Saturday, December 12, 2009

The human body 24 hours using the manual

On a Yin Qing Yuan missing, the body's functional status in the same day, 24 hours, there is a pattern.

  1∶00 The human body into the light sleep stage, easy to wake up. At this point clearer mind, stay up all night by sleepy but can not sleep.

  2∶00 The vast majority of organs are the slowest day of work the state of the liver was intense work, the Health and arterial blood gas for the human body detoxification.

  3∶00 Into the deep sleep stage, the muscles completely relaxed.

  4∶00 "The dark before dawn," moments, the elderly are most vulnerable to accidents. Blood pressure in the day, the lowest value, easy to hypoglycemia diabetic patients, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients prone to heart attack.

  5∶00 Yang gradual sublimation of full mental state.

  6∶00 Began to increase blood pressure, heart rate gradually speed up. Antihypertensive drugs in patients with hypertension and eat a.

  7∶00 The strongest human immune system. Eating breakfast, nutrition was gradually absorbed by the body.

  8∶00 The physiological hormone strong, begun to enter the working state.

  9∶00 Suitable for injections, surgery, doing medical examinations. At this time active in the human blood, the cerebral cortex excitement, pain reduction.

  10∶00 The highest efficiency. 10:00-11:00 belong to the body's first prime-time. Heart full play to their capabilities, energy, will not feel tired.

  12∶00 A morning of intense work, you need to rest. 12:00-13:00 is the best "sub-afternoon nap" time. Fatigue should not be fighting, preferably lying down resting for half an hour to one hour.

  14∶00 Unresponsiveness. YI drowsy feeling, the human ability to reduce stress.

  15∶00 After lunch, nutrition absorption gradually being transported to the body, ability to work began to recover. 15:00-17:00 a second prime-time for the human body. The most appropriate meetings, public relations, receiving important guests.

  16∶00 Blood sugar began to increase, there is virtual fire-time performance significantly. Yang and tuberculosis patients in the face of the most red.

  17∶00 Efficiency to achieve the afternoon time, the highest value, but also suitable for physical exercise.

  18∶00 Human sensitivity decreased again subsequently reduce pain.

  19∶00 Most likely to quarrel. At this point the body's blood pressure fluctuations in the late peak of the most unstable people's emotions.

  20∶00 Enter the third phase of the human body golden. Strongest memory, the brain response to extremely fast. 20:00-21:00 for homework, reading, writing, exercise and so on.

  22∶00 Suitable for grooming. Breathing began to slow down the body temperature decreased gradually. Best 10:30 to go to bed after their feet and can quickly go to sleep.

  23∶00 Yang weak, the human body functions to degrade, began to be put into deep sleep, a day's fatigue began to ease.

  24∶00 Blood in the day, the lowest value, in addition to rest, not to conduct any activities

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