Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sleeping posture will affect sexual function

Sleeping posture sexual function would lead to "consequences" do? The answer is yes. For men, the best sleeping position was supine, and the legs spread apart; while prone and side of the male reproductive system may have adverse effects.

Now a lot of people like tummy to sleep, I feel so sleep better. In fact, this position will not only oppress internal organs, causing shortness of breath, but also oppression scrotum, penis and other reproductive system, affecting blood circulation. In addition, this posture is not conducive to scrotal cooling on sperm are also adversely affected.

Some people say that the right side of the heart lying neither oppression nor oppression scrotum, should be a good sleeping posture of the bar. But they ignored the situation of an unintended - testicular torsion. This disease is common in young people 12-18 years of age Body slim. In theory, a reversal is not the testis itself, but the rope the same as the one above, spermatic cord, have been reversed and the "knot" situation. As to the supply of nutrients and removal of testosterone metabolites in the blood vessels from the adoption, once the spermatic cord, "knot", the testis will "starve", if more than 12 hours will ischemia and necrosis.

The majority of patients with testicular torsion is a fierce after exercise onset, but also occurred in the lateral part of sleep. This is because during sleep, testicles and penis are squeezed between the legs, this time the pressure on genital apparent than when standing, coupled with some bad sleeping positions, the legs will be twisting, spermatic cord has been "rubbed" has become a group, therefore more prone to accidents.

To sum up, supine sleeping position is indeed the best. At the same time, men would naturally be best to separate the legs, to the scrotum and penis sufficient space. If the men are more obese, their backs would be snoring, it may be a little biased towards the side of the head when supine.

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