Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Institute of seven strokes so that men favor of your life

1: Like lovers do their wives.

To be a good wife is not difficult to be a good lover is not difficult, but one of his wife takes a lover to do the same, so that he missed, so he was infatuated with, true cost of doing something.

2: Always maintain Rouqingsishui.

No one man can escape the embrace of gentle woman. But do not just gentle, good as gold, when he must take some of your most recent idea to take this time to tell him, or on the latest requirements at this moment the need is necessary. This man will never refuse, Sasa Jiao, tell him you want to eat ice cream ... ... but you still remember when he was working overtime to his study to his inverted cup of hot tea, and sent a bowl a poached, so do any more than you have a domestic effect.

3: There are several hand-good food for him learn.

To say here, is not generalizedFood, You can not do tomato soup, but you have to do like Pork husband does not require you to do Delicacies, but you must do your husband like a few Road & Deli. In this way he will be out when I say this not as good as my wife to do it, he would like to quickly return to your side, is what you getRecipesLike to learn, but also let him remember you.

4: There are stars Amy's heart forever.

It does not matter with the United States looks ugly, but you should take a beautiful woman's gesture with his side. You always remember that no matter to what extent should the mirror to dress themselves, but to understand the rules of dress, aware of his dress style. Their pajamas,UnderwearMust pay attention to, because coat is for others to see, while the pajamas underwear, but was devoted to her husband see Oh!

5: When the husband's only private assistant.

Is not to your home for all sizes of clothes you have them altogether all-inclusive, other clothes, nanny or something you can let people to wash her husband'sUnderwearAnd the stinky socks, but you will definitely want to wash, whether it is more dirty, more foul. To ensure that his clean socks for each day, and never let him wear socks or bad, his rubbing of each of pairs of shoes are clean. To ensure that he wear underwear, have you dealt with the aroma.

6: meet the wishes of his conquest.

Two things, there are a lot of knowledge inside. Men want their wife is a lady outside the bed is a slut, remark about the truth. To understand the nature of his pursuit of novelty, so that his lifeResearchYou, and you always give him the feeling of conquest, he would feel that you are a charming woman, he is the real man.

7: Give him a reason to love you.

No woman does not want a man's love life, there is no woman does not want his family well-being and beauty forever. But Love will always get old, the young woman than you are bound to occur, especially if you're a man mature and elegant, multi-gold and gentle, inevitably there are many women would be like butterflies flutter over. Let a man love you for life, you always give him a reason to love you right? Even if you do a dig at SMS said, as one can do: you either grow the United States, you do not grow if the United States, have to have a temperament, if not temperament, you have to have talent, if not talent, how good character, have to, if the character is not good, it was good ... ... In short you need to have the same "Brand"Superior, so that your husband will never obsession you.

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