, the performance of poverty and low self-esteem.

Second, superficial: a love chest fullness MM men are often superficial. They can not as a whole, in-depth understanding of a good business. They can only grasp the symptoms, as well as appearances go to their pursuit. They often only taken note of the surface characteristics of a woman with breasts, so that the characteristics of the more obvious the better. Little do they know a woman should enjoy the overall beauty of the body as a whole, including all of the beauty, temperament, culture, taste and so on.

3, vulgar: a love chest fullness of MM is often vulgar man. They do not know the civilized world, "United States" What is the concept, they usually only have meat, do not know Ling. They acted rude, and the spirit of tacky taste. It is such a man polluted the cultural market, resulting in a large milk palace of gold shape appeared. Let the world think that the Chinese people's aesthetic is "milking is beautiful" so vulgar.

4, is simple: a love chest fullness of MM is often a simple man. Their life mission and the pursuit of life are extremely simple, the kind with food and clothing for the life goals people. Their minds are simple "stimulus-response" system. Subconscious simply agreed that it will be able to feed the offspring of milk. We know that "big breasts are often simple-minded woman," the so-called like-minded, simple-minded men and women are mutually attractive.

5, atavistic: a love chest fullness MM men often atavistic. Is well known that the primary role of breast feeding future generations. In ancient times, a woman with large milk to feed offspring, often at higher risk. Because at that time of food deprivation, cold. But at the moment such a harsh environment that no longer exists, high-quality men, can often afford to buy 1000 yuan a can of milk powder. While those who are still pursuing big men in milk, there is an atavistic tendencies.

6, old-fashioned: a love chest fullness of MM are often old-fashioned man. High-grade fashionable people all know that the models are tall figure of small milk. Cai Xiao-He Lu sharp angle is the most beautiful, whether it is Rainie Yang, Li Yuchun, or are representative of this style. But like the milk man's pursuit of large objects, in my imagination where the individual is a bloated dirty women engaged in non-mental, or a popular online XX sister.

7, decadent: a love chest fullness MM men tend to decay. Li Ao in his books repeatedly and clearly stated their preference for a small milk, like the kind of "adorned a small milk", why because "adorned the small milk," a symbol of youth, a symbol of our most beautiful part of human life. Therefore, men tend to like small milk and love of young love from the heart a statement. The man who is basically like the big milk decadent and backward and decadent.

To sum up, like the poor man chest fullness MM, shallow, vulgar, simple, throwback, old-fashioned, decadent, they are often not high quality ...

My view:
This article can only be "Joking" only a matter of fact, people have their own minds like the standard, regardless of the starting point, as long as he loved the best we can have an "inclusive" of the heart to accept him, do not comment on his!

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