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Analysis of the 15 male private parts a little secret

Analysis of the 15 male private parts a little secret(2009-12-18 14:18:16)
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1. Usually a man would use the criteria to measure their manhood? Muscle, strength, or the length of the penis? In fact, Asians are also comparable to the penis, an erection after about 10 to 15 centimeters long. In fact, sexuality and the length of the penis is not associated with so-called "short and precise shot," Some of them looked very majestic, but the original look useless, so remember, "Do not Taoist short, Do-hyun has been so long."
2. There are many people in erection, the penis will have a little bent, but also the degree varies, and some will be bent upward downward, and some will be left or right, this is not anything different to be able or strange diseases, just do not cause discomfort or impede your sexual activity is normal.
3. The time of sperm production takes about 90-116 days, but can survive in the vagina or cervix 72 hours.
4. Penis are mostly composed by the cavernous outer cover layer of the epidermis, the time when the sexual excitement, it will cavernous congestion, so that the penis hardens, longer, thicker and used for sexual intercourse, and this is the so-called the "erection."
5. For some men, can be quite a long time that would be their dream goals, some people would use to straighten the length of time for comparison, in fact, quite the contrary, for too long will cause no Fuxiao Shou, because penile erection too long and not faded, not only will make you not enjoy sexual pleasure, but also make you feel miserable. Injection of drugs or suffering from impotence leukemia can cause this situation.

6. Do not an erection in order to extend the time to prevent him from ejaculation, while in the penis wear a rubber band or a drawstring and the like, which most likely will lead to blood clots, which led to the penis tissue necrosis.
7. In some cases, the penis if the impact will be severe breakage. When the penile fracture, it will send a great sound, and the blood will flow to the tissue around it, so will be very painful, preferably as soon as he was taken to hospital for treatment.
8. In fact, when few women in vaginal lubrication and he forced entry; action and is so intense, then not only will make the woman feel infinite pain, may also be caused by the foreskin laceration to his situation. Although this will be his foreskin recover, but too serious need to suture the wound.
9. There between you troubled by premature ejaculation? In fact, for about ten to twenty year-old young people, premature ejaculation, and not surprising, this may be his lack of experience, too much excitement, tension or anxiety caused the accident. Try to wear a condom; it can reduce the sensitivity of the penis, but to extend the time for making love to meet everyone's needs.
10. When his testicles inflamed penis out of white or yellow discharge, painful urination, discomfort or anal secretions thrill out from time to time, it should immediately cease sexual activity because of the above symptoms can show that he may be suffering from venereal disease, should immediately see a doctor.

11. Do not think they are Superman or sexual hunger and thirst, in fact, men in general about 2 years old when the sexual activity of any peak will be an average of one day up to seven times the number of times an erection!
12. A man has his G-point, try to ask module is located behind the testis of the perineum near the anus, when you gently touch the "sensitive areas", he would feel very comfortable Oh!
13. While wearing tight jeans or underwear may be a very fit will look better, but it is not good on the point. The temperature too high a result of testicular damage sperm production, multi-wear "big pants" let "him" breath of fresh air bar!
14. Therefore, although the testicles hang in vitro will be very easy to hurt, but because to maintain a lower temperature, in order to maintain the environment to produce sperm, the testis if the impact will be distorted or hinder the delivery of internal blood, resulting in testicular tissue necrosis.
15. More than 90 percent of impotence are caused by psychological factors in patients caused by only a small portion is due to physiological factors, including genital lesions, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, spinal injuries, drug abuse, alcoholism, surgery and the older and the like and so on ... ...

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